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Internship possibility

For all internship opportunities that ESTIEM offers, check out the ESTIEM Career Center

Interested in the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Team? Take a look at the video below that shows what the Lean Six Sigma family stands for and how we work together

Case Projects

This page shows example case studies of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt projects that have been conducted by participants of the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course.

This green belt project is conducted at Continental by Lassi Uusitalo. He researched the how scrap can be reduced during the production of Electronic Circuit Boards.

Lean Six Sigma methodology can be applied in construction industry as well. The project below is conducted by Roope Turunen. He applied an innovative approach approach to decrease building time of the expansion of the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport!

This case is a practice case that lets you test your data analysis skills. The case has been developed based on a real-world project conducted by a student, who has taken the course and has been an instructor in the course.

Green Belt Requirements

For any questions regarding the internship process, you can mail lssinternship[at]estiem.org

Once the project is completed. Sent a filled in GB Report Template (button above) to lssinternship[at]estiem.org for evaluation