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What is
Local Group Exchange?

LG Exchange is an ESTIEM service that occurs by visits of LGs to other LGs with a following return visit which facilitates them to share their cultures, knowledge, experiences and strengths between each other while having fun in a sincere environment. More information on how to organize it can be found below.

There are many reasons why you should experience Exchange both as organizer and as a participant! First of all, to meet new awesome people. In this way you will explore new culture and language and obviously have fun! Furthermore, as an LR you can keep your LG active and newbies motivated!

Why organize
Local Group Exchange?


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Alpine Region

Balkan Region

Baltic Region

LG Minsk is mix of craziness, love and work hard. Our core event is $AW (Survival Activity Week) and we know how to play hard. LG Minsk honors traditions and legends of Belarus, it's much wider than potatoes and draniki 😀
So let's exchange our experience, culture and love!

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LG Saint Petersburg is perfect for online exchange! You'll be able to feel the smell and the taste of oladushki and pelmeni even through the screen of your device. Singing Russian songs and dancing traditional dances will warm you up better than anything and learning some basic Russian phrases might save your life! Needless to say that it's confirmed that the most beautiful people live in Russia so it'll be such a sight for sore eyes to meet with us!

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Mediterranean Region

As LG Istanbul-ITU, we’re always open to innovations. We want to get to know more ESTIEMers as possible and covid can’t be an obstacle to us! With our hearts full of love, we’re excitedly waiting to organize an online exchange and overcome these hard times together by getting to know each other and having fun. We can’t wait to introduce our culture full of amazing foods and also the Turkish language! If you want to share our spirit, tell us 🙂 

Work Hard BEE Hot!

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Nordic Region

North-East Region

North-West Region

Here in Liège, we are warm and cheerful people. We are curious to learn more about new cultures and we want to make you discover our joie de vivre! It will be difficult to make you taste our delicious Belgian fries and our “Boulet liégeois” (these are meatballs), but we will have good recipes for you to try. And then, it is always possible to drink a good beer all together! We are already looking forward to meeting you!

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South-West Region


Online LGX: How was it?


To be honest, online exchange was the best thing that happened to me during quarantine. I am completely satisfied with emotions that I felt and people that I met. So, it is a good alternative during covid-19!

– Maryna, PL of Famagusta x Gothenburg x Kyiv Exchange

We called it the epic 3-way exchange in the beginning and I would also call it really the epic exchange exceeding all my expectation!

– Hasan, PL of Famagusta x Gothenburg x Kyiv Exchange

Everyone thought that it would suck, as it was an online event. But it was surprisingly fun!

– Erik, PL of Famagusta x Gothenburg x Kyiv Exchange

It’s was amazing to see that people from far away could be that similar to you. We had a great chemistry with all the participants and that’s why the days of exchange went so smoothly.

– Ann, PL of Minsk x Xanthi Exchange

Online exchange gave me and many others an opportunity to feel the ESTIEM spirit, even from afar. We spend an unforgettable weekend with LG Minsk, learning about each other’s cultures, traditions, cuisines, etc. Don’t let covid-19 stop you from making great memories and friends!

– Petra Maria, PL of Minsk x Xanthi Exchange


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