Analysis Committee

Our mission is to support Central ESTIEM by analysing data and providing insights in order to make the decision-making process more fact-based, while supporting ESTIEMers in their professional development by teaching them new skills.

Our Main Responsibilities

Making data more accessible

ESTIEM is growing more and more, and by growing, it’s also generating more data each day. Everybody knows that looking at raw tables of data can be daunting. 

This is why tools like the LG Dashboard, the LG Requirements Dashboard, the Event Feedback Report or the NPS Dashboard have been created. 

Our main focus here is to show you the numbers we have, to make it as easy as possible to understand them.

         Password: ESTIEM2017

Answering analysis questions

Many answers to simple questions we are asking ourselves are often hidden in the data we have. 

In collaboration with other Central entities, we work hand in hand to find those answers and to reveal hidden facts, supporting the decision-making process.

Do you have data to analyse? Write us an email describing your needs to and we’ll do our best to assist you!

  • We usually do not take care of the data collection process. However, we can assist you there.
  • As per our mission, we are here to support the Central Level, not the Local Groups directly. Nevertheless, you can still contact us. Depending on our work load, we might be able to assist you.

Creating data visualisations

One of the steps of the data analysis process is to create visualisations to communicate information clearly and efficiently.

Using Tableau, our data visualisation tool, we produce interactive dashboard and infographics.

Those are powerful communication tools that can be used during presentations to ESTIEMers, or other stakeholders, but also in many different ways!


We are always happy to see analysts joining the team!

Interested in contributing to our analyses? Or getting practical experience while working in an international team? We are waiting for you!

Check the open calls below or write a short email to