Intercultural Development Department

The Intercultural Development Department takes action within the culturally diverse environment in ESTIEM in order to foster mutual understanding among ESTIEMers and improve coexistence and communication in Europe.

Meet the Services

Europe3D gathers students from all around the world to experience and learn about the hosting country within 3 distinct dimensions -Politics, Economy and Culture- while spreading open-minded ESTIEM spirit, and raise intercultural awareness and competence.
LG Exchange is an ESTIEM service that occurs by visits of LGs to other LGs with a following return visit which facilitates them to share their cultures, knowledge, experiences and strengths between each other while having fun in a sincere environment.
Activity Weeks offer unique experiences for ESTIEMers to develop their intercultural networking and spread open-minded ESTIEM and local cultural spirit. The event can be built around a theme like festivals, food, culture, history, art, nature and sport activities.
Language Programme, with it’s online and offline offerings, aims to contribute to the language learning skills of ESTIEMers; it implements language based activities to other events and creates a  language lead culturally diverse environment.


Department Coordinator
Polina Petrova

Board Responsible
Saara Maenpaa

Have an impact in the network and develop the intercultural environment in ESTIEM further! Our teams are happy to get to know you.

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