lxIV council meeting

2nd – 9th of May, Belgrade, Serbia

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The Council Meeting is the statutory meeting of ESTIEM and takes place twice a year.

It is composed of two parts, the General Assembly, where everyone is updated on what is going on in ESTIEM and decisions are made through voting and the Working Groups, Training Sessions and Company Workshops, where smaller groups either work to develop ESTIEM or improve their soft skills.

It is the place where we gather to invest time in our organisation, to meet new and old friends and where we celebrate the ESTIEM spirit. See you there!

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During the General Assembly

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After the General Assembly

In this Council Meeting, we will have five agenda slots appointed in the development of individual ESTIEMers, Local Groups and the ESTIEM network. These sessions vary from ESTIEM & Company Fair, Regional Working Groups, Training Sessions, Working Groups, Company Workshops and Local Group Roundtable. To learn more about the Working Groups, Training Sessions and Company workshops:

The votings

ESTIEMers can apply to...

Local Groups can apply to...

  • be the leader of Academic Days
  • be the leader of Global Student Challenge
  • be the leader of Lean Six Sigma
  • be the leader of Vision
  • be the leader of Be X for X Days
  • be the leader of businessbooster
  • be the leader of TIMES
  • be the leader of Activity Week
  • be the leader of Language Programme
  • be the leader of Europe3D
  • be the leader of Local Group Exchange
  • be the leader of BrainTrainer
  • be the leader of Summer Academy
  • be the leader of ESTIEM Magazine
  • start a new project
  • be a Financial Controler
  • be the President of ESTIEM
  • be the Vice President of Activities
  • be the Vice President of Administration
  • be the Vice President of Education
  • be the Vice President of Finance
  • be the Vice President of Public Relations
  • host the LXVI Council Meeting Spring 2023
  • host the TIMES Final 2023
  • host the IEM Conference 2023
  • become Observers
  • become Members

Other Votes

  • approval of the minutes of the LXIII Council Meeting
  • changes in the Internal Regulations
  • changes in the Membership Regulations
Let's see who is today


Once upon a time, six brave princesses decided to take a huge step out of their comfort zone and manage a big realm somewhere in Europe. Their most important task was to climb the Sunshine Mountain but little did they know about the many challenges that awaited them until they would reach the peak.

Dear ESTIEMers,

As history repeats itself, it is with great honour and pride to present our re-application for the 33rd board of ESTIEM…

We, the 32nd Board, had many achievements and struggles during this year, however we have realised that we have more things to accomplish and we saw the potential of our network and that is what makes us motivated to work on the development of our Network by applying for a second year. With the knowledge and experience we have gained during these 8 months as the Board of ESTIEM, we believe that we have all the necessary dedication and information about what it means to be the ESTIEM Board. Now we are completely prepared for the upcoming year and we are fully aware of what our network needs and which direction it should go. Furthermore, we have now learned how to work together, so we believe this is also a huge advantage for the upcoming year. 

For the upcoming year, our main focus will be the sustainability of our Network and our Offers. We think that one year after COVID-19, we were only able to manage the transition of our Network, and this year was not enough for us to develop ESTIEM the way we envisioned. Reflecting on our year as the 32nd Board, we realised that we have many more things to achieve in ESTIEM, we believe our organisation has many more valuable offers to provide and we want to focus more on innovation and the creation of a sustainable environment. We would only be able to achieve everything we desired with the help of our Actives and Local Groups with more time. 

Considering that ESTIEM did a marvellous job during the past year and never stopped developing, this is what inspires us to go even forward by taking this responsibility one more year.

Thank you for reading this application and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to approach us anytime through or in person in Belgrade.

In High ESTIEM, 

32nd Board of ESTIEM


Starting my studies back in 2019 newbies chose a club to join. Focused on my studies, I had no intention on joining ESTIEM. Seemingly a lifetime later, twenty plus events attended, countless hours spent traveling, working, and creating friendships, and far, far into my ESTIEM journey I wish to present myself to you.


My name is Erik Viktor Pymay Jasinski from Local Group Gothenburg.

I am humbled to announce my application for the President of the 33rd board of ESTIEM.

