Trainers Community

As Trainers Community, we provide training sessions to ESTIEMers to help their personal and
professional development while supporting the future growth of the community.

"Learn, Share and Grow Together!"

Who are we?

We are trainers!

The passionate learners, who broaden the horizons of information in a constant manner.

The enthusiastic storytellers, who can shape this knowledge for you to easily understand,  eternally remember and effectively use.

The idealist visionaries, who are striving for a bright humanity that grows strong with the enlightenment of true wisdom.

  • You can attend a Training New Trainers (TNT) event, that takes place once/twice a year!
  • You can participate the “Mentoring New Trainers” program! (Coming soon…)

What do we do?

We deliver training sessions!

We use our trainer competencies to help ESTIEMers develop themselves personally and professionally!

A Training Session is a compact and complete knowledge package that contains theoretical and practical applications. Attending a training session helps a participant to internalize the topic by evaluating the content from different perspectives with other participants.

  • Are you a Local Responsible who wants to organize Training Sessions in your local group?
  • Are you an entity leader, who is working on an event that requires trainers for content creation and delivery?

How do we function?

We rely on TC Core Team!

TC Core Team is a group of dedicated trainers that takes care of the operational tasks to sustain and develop our community. With the help of other trainers; the team accomplishes various innovative projects. Currently, we are working on:

  • “Mentoring New Trainers” (MNT) Program
  • Trainers Database & Dashboard
  • Corporate Training Session Concept¬†
  • We need trainers to prepare handouts for MNT Program!
  • We need trainers to help us transfer the legacy data of TC to Trainers Database!
  • We need trainers to discover the corporate use of our training sessions, together!


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TC Core Team 2020/2021: