Knowledge Facilitation Committee

The Knowledge Facilitation Committee curates the knowledge and ensures it’s usage by facilitating knowledge sharing in ESTIEM.

Main Responsibilities

Organisation of Information § Knowledge and Facilitating its Sharing

Organising information and knowledge by storing it and managing its visibility. This is done by communicating where to find it and archiving obsolete knowledge and information to highlight only relevant knowledge and not overwhelming the user. At the same time, promoting tools for information and knowledge sharing inside ESTIEM.

  • Organising files on Google Drive and Elium
  • Archiving files that are outdated or obsolete
  • Promoting tools such as Elium to ESTIEMers.

Administration of Tools

Maintaining the tools that we use to achieve the mission of the committee. These tools right now are mainly Google and Elium. Since there are lots of ESTIEMers using these platforms, they require a dedicated administration.

  • Google: We organize folder structure § accounts/groups, administrate access levels.
  • Elium: We administrate account creation, entity spaces, general structure and looks.


We are always welcoming for new team members, if you want to help us facilitate knowledge within ESTIEM and administrate the tools for this purpose, don’t hesitate to contact us!