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ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is a network of open minded students with a professional approach. Our network counts with 74 Local associations in 26 different countries. To learn more about us check our website and follow our social media channels.

Meet with Recruiters
9-10 April 2021
International Companies
Dear ESTIEMers, we planned an international recruitment event for you to be able to find an internship or job opportunity all over Europe! We have variety of companies who are interested in our students all over Europe. On the first day, there will be workshops, interview simulations and panel discussions with recruiters. On the second day, there will be flash interviews with the recruiters where our students will have the opportunity to join companies recruitment pool. Join us on 9th and 10th of April!

Flash Interviews

Flash Interviews will be organized 1:1 with recruiter and ESTIEMer. During this slots you will have 15 minutes and you will be officially included in the companies recruitment process.

500 Students

Our aim is to gather over 500 ESTIEMers with recruiters. 


On the first day of the event, there will be many different workshops in parallel sessions. There will be different workshops for different departments.
ESTIEMer Hunt is suitable for every ESTIEMer. Recruiters will be deciding which students they want to interview with so the priority will be on junior and senior students for internships. For job interviews you need to be a senior student or a graduate. At the ESTIEMer Hunt, you can discover which industries suit you best and which companies you would potentially like to work for. We recommend visiting a broad range of workshops and panel discussions!

A company presentation is the perfect way to get a first impression of a company. During 15 minutes, information regarding the career opportunities, company culture, the type of students the company is looking for and the job application procedure will be covered.

During this activity, you get in touch with the company of your choice in an active and informal setting. The workshop offers the opportunity of learning more about the company in a low-threshold way. 

An informal workshop is a cv-selected activity meaning that you have to sign up and companies will select the students based on their cv’s.

Flash Interview offers you the unique opportunity of having a conversation with a recruiter of a specific company. The structure of interviews varies and is either an orienting conversation or a job interview. Specific information will be provided per company.

An individual talk is a cv-selected activity meaning that you have to sign up and companies will select the students based on their cv’s.




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