Human Resources Committee

Support all central ESTIEM entities in recruiting, onboarding, managing and developing their team members by facilitating recruitment processes, assessing stability and providing opportunities for development

Main Responsibilities


HRC facilitates the recruitment process by managing Get Active! Page, Open Calls and Get Active! Chats. 

To join Central ESTIEM, apply for the open positions we have!


We make sure every new member of Central entities are welcomed and ready to work in Central.

In this welcoming process, we share the knowledge of Central ESTIEM and the general tools we use with a welcoming chat and a document.


We assess the needs and satisfaction of our team members in Central with a Team Members Assessment form twice a year.

Training & Development

We give our Central team members the opportunity to develop themselves by organizing rounds of Central Training Sessions and Training Next Leaders Event for Central team members.

Collaboration & Accountability

Accountability Matrix allows us to have an overview of Central ESTIEM and its accountabilities by displaying the relevant information of teams.

Events Organized by HRC

ESTIEM 360 is an event focused on creating awareness about ESTIEM, let people experience the ESTIEM Spirit and introduce them within Central ESTIEM.

The event consists of diverse activities like presentations, working groups, training sessions that are all based on different entities of ESTIEM and raises awareness about what our organization has to offer.


Training Next Leaders event aims to give an opportunity of growth to our members and improve the future leadership layer of ESTIEM.

It is an event that will give you what you need for your next leadership experience where all the sessions are made in the ESTIEM context of a leadership mandate and the practical part focuses on the application inside ESTIEM.

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  • Leader:
  • Board Responsible:
  • Team:
    • Recruitment Responsible: Francisca Salgado
    • Accountability Matrix  Responsible: Vasilis Kitsikoglou
    • Onboarding Responsibles: Serra Elmas and Andrea Luna
    • Retainment Responsibles: Fabian Czilwa and Luis Silva
    • ESTIEM360 Coordinator: Setenay Alan
    • Training Responsible: Manuel Sitter