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Pursue your Industrial Engineering Master’s Program in the Netherlands

What about the Master’s programs Innovation Management, Operations Management & Logistics or our special Master’s program Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology? 


Innovation Management

Are you interested in new products and innovation processes of high-tech firms? Then the Master’s program Innovation Management at Eindhoven University of Technology may be an excellent choice!
Innovation Management studies the management of innovation processes and develops theories, tools and techniques to make businesses more innovative. Key aspects of this discipline are management of product development, technology entrepreneurship, marketing management, human aspects of innovation, strategy and technology management. The program introduces students to academic theories, tools and techniques to manage innovations both within and across companies. You will learn how to use the knowledge that you gain in carrying out research into innovation management and in industrial applications. You will also learn how to analyze the current innovative performance of a company, explain it in terms of quality, cost and time, and improve this performance by re-engineering innovation processes.

Operations Management & Logistics

Are you interested in quality management, but also in logistics, information systems, product development and human resources management? Then the Master’s program Operations Management & Logistics at Eindhoven University of Technology may be an excellent choice.
Operations Management & Logistics is a multidisciplinary field that covers such disciplines as supply chain management, manufacturing systems, information systems, business process management, human performance management, health care engineering, transportation, reliability engineering, maintenance, and operational finance. The program follows a quantitative approach and offers five thematic tracks based on typical application domains: Healthcare, Capital Goods, Consumer Goods, Service Operations, and Transportation. In all courses, the theory is related to existing research and students are shown how to apply that theory in practice, for example: for an alternative design of a control concept for a supply chain, a workflow process in an insurance company, or the patient and information flows in a hospital. The students also learn how much efficiency improvement or cost reduction can be obtained by advanced concepts instead of the common concepts used in practice.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Are you interested in a unique program in the Netherlands on the interface of machine technology and industrial processes? Then the Master’s program Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology may be an excellent choice. 
The Master’s program Manufacturing Systems Engineering offers a combination of technological knowledge of high-tech production systems and knowledge of production processes and supply chains, and shows how to apply this knowledge effectively at both system and network level. In other words: an excellent basis for a directing role in the high-tech manufacturing industry!
This program satisfies the needs of industry for `broad engineers’ who understand the technology of machines as well as the complex environment these machines are operating in.


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