Finding myself against all odds on my first ESTIEM event, I felt that I found a community I belong to. Shortly after, as the LR of LG Gothenburg I planned the greatest mandate ESTIEM ever saw, developing my LG and connecting with whomever I would find. The year of 2020 was not the year where plans came to fruition. Pandemic or no pandemic I organized and attended online event after online event, befriended ESTIEMers of all LGs and central positions. With my mandate ending but unwilling to part ways with ESTIEM I wanted to keep developing myself and to contributing to a bigger picture. In August 2021 I became the Regional Coordinator of the Nordic region.
Throughout the year I did not spend one whole month at home, attending and organizing instead various Coordination Meetings and other strategical events to work on the problems of the network. I started two projects (the ESTIEM Trading Card Game and the ESTIEM Podcast) which gave me ideas on how the board can help stimulate innovation. Most importantly I met with the LGs, connecting and motivating them, and gained understanding for their views on the network.
The appreciation for my work and trust placed in me is what ultimately pushed me to seek the next step. A year of devotion to being of service for all ESTIEMers.

Throughout my ESTIEM journey I have seen incredible, sharp minds with colourful personalities working together and making ideas into reality. I have also witnessed problems that inhibit our growth and divides us. I believe that no matter the drawbacks we face, if we come together with our bright minds, hard work and will to achieve the same end goals, we will overcome any obstacle. Through my ability to listen and to make every party involved heard, I will facilitate a way to find solutions to our problems. 

These are my goals for the mandate.

  • Rebuild the strong bonds of ESTIEM lost in the previous years of pandemic by stimulating cooperation between LGs though promoting and developing current ways of collaboration and encouraging ESTIEMers to try out new ways of working together.
  • Shrink the gap between the network and the board by improving feedback and input channels and by increasing the understanding for the work of the board.
  • Reviewing ESTIEM entities and their roles in the network to make their work more useful to ESTIEM. 
  • Increase the reach of ESTIEM to more IEM students by reviewing our strategies for growth.
  • Increase the attractiveness of ESTIEM to more IEM students by developing ourselves in the academic and professional areas.
  • Providing greater worth to academic and corporate partners by developing partnerships and utilizing assets of ESTIEM, such as our knowledge on IEM topics, network of brilliant students and ability to reach all of Europe.

But foremostly, I am applying because I want to be a steady and trustworthy rock for all my beloved ESTIEMers to lean on.

Want me to elaborate further upon my goals? Or to discuss them and you cannot wait to do so in Belgrade? Just want to chit chat? Reach me through email (


Erik Viktor Pymay Jasinski

After joining my Local Group in 2018, having met the first ESTIEMers, and taking care as Organiser and Project Leader for my first events, I was driven by excitement to explore ESTIEM further. That is why I applied to become the Vice President and Local Responsible of Local Group Berlin. During my application I was asked the following question:

“How would you explain ESTIEM in one sentence?” 

Think for yourself, how would you answer it? And are you happy with your answer? I never would have imagined that this question would be that difficult for me. Throughout the last four years in which I was actively part of this network, I came across a lot of definitions that aimed to describe what ESTIEM is but I failed to be fully happy with any of them. “Love can’t be put in words” is how a past President of ESTIEM accurately commented on that phenomenon. Now that I am planning out my biggest ESTIEM application and thinking about exactly that question again, I must say that it got even harder to come up with a sentence as an answer. Because ESTIEM is not one sentence. ESTIEM is not even one page of a book. It is the entire novel. And this novel is about passion, friendship, love, and happiness. It is about mutual understanding and support. It is about exploration, about finding a place in life, and about becoming a better version of oneself. 

I feel extremely enthusiastic to write a new chapter of that novel. And I want to write it together with you! That’s why I want to become the next President of ESTIEM.

Reflecting on the four years I’ve been with ESTIEM, I came to the conclusion that without even knowing about it at first, I was preparing myself for this step from the beginning. During my time as Vice President and Local Responsible of my LG, I learned to work in teams and develop my communication and expectations management skills. In parallel, having experienced the struggles of LGs first hand, I also understood the importance of having a strong Local Group focus and felt motivated to improve both my and the network’s problem-solving skills as a trainer. Following my Local experience, for the past three years, I have worked on two long-term strategies of ESTIEM, attended over 15 strategic events, and held two leadership positions centrally, which allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of our network. Additionally, I developed key skills that shaped me into a better leader. As an Initiative leader for the development of a new Service – a course on Data Science, as well as as the Coordinator of the Intercultural Department, I learned how to manage a team and facilitate discussions. Additionally, being active for two years in the Analysis Committee taught me how to think analytically and guide a decision-making process based on data.

