Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee is responsible for creating and developing academic and corporate partnerships that will contribute with value and support to the network.  

Main Responsibilities


CRC is responsible for the contact of new potential partners for ESTIEM: companies and universities.

Our main occupation revolves around this sales process, from the search for potentially interesting contacts to the signing of contracts, passing through a whole process of discussion and negotiation. 

This search for partnership can be done in a totally independent way for ESTIEM in general, in collaboration with another service or committee (LSS for example), or to help a LG during the organization of major events (such as CMs). 

  • ESTIEM’s most frequent offers to companies include things like:
    • Social media promotion
    • Presentations at Council Meetings
    • Advertisements on the ESTIEM Magazine
    • Job/internship offers posted in the portal
  • We also keep as a general mindset that negotiations and offers are to be flexible so there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to companies and universities.


CRM, which stands for “Customer Relationship Management“, is also a big part of our job. By being responsible for a partnership, team members maintain our relation with our different partners and assure that the contracts are fulfilled and renewed every year.

But how do we organize this work?

All the datas concerning our partners, as well as all our sales, projects and deliverables, are stored and updated in a CRM software called Podio. If you are curious about it, just have a look at this short video!

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We are always looking for new fresh ideas to improve our relationships with our partners, so feel free to join!

How to collaborate with us?

For every Service or Committee

For services that see CR potential in what they do, it’s important to define what exactly the value you are bringing is. Contact the CRC Leader to discuss this! 

As a “corporate value added” service or committee, you can have a CR responsible:

  • Training handle by CRC, but CR experience appreciated
  • A bridge person between 2 entities
  • Fully integrated in our team (chat attendance, KM system compliance)

For Regions and Local Groups

Companies recruit mostly by country or region, therefore Local Groups and Regions can have a really important role in helping ESTIEM with its partner acquisition:

  • By communicating on interesting partnerships you have in your LG/several LGs in your region with central ESTIEM
  • By helping in organizing a local or regional CR focused event

We do NOT provide LG support with trainings and expertise because this is not aligned with our mission, for that kind of support please contact Trainers Community

PRC / ITC / Magazine

Your activities are very strongly connected with what we do. It’s important you get from the beginning acquainted with the content of our contracts with current partners, so you know what needs to be done, and that we are clearly align in terms of communication!


  • Leader 2020/2021:
    • Aleksandar Ristić –
  • Board Responsible 2020/2021:

Interested in contributing to the network by getting experience and contacts in the profesionnal world? Willing to develop personnally and professionnally by working in an international team? We are waiting for you!

Check the open calls from below for specific positions or write to