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Pursue your Industrial Engineering Master’s Program in the Netherlands!

What about the Master’s programs Human-Technology Interaction, Innovation Management or Operations Management and Logistics at Eindhoven University of Technology?

Human-Technology Interaction

Discover the Human-Technology Interactions (HTI) Master’s programme at the University of Eindhoven, where we focus on the dynamic relationship between technology and human interaction. The interdisciplinary approach integrates psychology, ergonomics, biology and philosophy with technical knowledge, such as ICT, AI, architecture and robotics.

Through this programme, students address fundamental questions about the impact of technology on society, such as designing user-friendly interfaces, understanding the impact of office lighting on well-being, and exploring the role of AI in creative fields.

Whether you come from a psychological or technical background, the programme offers a seamless transition and opportunities for hands-on learning. Join us in tackling real-world challenges and shaping the future of human-technology interaction.

Innovation Management

The Innovation Management programme at the University of Eindhoven equips students with the skills to manage uncertainty and drive successful innovation. Through a blend of theory and practical application, students learn to design innovative solutions that balance societal, environmental and economic considerations.

Over two years, students study innovation processes, sustainable change and cutting-edge technologies such as AI. They gain practical experience through projects and internships, often in collaboration with external organisations. The programme fosters critical thinking and adaptive decision-making, preparing graduates to lead innovation in a variety of sectors.

As part of the Eindhoven Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, students benefit from access to top research institutes and industry partnerships. They also have the opportunity to engage with the Innovation Space, an award-winning learning centre that fosters collaboration with industry and community organisations.

Operations Management and Logistics

The Operations Management and Logistics (OML) master’s programme at TU/e is designed for those who want to perform excellently as logistics managers and operations leaders. It covers a wide range of topics from operations management to supply chain logistics, providing a comprehensive understanding of organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Students on the OML programme gain practical experience through projects and research, exploring topics such as business process redesign and operational performance analysis. The programme offers flexibility with four specialised tracks, allowing students to tailor their education to their interests and career goals.

What sets the OML programme at TU/e apart is its student-centred approach, offering flexibility in course selection and opportunities for double degrees and honours programmes. Graduates become academic engineers with the skills to tackle complex operational challenges and make strategic business decisions.

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