After sharing this journey with two leadership generations and listening to countless ESTIEMers, I have developed four key areas for our network that lead up to a vision: An interconnected ESTIEM that is ready for the future.

ESTIEM is a network shaped by all of us – for us. The strengths of our organization are based on our diversity, Local Groups, and partners. Capturing the value of our internal and external connections allows us to constantly adjust ESTIEM to what we want it to be: A representation of the demands, interests, and needs of our students. Focusing on an interconnected ESTIEM and investing in our most important asset – our people – allows us to shape the future of our network together. That is why I aim to:

  • Encourage participation by increasing transparency through better usage of our current platforms and building new participation opportunities.
  • Improve our stakeholder connections & bring ESTIEM and our Local Groups closer to each other.
  • Drive innovation in ESTIEM by setting up spaces for ideation and allocating resources.
  • Invest in the people, especially our leaders, team members, and local boardies by revising our event concepts for them and improving their onboarding and development opportunities.

Together with active ESTIEMers, ex-boardies, and even co-applicants, I planned out possible implementations to move forward in each of those areas. For example, adapting “growth hacking” to ESTIEM – a method that gives every ESTIEMer a voice and drives innovation and step by step growth. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and especially listening to yours at Council Meeting Belgrade but approach me if you can’t wait until then! I am very happy to discuss with you my vision for the network, hear you out, and answer all the questions you might have. 

Until then! 

In high ESTIEM, 

Kai Heine |

Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Saara Mäenpää from LG Lappeenranta. My journey in ESTIEM started in 2018 when I was a freshman waiting for my friends in our mother organization’s office, when I saw this older student and his briefcase filled with different kinds of stickers that said ESTIEM. We had a short conversation about what ESTIEM is, and the sentence that stuck with me until today was “ESTIEM is the best thing you can do during your studies”.

So here I am, proudly trying to make the best of my studies and presenting to you my application for the position of Vice President of Activities for the 33rd Board of ESTIEM.

Throughout my time in ESTIEM I have participated in multiple online and offline events, organized and tried to organize (due to corona some got cancelled) both offline and online events, and worked on local as well as on central level. Locally I have been the International Officer in 2019 and the Local Responsible and Vice President in 2020 in our board, and centrally I was the Nordic Regional Coordinator for 2020-2021. Later in 2021, I also started working as a team member in Europe3D and Event Quality Task Group, and now I am also participating in updating the ESTIEM Book. The global pandemic affected us all. Online working and studying became the new normal during the past few years, and now that we are returning to our offline life, it is important to ensure the good quality of events within our network. As there is now a generation of ESTIEMers who started their journey online, I find it very important for Local Groups to have access to knowledge they need and want especially considering event organizing. This also contributes to the sustainability of our network. Thus, the sustainability of Local Groups is important to maintain and improve.

So, here are the goals and action points to achieve the goals I would like to focus on, if I get elected:

  • ESTIEM provides good quality in both online and offline offers
    • Use Event Quality Task Group for having training sessions about different aspects on event organization regularly
    • Develop a process and a dashboard for Event Quality Task Group for contacting event organizers beforehand on event quality
    • Use Event Quality Task Group to contact organizers afterwards to learn from feedback
  • Ensure that Local Groups have access to knowledge they need considering event organization
    • Assess what LGs want and need to know
    • Assess different platforms considering sharing and getting information and implement the use of the most suitable one
    • Use Regional Coordinators and their regional chats to connect LGs and Central Entities regularly in a systematic way
  • Local Groups in ESTIEM are more sustainable
    • Implement a time for discussion every other month for LGs to share their thoughts, ideas, and problems with each other and Local Group Support System
    • Evaluate Membership Regulations and make necessary updates
    • Spread the ESTIEM spirit by establishing a recurring challenge with tasks related to ESTIEM spirit

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t be afraid to contact me at or in Belgrade!


Saara Mäenpää

Let’s imagine you are in front of your laptop. This time you are a bit nervous to open it, because you are about to meet people you have never seen before, in a context you have never experienced before.

One year ago, I attended my first ESTIEM Event. It was the LXII Council Meeting, and it was taking place in my room, in front of my desk. When I opened my laptop that day, I had a very imprecise idea of what ESTIEM was about. When I closed it four days later, I wanted to become a boardie.

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Alexandre Coquillaud and I’m proud to announce my application for the position of Vice President of Administration of the 33rd board of ESTIEM.

