Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee aims to maintain the ESTIEM brand by creating and publicizing the necessary brand materials for this purpose and to support entities and local groups in order to increase the recognition of ESTIEM to its stakeholders.

Main Responsibilities

Maintain and protect the ESTIEM brand

The mission of our committee is hugely focussed on mainting the ESTIEM brand. This includes checking everything that is posted by official ESTIEM channels. 

Things that we focus on are the usage of logos, colours and fonts. To protect the brand is important for a big NGO like ESTIEM to keep their image on a high and professional level, that is why we have a high priority on updating the materials and checking the usage of them.

All rules regarding the ESTIEM brand can be found in the Corporate Image Guidelines.

Support every stakeholder of ESTIEM

If anybody needs a design for anything or wants something to be posted on any of the official channels we are here to help you. 

We desire to help every entity or person, but we also have a limit on how much we can do on a day, so please request our help in time. 

If you are organizing an event and need help with the PR, please contact your designated PRC Responsible. Their contact information can be found below. 

  • Academic Dev. and Career Dev. Departments: Hazal Köse, LG Istanbul-Yildiz
  • Personal Dev. and Intercultural Dev. Departments: Ariosto Ponterio, LG Calabria
  • Board, Committees and Central ESTIEM: Sonja Borota, LG Novi Sad
  • Anything else: Remco Vis, LG Eindhoven

If you have any other questions for the PRC, you can reach help at and we will come back at you as soon as possible. 

Handle and analyze the official social media channels

Apart from posting on and scheduling the social media channels we also keep track of the statistics and analyze these to utilize our channels more efficiently. 

Statistics get colleceted every month by our Social Media Managers and are analyzed in collaboration with the AC. 

By setting, reaching and analyzing Key Performance Identicators we learn a lot about the usage of Social Media. In the past year we already booked a lot of progression in this, and for the upcomming year we want to continue doing this. 


If you are interested in desigining or planning PR stratgies with us, this committee is made for you!

Interested in contributing to ESTIEM with your designs and getting practical experience of working in an international team? We are waiting for you!