By students,
ESTIEM is an international, non-profit and non-political organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management students who combine technological understanding with management skills. The organisation was founded in 1990, and ever since students gather together under the scope of one goal, to foster relations between Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students and support their personal and professional development.
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Our History

More than 30 years of "Work Hard, Play Hard"

A long time ago, in 1989 there was a group of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students sitting in a small bar in Darmstadt, Germany. During their conversation, they reflected upon their usual annual activities, including company events and university lectures, and the idea of an international event was pursued. One of the students had encountered students from foreign universities and proceeded in sending an invitation to Helsinki, Linkoping, Graz and of course other German Universities. After the international seminar took place successfully, the groundwork for ESTIEM was laid. In the months that followed, their efforts were directed towards expanding their outreach to students across various universities throughout Europe. Eventually, in November of 1990, the first official meeting of ESTIEM was held in Berlin, Germany, which marked the establishment of the organization.
Our Mission
Connect and support the growth and sustainability of European associations of IEM students, to foster relations and to develop their IEM students, personally and professionally.

Our Values

Embracing Diversity


We see multiculturalism as a strength of ESTIEM. We benefit from our cultural diversity by being able to approach changes and challenges with different insights. Respect is not just something we strive for, but part of the very basis of our network.

Striving for


We grow together by trying hard and learning from mistakes, we are eager to go through a learning process and see accessibility and freedom as the highest goals. ESTIEMers gain practical experience and important soft skills needed in today's world, through our offerings and activities.

Aiming High


ESTIEM being a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy encourages the participation of all its members. We inspire each other to partake in ESTIEM’s activities and develop new ideas.



We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among students and other stakeholders by gathering and exchanging experiences and best practices.

Our Vision

IEM Europe is the ecosystem of companies, universities, organizations and other entities interested in IEM. Our vision is to be the connector of IEM students in Europe. 

Our Network

ESTIEM is a strong network represented by 77 Local Groups, reaching more than 60,000 students in 26 countries across Europe. All these independently-functioning local student associations organise Europe-wide and local activities and represent ESTIEM in their universities.