Conference Program

ESTIEM's IEM Conference: Breaking down Industry 4.0
5-6 March 2021

All hours displayed in this page are in Central European Time (CET). The program will continuously be updated with announcement of the speakers of the sessions.

Day 1 - Friday, 5th of March


9h30 - 10h00

Opening Session

Welcome words from the 31st Board of ESTIEM & Introduction to the event.


10h00 - 10h45

Keynote Speaker - Skills needed for Industry 4.0

As companies adapt their competitive response to digitisation, the skills required by young leaders will be increasingly those long-valued amongst entrepreneurs. Young talent must choose the right companies in which to do ‘meaningful work’ and must develop new skills and mind-set to really make an impact in the companies they join. 

Steve Price will review research by the European Institute for Industrial Leadership, and some good practices amongst some of its members, to outline the skills needed in an industrial career which will start for many future leaders in a post-pandemic ‘new normal’.

Coffee Break

5-6 March 2021 (2) copyrty

11h00 - 11h45

Panel discussion - NGOs contribution to Student Skills


During this session, four representatives from student NGOs will share their view on how being part of an NGO can contribute to skills development in students.

The speakers will be from ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management), EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association), BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) and JEE (Junior Enterprises Europe).

Coffee Break


12h15 - 13h00

Keynote Speaker - What kind of engineer are you?

More than 30% of engineering graduates switch jobs in their first year after graduation. To assist engineering graduates in their career choices, KU Leuven (Belgium) collaborated with two other European universities (TU Delft and TU Dublin), industry and other stakeholders in the PREFER Project on the Professional Roles and Employability of Future Engineers. 

In this project an engineering role model and two tests were developed to aid engineering students to explore what type of engineers they are. In this session you will be introduced to the roles, discover your preferences and get insight in what professional competencies are required to be successful as an engineer.

Lunch Break


14h00 - 14h45

Alumni Roundtable - Get to know their Skills and Career

@ESTIEM Alumni

During this session you will have the chance to learn more about the careers some ESTIEM Alumni followed, how their daily life is and what was their journey to get where they are now.

Coffee Break

15h00 - 15h30

Fair Preparation Session

This session will include an introduction to the Career Fair in terms of companies and platform. Besides it will provide some tips on how to conduct a sucessful Career Fair and how to improve your communication to the companies.


15h30 - 18h30

Career Fair

The Career and University Fair will count on a  variety of companies and professional institutions, that can easily be approached through individual channels on the platform. 

The Fair have big names such as Cisco, Celonis, Project Management Institute, Sisecam, PwC and ESSEC Business School! You will have the chance to meet with Recruiters from Companies and Universities. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know company cultures and their positions. 

Day 2 - Saturday, 6th of March


10h00 - 10h45

Keynote speaker - Digitalisation in Industry

@Chris Hamlin, Lead Advisor & Co-Founder at HancockHamlin
Industry and business have been using computer and digitised information for many decades, so what, if anything has changed in the last couple of years to justify all of the attention and excitement around digitalisation and Industry 4.0? 
How do we understand the role of technology in enabling and driving change in our organisations, and what do we need to be aware of to be more confident of delivering successful transformations?

Coffee Break


11h15 - 12h00

Panel discussion with SEFI - Digitalisation in Education

In this session, professors from the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) will talk about the changes Universities are undergoing with the Covid crisis and need to turn into an online world.

They will shed some light on topics such as how universities stay innovative and up to date with technology and what digital tools they are using to improve students experience. In this interactive session there will also be a focus on questions from the audience.

Lunch Break

5-6 March 2021 (3) copy

14h00 - 14h30

Keynote speaker
Looking at the Future of IEM Higher Education and how it fits I4.0

The contribution will initially focus on the expected future of the workforce and of new jobs. 

Then speaker will introduce aim and main findings of the IE3 Erasmus Plus Project ‘Industrial Engineering and Management Higher Education’ which allow to depict future skill and competences of IE&M knowledge workers as it is now perceived by Industry and Accademia.

5-6 March 2021 (2) copy

14h30 - 15h00

Networks Roundtable
The gap between what students, universities and companies want


In this session we will have a discussion over the demands of the several stakeholders involved in Higher Education and see if in the opinion of the speakers this gap does exist, in what way and how should we try to close it.

The speakers of this session are Prof. Cristian Mustata from EPIEM, Prof. Klara Kovesi from SEFI and Prof Giovanni Mummolo from AIM.

Coffee Break


15h15 - 17h15

Workshop Sessions

During this slot we provide you a variety of workshops you can join to learn about a specific topic of your interest. Each workshop has a limit of 20 spots. During the conference please attend the room of the session you signed up for on the workshop registration. 

Building a career can be full of uncertainty, shady, with ups and downs at times. How to navigate it efficiently can be the big question in first couple of years.

Learn how to:

Make smooth career move right out of college.
Encourage others to like and cooperate with you.
Practice networking in your organization.
Art of setting goals and self-promotion.

It’s increasingly clear that modern businesses need to transform how they operate. The circular economy provides new business opportunities, but what does this mean and which challenges will you encounter?

The Blue Connection is an innovative web-based business simulation game. It engages participants in the transformation from a linear to a circular value chain by implementing a circular strategy for a virtual e-bike manufacturer. Get an interactive sneak preview on how the business game works. Also particularly interesting for professors curious about experiential learning and including sustainability in their course.

Impacton collects and assesses projects, programs and interventions focused on social and environmental challenges and provides the tools to scale them on an international level, anywhere needed.

3D use-cases are manifold. Surely you know the buzzwords Augmented and Virtual Reality. But 3D is not part of our everyday life yet. Why isn’t it? Learn how 3D will soon revolutionize the way we live, and what has held it back so far.

DGG is a SaaS-company from Darmstadt, Germany, focusing on the development of RapidCompact: An essential tool for automated 3D data optimization.

Data became one of the most valuable resource in the modern world, but how can we make use of all that wealth?

During this workshop, we will go over some basic principles of data visualisation and we will implement those using Tableau, the market leading data visualisation software.

Meet with the ESTIEM Alumni: experienced ESTIEMers that followed most diverse career paths and have many stories to tell.

In this interactive session, you can put to them all questions you ever had about how it is to transition from a student life to a professional one, what obstacles they encountered so far, how their daily lives are, and much more.

This will be a shorter session and it aims to give an insider look on the IEM Caring Foundation, how they proceed in impacting IEM in the European context.

Join and learn how you can take action and leave your mark in an IEM-driven world.

17h15 - 17h30

Closing Session

The 31st Board of ESTIEM will close the event with brief appreciation to all involved in its organization.