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What is
Local Group Exchange?

LG Exchange is an ESTIEM service that occurs by visits of LGs to other LGs with a following return visit which facilitates them to share their cultures, knowledge, experiences and strengths between each other while having fun in a sincere environment. More information on how to organize it can be found below.

There are many reasons why you should experience Exchange both as organizer and as a participant! First of all, to meet new awesome people. In this way you will explore new culture and language and obviously have fun! Furthermore, as an LR you can keep your LG active and newbies motivated!

Why organize
Local Group Exchange?

How to apply for
LGX Matching Platform?

1. If you are looking for online or offline exchange, click the button below and download a document in which you will answer some questions to find your best match.

2. Upload the document with your LG name to the drive folder by clicking the button below. Then, we will add your LG to the LGX Matching Platform as soon as possible.


Check out the LGs that would love to organize an LGX!

Alpine Region

Balkan Region

Don’t lose the chance to meet our local group, get to know Romanian culture, learn about our customs and dishes, enjoy a few drinks and have lots of fun! We can’t wait to meet you! 😀


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Contact LR of LG Targu Mures

Serbian culture is really fun, and since we already have experience with online exchange, we know which parts of our sessions we have to improve and make the experience even better! Don’t miss out a chance to party, have fun with and get to know Novi Sad’s people!:)


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Contact LR of LG Novi Sad

Baltic Region

Mediterranean Region

We can’t wait to introduce our culture full of amazing foods and also the Turkish language! If you want to share our spirit, tell us 🙂 

Work Hard BEE Hot!


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Contact LR of LG Istanbul-ITU

Nordic Region

North-East Region

North-West Region

South-West Region

We would be so excited to organize an Online Exchange and we would surely do our best to make the participants feel the ESTIEM Spirit and also the Calabrian warmth, even if it’s online!

Last but not least remember: LG CA-LA-BRIAAA SHALA LA LALA LA!

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Contact LR of LG Calabria

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Online LGX: How was it?

Organising a triple exchange with LG St. Petersburg and LG Barcelona was one of the most pleasant moments of my mandate! Every second I spent in the event and also in the preparation process helped me to understand what my newbies need while exchanging cultural, behavioural and linguistic traits with the best fun!

– Serra, PL of Ist.-Yıldız x Barcelona x S. Petersburg Exchange

Exchange between Local Groups is a great opportunity to get acquired not only with culture but also with the language of foreign countries. I spent three days with wonderful people from LGs Barcelona and Istanbul-Yildiz, and despite distance, each participant was able to feel the true ESTIEM spirit! Highly recommended!!!

– Valeria, PL of Ist.-Yıldız x Barcelona x S. Petersburg Exchange

This online triple exchange was amazing! Having the chance to meet ESTIEMers in a cultural and fun environment with the situation we’re living right now is an experience we loved!!

– Andrea, PL of Ist.-Yıldız x Barcelona x S. Petersburg Exchange

This exchange was far beyond greater than I’ve expected. I had so much fun with so many people! These three days was full of culture, love and most importantly ESTIEM spirit:)

– Sude, PL of Istanbul-ITU x Liege Exchange

Organising an online exchange was a great experience. It is quite simple to organise and yet very enriching! Although 2500 km separated us, three days were enough to make us close to each other and to make us want to meet again, but offline this time <3

– Sophie, PL of Istanbul-ITU x Liege Exchange


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