ESTIEM spirit is the force that has been uniting us for 30 years! The ESTIEM spirit is something every ESTIEMer share in their heart, and it is the force that brings us together again and again! So make sure ESTIEM spirit is present in your events, it will make those moments together unforgettable. May the spirit be with you!

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Legendary ESTIEM songbook is now online! Local Group Yellowstone has decided to contribute on SER activities of ESTIEM. Save the Yellowstone National Park, and sing online.

Songbook logo

If you still prefer to use traditional methods. We still provide stone tools for you to sing with. But remember to recycle your paper songbook in the responsible way!


Is everyone sleeping during your training or working group? do you fear people have boring time during your event? Time to change that with ENERGIZERS!

Traditional Energizers

Baby Shark

Baby shark dodoododododoo…




Surfer comes…

There’s a shark…

Swim away…

Shark attack…

Where is my board…

Surfer shark…

Banana Song

Plant banana, plant, plant banana (2x)

Grow banańa, grow, grow banana (2x)

Pick banana pick, pick banana (2x)

Peel banana, peel, peel banana (2x)

Eat banana, eat, eat banana, (2x)

Go banana, go, go banana (2x)

Blindfold Pairs/Line

  1. Form a line from participants.
  2. Blindfold everyone in line.
  3. Make obstacle course to the room.
  4. Set a destination (Goal).
  5. Choose on person to tell directions for the line, so it can reach its destination.

If done in pairs, divide group in pairs and do the same actions.

Bomb and Shield

  1. Participants for a circle.
  2. Everyone chooses from the other participants one bomb and one shield.
  3. Start the game shouting “GO!”
  4. Everyone tries to keep the shield between themselves and the bomb, by running in room.
  5. After 1 minute, shout “STOP!”
  6. Everyone who was not protected by shield, is removed from game.
  7. Start next round.


Small group starts, rest of the participants repeats.

Pretty much like this:





Fruit Salad

  1. Participants sit in circle. One stands in the middle of the circle.
  2. Person in the middle describes traits or things. “Everyone who has … “
  3. Everyone who it describes needs to switch a seat with someone else.
  4. The person who didn’t manage to sit, start next round from the middle.

Group Massage

  1. Form a circle and turn sideways.
  2. Everyone massages the shoulders of a person in front of them.


  1. Participants stand in a circle and join hands.
  2. Keeping their hands joined, they move in any way that they want, twisting and turning and creating a ‘knot’.
  3. They must then unravel this knot, without letting go of one another’s hands.

Meidän Laivassa

Meidän laivassa, meidän laivassa;

On suuri reikä pohjassa;

Ja se uppoaa, ja se uppoaa;

Siis kaikki pumppaamaan, PUMPPAAMAAN!








Songs and Dances


Our friend from Yellowstone Charlie Bear wants to teach us cool hula hula song he learned on the holiday in Hawaii. Join the Charlie Bear and dance and sing with him. It is going to be fun!

De Kneu

Do you want to go for bird spotting and see the famous “Kneu”, if you dance this song, your trip is going to be a huge success! Instructions on the video are quite clear.

El Chombo

El Chombo came from Mars to show us their local mating rituals. Join him and your night will be instant success. Only legends tell that someone have successfully danced the whole song perfectly, it is physical.

Do you feel you are in a company of 4-year-olds. Mentally, you probably are, so time to dance something for children! Fliegerlied!


Have your participants been naughty and behaved bad during the event? Do you think they should be punished due their actions? Pick one that suits for the moment, or dare to roll the infamous Wheel of Pain! to find one!

Wheel of Pain!

The Caterpillar

  1. Arrange all the punished to the starting point
  2. Punished is supposed to reach the end line lying on stomach and pushing with their legs. (Arms need to be behind the back!)
  3. Hands Do NOT touch the floor!
  4. Play sad music, fan favorite below!

Karaoke Queen

  1. Pick a karaoke song.
  2. Punished needs to sing this song before everyone!

Hores Riding Horses

  1. You need at least two people for this punishment!
  2. 1st punished goes on all fours position
  3. 2nd punished will ride with the “Horse”
  4. Play Horse Music!!

Board Serenade

  1. Punished needs to sing a serenade for the ESTIEM board, or participating board member!
  2. Song is chosen by participants!

Dance Rave

  1. Get all the punished into front of the room.
  2. Play the video
  3. Punished need to follow the dance of the video.
  4. Can be done as energizer too. (it is fun!!)


  1. Get all the punished into front of the room.
  2. Start playing striptease music. (classic below!)
  3. Punished need to dance erotically for the audience. (Stripping clothes is optional but highly recommended)

The Frog

  1. Punished needs to jump around the whole room like frog. 
  2. Whenever someone shouts “What does the frog say?” – Frog answers “Riwit!”
  3. If possible, place beers in every corner.
  4. Frog needs to chug every beer.


  1.  Punished need to drink beer by pouring it into mouth with straight hand.