Professional Development Committee

Our mission is to analyze and develop the status of IEM fields in IEMers’ education by gathering data regarding IEM in Europe, deliver analytical results regarding current and future IEM and managing Partnerships aligned with ESTIEM’s voices on education and engineering.

Our Current Projects

The Curricula Database

The aim of the Curricula Database is to classify the IEM bachelor degrees based on a framework developed in close collaboration with Professors from Minho. The classification is based on strong scientific evidences.

Our goal is to provide a European view of how different or similar IEM degrees are (A Tableau dashboard is coming soon). Furthermore, we want to develop national reports based on the results we obtained.

  • Become responsible for the analysis of a country’s curricula.
  • Become data engineer for the whole project.

Career Analysis

By analyzing the career path of our IEM students, we aim to identify the differences within Europe and understand the labour market. 

Furthermore, having a European-wide analysis will allow us to give strong advices and information to Universities so that they will be able to better align their curricula.

  • Become one of our analyst to further develop the framework.
  • Analyze the results and produce on-demand reports.

Feedback Survey

The aim of this project is to give the possibility to the students to raise their voices even if they can or not do it internally in their home universities. On the other side, it helps us to map the general satisfaction across Europe. 

  • Developing the PR strategy around this survey.
  • Write the bi-yearly reports.

All those projects not only provide extremely valuable insights about education to ESTIEMers but also increase ESTIEM’s credibility and recognition within Universities while bringing the network closer to the European Commission. 

Our Partners

AIM : European Academy for Industrial Management

EPIEM : European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management

EIIL : European Institute for Industrial Leadership

SEFI : European Society for Engineering Education

PREFER : Professional Roles and Employability for Future EngineeRs


  • Leader 2020/2021:
    • Daan Mul –
  • Board Responsible 2020/2021:

We are always happy to welcome new education Jedis in our team, so don’t hesitate anymore and join us!