lxIıI council meeting

8th – 14th of November, Seville, Spain

To learn more about the Council Meeting...

The Council Meeting is the statutory meeting of ESTIEM and takes place twice a year.

It is composed of two parts, the General Assembly, where everyone is updated on what is going on in ESTIEM and decisions are made through voting and the Working Groups, Training Sessions and Company Workshops, where smaller groups either work to develop ESTIEM, or improve their soft skills.

It is the place where we gather to invest time in our organisation, to meet new and old friends and where we celebrate the ESTIEM spirit. See you there!

How will we do it?

What about the streaming?

For those who will not be able to attend the LXIII Council Meeting but still would like to be aware about ESTIEM's latest updates, the General Assemblies will be livestreamed on YouTube. You can watch the livestream on the video above!


This voting software will substitute the usual pen and paper. Each Local Group will have one delegate and we will send an email to this person with the links to cast the vote following the Instant Run-off system.​


If you are watching the Live Streaming and have questions, you will be able to ask them on pigeonhole! It is a platform that will allow us to gather all the questions and answer them after the General Assemblies. Ask your questions by clicking the icon!


Watch the reports..

All our entities will record video reports to save up time in the General Assembly. Watch them all at the playlist by clicking on the YouTube icon above to start binge-watching!

..and ask questions!

Click on the icon above to join ESTIEM's Discord server, where you will see all the reports and ask questions! Remember to accept our privacy policy in the "welcome" channel to access the contents!

Stay updated, too!

We have also created a Telegram channel to share updates with everyone. You can join by clicking on the icon above!

What will be voted upon?

ESTIEMers can apply to...

Local Groups can apply to...

Other Votes

  • be the leader of IEM Connection
  • be the leader of Local Group Exchanges
  • to start a new project
  • host LXV Council Meeting Fall 2022
  • become Observers (Guest Groups)
  • become Members (Observers)
  • discharge of the 31st Board
  • approval of the budget
  • approval of the LXII CM minutes
Let's see who is today


To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…


Academic Development

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…

Intercultural Development


When I entered University, I had clear in mind I would search a way to develop myself on soft skills and differ from the rest of the students. Nevertheless, when four random guys invited me to pizza while explaining the LG exchange with Istanbul I would afterwards join, ESTIEM turned my objective into my hobby.


Fellow Estiemers,

My name is Hugo Bueno, I come from LG Madrid, and it is my pleasure to announce my application as the next Local Group Exchange Leader for the
coming 6 months.

I am 20 years old, currently studying my third year of Industrial Engineering. However, my passion for LG Exchange started even before university, as I already had two high school exchanges to Munich and Tampere. Then I started my first
year participating in TIMES LQ and LG Exchange with Istanbul-ITU, and I started dreaming about getting more and more insight into this amazing network.

On my second year I was honoured to become Local Responsible. I worked very hard to learn and expand this culture on my LG, joining lots of training events and leading most of my LG projects. During this year, besides attending my first CM as a delegate, I was for the first time Project Leader of an Exchange with Novi Sad and participated too on my first Regional Exchange with Baltics.

Hence, at the end of my mandate, with a sustainable local level restored in Madrid, I decided to spend the rest of my journey into Central level, back where all began,
into LGX Team.

It was after entering the team and becoming LGX Coordinator of a couple of exchanges when I finally had a complete overview of how a perfect Exchange is carried out. I have learnt a lot of details from both of my leaders and collaborated with my team to ensure the motivation of our participants and to settle an adequate ESTIEM Spirit in their journeys (and even in the lives!).

Thus, I want to move forward and lead the amazing LGX Service to share its philosophy with all of the network, and I will give my best to make it sure through the following goals:

  1. Adapting the Matching Platform system to offline exchanges
  2. Improving team culture and communication
  3. Conceiving new event concepts for LGX
    • Triple Exchanges
    • Regional Exchanges

Thank you for considering my application, and you can always approach me for any reason via