I joined ESTIEM in March 2021, when I became president of Local Group Lyon. At that moment, my main experiences were that of president of another student organization and Project Leader of one of the biggest events of our campus. I wasn’t aware of what ESTIEM represented yet, but when I realized our Local Group was about to disappear because nobody was applying for the board, I decided to motivate my friends and we started to try to rebuild the Local Group. I instantly fell in love with this network and its spirit.

During LXII Council Meeting, I decided very fast that I wanted to join central ESTIEM : I firstly joined Activity Week, in the Intercultural Development Department. Then I joined the Event Quality Task Group and finally the Knowledge Facilitation Committee. All these experiences, combined with my natural curiosity and my willingness to always do everything at 100%, made me learn very fast.They also made me think a lot about what could be improved in our network. This is why I am applying with the following goals :

  • Develop and improve ESTIEM’s Knowledge Management to make sure that resources and information are easily accessible and well received, by providing a clear structure to ESTIEMers and evaluating the way we share important information.
  • Evaluate and improve these 3 processes : Local Responsible Onboarding, central ESTIEM Onboarding, Leaders Onboarding, by analyzing what knowledge these stakeholders need to receive and making sure it is properly transmitted.
  • Improve ESTIEM’s IT Infrastructure, to ensure that our websites are easy to update and that their functionalities are easy to use, by developing the usage of WordPress, and a User Experience approach.
  • Improve the format of Council Meetings, to ensure that we give enough knowledge to participants and that LGs can raise topics and concerns, by structuring the concepts of Council Meeting Preparation and open discussions.
  • Ensure that ESTIEM is becoming GDPR compliant, by assessing, prioritizing, and fixing our weaknesses.
  • As a board member, I would also suggest the following :
    • Rethink the way our departments and services are working, by increasing the integration of services inside departments, to ensure that they are working efficiently.
    • Assess the needs of our members and make sure that central ESTIEM is aligned with our network, by conducting a big survey in the beginning of the mandate, in terms of support and value ESTIEM is providing and regarding the expectations of ESTIEMers.

I thank you for reading my application and hope you are sharing my vision. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to approach me by mail at, on WhatsApp, or in person in Belgrade. I will be happy to answer and discuss.


Alexandre Coquillaud

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Esin Julia Rathert, from LG Ankara-Bilkent. Since my very first encounter with ESTIEM in 2019; I have created many lifetime connections, collected wonderful memories, and gained a lot of different skills. My constant passion to move our network further and challenge myself, influenced the choices I made throughout the course of the three active years I had in Central ESTIEM, which is leading me to the moment where I am writing this letter now.

After attending more than 30 events, I am inspired to devote one more full year to the strategic layer of ESTIEM and it is my greatest honor to present to you my application for Vice President of Administration of the 33rd Board of ESTIEM.

Having the background from the past years as the Knowledge Management Responsible for Vision on the Central layer, Approaching Responsible in Members Committee and as a Local Board Member, I not only acquired a lot of insights on how to coordinate people and tackle problems in difficult situations, but also worked on process management, strategy creation, and on restructuring the knowledge management of different platforms. On top of that, taking part in 3 Council Meetings as a Secretary and Voting Committee, helped me to understand the working mechanism and dynamics of our network.

Following these experiences and after understanding that Local Groups are the most valuable assets for our organisation, I became the Members Committee Leader. During my mandate, besides administering legal responsibilities, I led multiple projects that helped me gain significant knowledge about the purpose, values, and features of our network, and I learned how to communicate different needs of both Local and Central ESTIEM thoroughly well. Building a core team of 10 people and working side by side with Regional Coordinators, I not only had a chance to bring ESTIEM into new countries and new students’ lives, but also tried out new things and developed ideas while improving myself in many ways throughout the journey. In addition to that, I started my path as a Trainer, having delivered more than 50 hours until now, which taught me how to share my knowledge in an effective way and grow in collaboration with our members.

