Event Quality Committee

Event Quality Committee aims working towards having a standardized Events’ quality improvement system, and consistent quality in ESTIEM events.


Ensure and improve Quality in ESTIEM Events

Quality has always been a  central aspect to create and deliver value in ESTIEM. Our effort is to draft quality procedures and BPDs that enhance Events’ value for the network. The EQ task group collaborates with the leaders to assess Quality performance in each possible event type. 

We check and evaluate quality standards with the support of  Dashboards that plot feedback from all online and offline events’ participants. It is essential to analyse data to identify areas for improvements and to ensure Quality in events.

Our main focus is to spot quality aspects and to design and apply continuous improvements to create value for the whole community.

  • Interact and collaborate with the Leaders
  • Check and evaluate quality standards
  • Analyse data to identify areas for improvement
  • Interpret and implement quality standards for each Service
  • Draft quality procedures for Central Events
  • Updating Central related BPDs

Sharing knowledge about Event Quality Practises

Our main goal is to provide support to events’ organization by ensuring that all of the relevant information and documents are available to the entire community in a timely manner.

We meet that goal using Elium, our Knowledge Sharing Platform where we store and update BDPs, event concepts and other stuff regarding Event Quality.

We all believe that knowledge sharing has the power to truly improve event quality.

  • Provide access to relevant knowledge
  • Prepare reports to communicate Quality outcomes
  • Following the Event Quality Strategy of the 3rd year
  • Work on strategy report
  • Check & update the EQ pages
  • Store and update BDPs, event concepts and other stuff regarding EQ

Support Quality points of the Strategy

The Event Quality Task was established to cover quality related points of the 3 year strategy created in 2018. The group is currently working to support the new strategy area of Activity Quality with the aim of increasing the value perceived by ESTIEM’s members and stakeholders.

The effort of our work is to design tools to assess and improve quality in our events and to revise and standardize procedures. After the adaptation to Covid the Task Group wants to ensure the coexistence of offline and online environments to spread the ESTIEM spirit and connect even more our network.

  • Get to know quality tools used in ESTIEM
  • Working closely with the team while creating the process
  • Monitoring and analysing event quality statistics by using Key Performance Indicators method


Event Quality Committee Leader 2022/2023

  • Andrej Pavlovic – leader.eqc@estiem.org

Board Responsible 2022/2023

  • Saara Mäenpää – vp-activities@estiem.org
If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to approach us!

Do you want to be part of the Event Quality Committee that ensures the quality in ESTIEM events? Check out the Get Active Page to see if there is an Open Call.