Personal Development Department

Provide soft skill development opportunities on a constant basis, while defining and enforcing standards for the soft skill learning experience, based on the adequate use of trainers and event structures.

Meet Our Services!

Summer Academy creates a space away from the usual lives of participants where experienced academic leaders guide students by challenging their mindsets and guiding them to widen their perspectives on their own life and to create strong relationships between them.


BrainTrainer is a training-based service that provides high-quality experiences while aiming to develop certain soft skills. During BrainTrainer events, the learning by doing principle takes a major role, and participants are given the chance to work in an intercultural environment, while aspiring to become more professional and successful at the time being and in their future careers.


  • Department Coordinator:
    Max Sturkenboom –
  • Board Responsible: Nikolina Gklezaki-
  • BrainTrainer Leader: Petra Maria Kantartzi –
  • Summer Academy Leader:
    Soumaya Afilal –

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