All of these experiences resulted in a comprehensive picture of the network for me; seeing the value we provide to our students, and the current path we are heading. I see ESTIEM not only as a link, but also as a network striving for greater accomplishments and shaping a continuous growth mindset for our members. This position for me is about creating impact by enhancing the coordination and communication within ESTIEM and securing the knowledge transfer in our network. For this reason, I have set the following goals to work on for the upcoming Board year:

  • Foster an inclusive atmosphere in Council Meetings by increasing the involvement of Local Groups and boosting the interaction between our members
  • Systemize ESTIEM Knowledge in order to improve the accessibility & visibility of information and ensure that the knowledge is passed down to all ESTIEMers as well as the future generations
  • Drive ESTIEM towards GDPR compliance while enhancing the awareness among all members by sharing information and empowering LGs to follow full GDPR
  • Develop further the IT Infrastructure by evaluating the user experience and ensuring modern, stable, and easily accessible platforms
  • Encourage transparency within the network by revising and leveraging the current communication channels and expanding the internal collaboration between entities and ESTIEMers

I would be more than happy to discuss my goals and hear your thoughts both before or during the Council Meeting. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to approach me via e-mail or in person in Belgrade!


Esin Julia Rathert

Hello ESTIEMers,

I have been in ESTIEM for three years now, and when I read board applications in the past, it would never occur to me that I would one day be writing one of these applications myself. For me, this is the magic of ESTIEM: It takes a teenager who steps into university life and turns them into a grownup full of fascinating experiences and an incredible appetite for making an impact on a grand scale. And as the last step of my transformation;

I, Serhat Gürgenyatağı from LG Ankara-Bilkent, could not be more honored as I announce my application for the position of Vice President of Education of the 33rd Board of ESTIEM.

My ESTIEM journey started while I was listening to the ESTIEM presentation in my Local Group, enchanted by the idea of a European-wide network for IEM students. After attending my first event in February of 2020, I became so motivated that I applied for a position I did not comprehend in a team I had not known. This is how I became the Knowledge Management Responsible for the Academic Days team. Being highly active on both local and central levels, I became the Vice President of Central ESTIEM and Projects in my Local Group. Trying to have more responsibilities in Central ESTIEM, I became the ESTIEM Talks Coordinator. I organized several online sessions to increase internal awareness within ESTIEM. Both my local position and being ESTIEM Talks Coordinator taught me how to educate new ESTIEMers on the network and manage their expectations.

Last year, I took the next big step in my journey and became the Leader of Academic Days.  I put together a dedicated team, revised the main pillars of Academic Days, organized online Masterclasses, and an offline Academic Days event in Lyon back in March, the first one in two years! Being the Academic Days Leader showed me how much education can impact ESTIEMers on an individual level; and how powerful Local Groups are in the facilitation of IEM Knowledge in ESTIEM. I have also learned to be a team leader who can push through adversity and create new opportunities.

So far, I have attended 27 events, and this one will be my fifth Council Meeting! After getting so much from ESTIEM, I must now use my experience to further contribute to the network. I have always believed that the academic side of ESTIEM is what enables us to innovate and move forward. And with this innovative mindset, we as students can move IEM Europe forward as well. To reach this end goal, I will do my best to:

  • Increase the knowledge flow into ESTIEM by pursuing more Educational Partnerships, including new Event-Based Partnerships, while sustaining the current ones
  • Make sure that all ESTIEMers are heard regardless of their academic background and their outlook on IEM Education in ESTIEM is taken into consideration
  • Work closely with Local Groups to ensure that the students are supported with necessary tools in terms of IEM knowledge and Professional Development
  • Communicate the state of education in ESTIEM with our stakeholders periodically through data collection and critical analyses

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail ( or approach me in person during the Council Meeting in Belgrade!

In high ESTIEM,

Serhat Gürgenyatağı

Dear ESTIEMers,

ESTIEM is a network of wonderful people from all over Europe, which has the potential to change people’s lives in the most positive and best way I could have ever imagined. Changing my life for the better is exactly what ESTIEM did for me. I acquired a huge amount of knowledge and gained many new valuable skills that will be relevant for the rest of my life. Most importantly I have been able to experience different cultures, which enables me to appreciate and understand others. I am extremely grateful for the development I have obtained in ESTIEM, and I am tremendously motivated to provide this development (and maybe even more) to the future generation of ESTIEM.

That is the reason why I, Max Sturkenboom, am honoured to present you my application for Vice-President of Finance of the 33rd Board of ESTIEM.

My ESTIEM journey started with my first event in November 2016, the Local Group Exchange to Grenoble. After being locally involved, I started to explore what else ESTIEM had to offer in 2018. During this time, I became a true team player, by learning how to communicate clearly and work flexibly. I gained this experience as Project Leader of both ESTIEM360 and the Lean Six Sigma Local Course. I have been Local Responsible and Secretary of LG Eindhoven and in my mandate, I was responsible for organizing Carnaval Activity Week. After finishing my Local board year, I became part of the Advisory board of LG Eindhoven, to help the future local boards. The knowledge I gained on a local level allowed me to truly understand what it means to manage an organization.