Hugo Bueno Buhigas

9th of November Tuesday

1 - Official Opening of the Council Meeting
2 - The ESTIEM Song
3 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
4 - Election of the Chairperson of the General Assembly
5 - Election of the Secretaries of the General Assembly
6 - Election of the Voting Committee of the General Assembly
7 - Change of Agenda Points
8 - Words of Welcome
9 - Livestream and Questions
10 - What to expect this Council Meeting
11 - Approval of Minutes from LXII CM
12 - The ESTIEM Framework
13 - ESTIEM Board
14 - Board Report
15 - ESTIEM Structure
16 - LG Requirements
17 - Proposal Overruling LG Requirements
18 - Introduction Presentation by Rijeka
19 - Voting procedure
20 - Voting Session I
21 - University Presentations
22 - Presentation Members Committee & Local Group Support System Task Group
23 - Presentation of Regions
24 - Miscellaneous

10th of November Wednesday

25 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
26 - Board Goals
27 - The strategy of ESTIEM
28 - Activity Report
29 - COVID Regulations
30 - Departments Presentations
31 - Accreditation of LSS Instructors
32 - External Presentations
33 - Elium Report
34 - Communication Platforms in ESTIEM
35 - Miscellaneous

11th of November Thursday

36 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
37 - IEM Europe
38 - Education in ESTIEM
39 - IEM Conference Update
40 - Finance Presentation
41 - Applications
42 - Committee and Task Groups Presentations
43 - Accreditation of ESTIEM Trainers
44 - Achievements in ESTIEM
45 - Presentation of the budget of the current Council Meeting
46 - Report on LXIV Council Meeting Belgrade
47 - Applications LXV Council Meeting
48 - Miscellaneous

12th of November Friday

49 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
50 - Report on TIMES Final Vienna
51 - Annual Report 31st Board
52 - Accounts on the 31st Board
53 - Audit Report of the 31st Board
54 - Corporate Partners Report
55 - Financial Report of the Current year
56 - Financial Report of the LXII Council Meeting Online
57 - Retained earnings of Departments
58 - Miscellaneous

13th of November Saturday

59 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
60 - Nominees for the awards
61 - History of ESTIEM
62 - Explanation of Discharge of the 31st Board
63 - Voting procedure
64 - Voting Session II
65 - ESTIEM Alumni Presentation
66 - Mentoring Programme Report
67 - Club of 100 Report
68 - Ad Fundum Award
69 - IEM Caring Foundation
70 - CM Photo
71 - Awards Results
72 - Activity Rating
73 - Get Active in ESTIEM
74 - Upcoming Events
75 - Appreciations
76 - Voting results
77 - Miscellaneous
78 - Discharge of the 31st Board
79 - Signing the letter of commitment
80 - One more ESTIEM Song
81 - Official Closing of the Council Meeting

What will happen after the General Assemblies?

In this Council Meeting, we will have five agenda slots appointed in the development of individual ESTIEMers, Local Groups and the ESTIEM network, distributed on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of October. These sessions vary from ESTIEM & Company Fair, Regional Working Groups, Training Sessions, Working Groups, Company Workshops and Local Group Roundtable.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many delegates will each Local Group be represented by?

Every Local Group can be represented by only one Delegate. This means that there will be 75 Delegates, one for each Local Group.

When should I book my tickets?

As the current situation is pretty uncertain, try to wait until the dates closer to the LXIII Council Meeting Seville. We would also suggest that you book refundable tickets and invest some money on travel insurance, in case that the pandemic situation doesn’t allow us to have a physical event.

What should I do if I need a Visa Invitation Letter?

Local Group Seville can provide a Visa Invitation Letter. To request it, you can send an email to and add in CC.

Which extra places can I apply for?

At the moment, we are evaluating the LXIII Council Meeting Seville participants’ numbers and if there is an open call for extra places, an email will be sent to the actives email list in time. You can join the actives email list by clicking here or by asking your Local Responsible.

What does the participation fee cover?

The Participation Fee for LXIII Council Meeting Seville is 100 euros, it covers food, accommodation, transportation during the event, and activities included in the agenda.

What should I do if I have more questions?

To ask more questions, you can use the form at the end of the page or send an email to

Can I attend the LXIII Council Meeting Seville if I am not registered?

Due to the current situation we are doing our best to make the LXIII Council Meeting Seville happen in the safest possible way. So in order to prevent any unforeseen situations, we have decided to be strict with the number of participants and avoid interactions with externals. Therefore, only registered people and the organiser’s team can attend the event’s activities.

What should be followed during the LXIII Council Meeting Seville concerning the COVID-19 Regulations?

The ESTIEM Board and Local Group Seville are currently evealuating all the COVID-related requirements and all the participants will be informed in the following days.