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Previous LGX Events! : How was it?

“The Exchange event we held with LG Madrid made me taste more than just a new country, beautiful friendships and a completely different cultural experience. I wandered the streets of Madrid, which fascinates me with its amazing architecture and preserved history. Of course, while I was doing these, I did not stay away from tacos or nachos or tortillas. In short, I travelled to the fullest, learned and ate. This short trip opened a completely different and brand new window in my life, I will never forget the wonderful people I met there and magnificent Spain. RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE.

– Istanbul-ITU x Madrid Exchange

      “This past weekend I lived undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. There are not enough words to describe how amazing this Exchange was: the nights spent partying, the long walks, the laughs, the jokes, the bad English and the lovely attempts of you guys to speak in portuguese, the never ending tequilla shots, your crazy Dutch songs, your sleepy faces in the morning and so much more.”

– Delft x Averio Exchange


Triple Exchanges!

     Would you like to triple the fun and the experiences? Yes? Then, Triple Exchanges are for you! 

     Triple Exchanges, organized by three different LGs, allow you to get to know more than one culture simultaneously. If you’re in, CONTACT US!


What is
Local Group Exchange?

LG Exchange is an ESTIEM service that occurs by visits of LGs to other LGs with a following return visit which facilitates them to share their cultures, knowledge, experiences and strengths between each other while having fun in a sincere environment. More information on how to organize can be found below.

There are many reasons why you should experience Exchange both as an organizer and a participant! First of all, to meet new awesome people. In this way you will explore new culture and language and obviously have fun! Furthermore, as an LR you can keep your LG active and newbies motivated!

Why organize
Local Group Exchange?

How to use
LGX Matching Platform?

1. If you are looking for online or offline exchange, click the button below and download a document in which you will answer some questions to find your best match.

2. Upload the document with your LG name to the drive folder by clicking the button below. Then, we will add your LG to the LGX Matching Platform as soon as possible.


Check out the LG Availability Sheet to be informed about LGs available times!

 If you find a suitable partner, please let the Leader know! leader.lgx@estiem.org

Alpine Region

Balkan Region


LG Targu Mures here from Romania, looking for an LG to have the best exchange ever with!

06.02.2023- 12.02.2023 LG Targu Mures visits

May/ June or Autumn LG Targu Mures hosts

Number of participants: 10-12

Do you want to visit the LG located in the heart of Transylvania and experience the authentic Romanian feeling? Then making an exchange with us is what you need. Prepare to explore the beautiful surrounding nature, try the traditional cuisine and make lots of unforgettable memories!

These exchanges are ESTIEM’s way of teambuilding and we cannot be more excited to meet you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!😉

Hugs, LG Targu Mures

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Baltic Region

Mediterranean Region

Nordic Region

North-East Region

North-West Region

South-West Region


Local Group Minho are looking for an LG to have an amazing exchange with! 

Around 5th to 11th march – Minho visits

Around 1st to 6th june – Minho Hosts

Come get to know Portugal’s culture and feel the true ESTIEM Spirit with us! With the best food and most beautiful places, you will have the chance to know amazing people and have one of the best experiences of your life! Are you ready for this adventure?🥰

Don’t hesitate to contact us!😉

Hugs, LG Minho

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