I also had the pleasure to explore Central ESTIEM. As Recruitment Responsible of the Human Resources Committee, I got the chance to centralize recruitment in ESTIEM. As Elium Responsible of the Knowledge Facilitation Committee, I worked on spreading the knowledge-sharing mindset. As Local Group Development Responsible of the Members Committee, I found the opportunity to create my own (training) event concept, which I would like to organize in the upcoming year. Becoming Personal Development Department Coordinator and shaping the future direction of personal development in ESTIEM is the icing on the cake for my journey in Central ESTIEM. Being involved in so many different areas in ESTIEM truly gave me a good vision of ESTIEM as a network and the potential that still can be realized. 

In the past few years’ finances in ESTIEM got my attention. By talking to people in Eindhoven who are or were involved in ESTIEMs finances I already acquired some knowledge in how ESTIEMs finances developed over the years. After many interesting discussions on financial matters, I got motivated to get involved in this area. My interest in finance encouraged me to apply for Finance Summit, my 17th offline event. Here I gained even more knowledge on finances in ESTIEM, and it assured me that VP of Finance is the right position in the board for me.

I am excited to dedicate myself to the financial aspects of ESTIEM as I believe that a solid financial foundation is essential to enable us to move forward. Next to that, I would like to focus on the most important asset of ESTIEM, people. With the wide variety of knowledge, I have gained over the years, I want to focus on the development of Local Groups and their members. 

I am highly motivated to work on these topics, which result in the following goals for my mandate:

Improving ESTIEM’s finances, in terms of financial processes and fairness of the budget, by:

  • Simplifying operational work for the future generation of Vice-Presidents of Finance to decrease the workload for standard financial tasks.
  • Strengthen Corporate Relations in ESTIEM by developing a CR Database of Alumni to find new partners that bring specific value to ESTIEMers.
  • Making the financial situation of Actives fairer, by increasing their financial support and having a fairer approach to the difference in expenses Actives must make.

Developing Local Groups and their members by

  • Offering support to every Local Group in ESTIEM to allow continuous improvement and keep their motivation high to contribute to the network.
  • Offer what IEM students truly want and need to enable ESTIEMers to develop their capabilities and unlock their true potential.
  • Activate Local Groups by increasing the ESTIEM Spirit to increase ESTIEM Activeness, both in terms of ESTIEM Events and Central ESTIEM Activeness.

Thanks a lot for reading my application. Of course, I am always available for any questions or comments. So, feel free to approach me any time (


Max Sturkenboom

Application withdrawn

Almost 4 years ago, there was a newbie sitting in a big auditorium listening to a girl explaining how much we could travel and develop ourselves by joining this huge organisation of Industrial Engineering and Management Students all around Europe. Little did I know that, from that moment, my life would change forever.

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Francisca Trigueiros, I’m from Local Group Porto, and it’s my greatest honour to present to you my application for Vice-President of Public Relations of the 33rd Board of ESTIEM.

My ESTIEM journey started quite early, in September 2018, as I fell in love with ESTIEM right after that presentation. My first year of activeness was crazy: I joined my Local Group and I was active in every event happening in Porto, I started travelling and I joined Central ESTIEM. Day by day, I was getting to know ESTIEM better and getting amazed by all the different opportunities it provides. My activeness on the local level led me to the position of Vice-Leader of Corporate Relations in the following year, which enabled me to improve my understanding on how companies were perceiving our LG and ESTIEM, and work on ways to improve that perception. At the end of this year, I was very active on both local and central level and, motivated by the idea of being the bridge between both, I became Local Responsible (LR). As LR, I focused on improving the promotion of ESTIEM and its opportunities to our students, by revising all our communication channels, developing new strategies and working closely with our Public Relations Department to improve our social media. 

After being active in Central ESTIEM for almost 2 years, and finishing my local journey, I wanted to keep contributing to the development of our network and applied for Ambassador, the position that I hold now. During this year, I had the opportunity to work closely with other european organisations and understand how they work and how they perceive us, which I believe is key to enable us to improve our external image. Additionally, this position gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of different entities and to develop my critical thinking towards how we work in ESTIEM.

