Information Technology Committee

Our mission is to ensure that ESTIEM can fully serve its members in helping them being their truest and most amazing selves by providing them a modern, stable and easily maintainable portal as well as general technical support.

Main Responsibilities

Developing the New Portal

Recently we’ve added all the Events functions (and also added some new ones), but there’s a lot more to be implemented in the future. 

Our main occupation is making new exciting features for you to use on the New Portal. The list of the features to do is enormous, so we are always happy to see new team members to help us building those!

  • Become an ITC team member as a Frontend/Backend Developer, Tester, UI/UX Designer
  • Give us feedback on the New Portal

Providing technical support

If something doesn’t work (and in such a big network as ESTIEM it happens quite often), IT team is here to help you resolve the trouble.

Just write an email describing the issue to, and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • The amount of requests is usually big, so it may take some time until we answer.
  • Thanks it advance for your patience 🙂

Ensuring sustainability of ESTIEM's IT

Building a working IT infrastructure is not enough, as in 1-2 years nobody will know how to improve it.

That’s why of our main responsibilities is making this infrastructure not only working, but also maintainable.

  • Choosing crucial technical solutions (e.g. email service and single sign-on providers) carefully and only after benchmarking
  • Writing documentation on how everything works, how to maintain in and improve further

Wanna add something to the portal? Here's the way!


Contact your Board Responsible and pitch them your idea

If you are not active in Central ESTIEM, contact your RC 


Wait for the Board’s decision regarding the request

If it’s positive, follow the next steps


Contact the Public Relations Committee for the content / create the content yourself


Ask VP of PR to approve the content


Write an email to with in CC. Please make sure to provide the detailed description of what needs to be done


We are always happy to see new Frontend and Backend developers, UI/UX Designers and Web Analysts.

Interested in contributing to the ESTIEM Portal and getting practical experience of working in an international team? We are waiting for you!