Career Development Department

Offer opportunities such as events, competitions and programmes focused on preparing students for a specific career field, by developing a related set of skills that will get them a competitive advantage.

Be X For X Days

Be X for X Days, a brand new type of event raised inside the CDD, allows IEM students to be closer to their future professional life.

Networking sessions, Workshops and much more awaits you in any of these events. Engage with experts of the field and get to know what it would be like to be in their shoes!


“A place where dreams come true”. A quote from a team member that brings out to the surface the essence of this entity. This rich entrepreneurial community makes businessbooster just the right place if you want to understand the process from idea generation to implementation and first steps. As well as meeting and sharing experiences with genuine entrepreneurs!


An ESTIEM classic. Around since 1994, TIMES is the perfect fit if you want to hone your case-solving skills and become an absolute beast! This entity does its utmost to keep up with modern trends and provide IEM students a safe environment to enhance their creativity, analysis and presentation capabilities.


Leaders 2022/2023
  • Department Coordinator – Sigurd Halse:
  • Board Responsible – Francisca Trigueiros:
  • Be X for X Days – Marlene von Steinaecker:
  • businessbooster –
    João Piçarra:
  • TIMES – Cemre Demirtas:

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