After experiencing 32 events from all the areas in ESTIEM, including 10 strategic events, and being active in different entities in Central ESTIEM, I’ve gained a good overview of everything  ESTIEM has to offer. On the other hand, by working on how to communicate our network to students, companies, and other organisations, I’ve learned how our different stakeholders perceive us and how we should promote ESTIEM to each of them.

Inspired by the ESTIEM vision of “Being the connector of IEM Students in an IEM Europe”, I would like to focus during the next year on enhancing the connections between ESTIEM and all its stakeholders by:

  • Facilitating the process of getting to know ESTIEM and getting active in the network, by revising and improving our communication channels;
  • Increasing the professional attractiveness and recognition of ESTIEM, by improving the communication of our professional offers in all the relevant channels;
  • Enhancing the contribution of ESTIEM to the development of the European society, by understanding what its role should be.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my application, feel free to contact me via email ( or social media, and to approach me during the Council Meeting.

In High ESTIEM, 

Francisca Trigueiros

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Petra Maria Kantartzi and I am an enthusiastic ESTIEMer from Local Group Xanthi. 

I joined ESTIEM in October of 2019, at the start of my studies and so my wonderful journey began! I first got acquainted with the ESTIEM Spirit during “BrainTrainer: Master Yourself, Master Minds”, which was my first event. Even though the outbreak of the pandemic did not allow us to finish the event, that didn’t stop me. This event changed my life and turned me into the person I am today. After getting back, I knew what I wanted to do, what I had to do. I had to get more active and that is exactly what I did! 

I started by attending the Local Responsible Forum, which allowed me to get a look at the bigger picture. During this event, I realized the great importance the Local Responsible position holds in our network. Τhus, since January 2021, I have been the Local Responsible of Local Group Xanthi and in the previous semester, I was voted as one of the “Local Heroes” of our network. Having organized multiple events, one of which was awarded as the “Best Service Event of the Year”, has given me valuable experience and organizational skills, such as risk and crisis management and of course a strong sense of leadership. But most importantly, these things gave me the motivation to keep moving forward and to further commit myself to the network.

Thus, it is my greatest honor to announce my application for the Vice President of Public Relations of the 33rd board of ESTIEM.

My involvement in Central ESTIEM started in December 2020, when I joined the BrainTrainer team as Development Responsible. After working actively in the Personal Development Department and in BrainTrainer, one year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and in May 2021, I got elected as the BrainTrainer Leader. Therefore, holding simultaneously two different positions has taught me how to coordinate effectively different types of teams, as well as multiple projects. Shortly after, I became an ESTIEM Junior Trainer, which is something that I have been anticipating ever since my first encounters with ESTIEM trainers, as I always admired their dedication to helping fellow ESTIEMers. 

Everything that I have worked on and achieved so far has boosted my motivation even further, and hence, I am currently working on even more projects. For instance, I am developing external relations in BrainTrainer to expand the entity’s offerings, and I am working on ESTIEM Videos, which gives me the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the external image of ESTIEM.

With that being said, after having acquired different perspectives and experience in our organization, I have developed the following goals:

  • Increasing the engagement of different stakeholders, by broadening the social media usage and expanding to different platforms in order to reach a more diverse audience; 
  • Ensuring the integrity of the ESTIEM Brand, by improving and expanding the organization’s representation across Europe, in Local Groups, and on digital platforms; 
  • Adding value to existing partnerships and finding opportunities for establishing new ones, by raising awareness about collaboration opportunities between entities and the organization’s partners; 
  • Increasing the visibility and usage of communication channels, by using them to their full potential, to create a knowledge and experience sharing environment;  
  • Assisting Local Groups in strengthening their public image,  by actively providing them with updated materials and guidelines, as well as opportunities for development in the field of public relations, in order to create a cohesive and strong ESTIEM Brand identity.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to approach me via email at or in person during Council Meeting Belgrade.

In high ESTIEM, 

Petra Maria Kantartzi


Dear ESTIEMers,

We, as board of Local Group Porto, couldn’t be more proud to announce our application to the LVXI Council Meeting Spring 2023.

As a board that started working after the sad cancellation of Council Meeting Spring Porto 2021… the feeling and the willingness to see a CM back in Porto, after 7 years, is extremely high, so here is our try to show our motivation only by words.

A long time ago, in 1993, Local Group Porto was born. Created by francesinha and beer lovers, who could drink a little Porto Wine once in a while, the wish to share our amazing and a bit strange culture won and took us to where we are today. Known as welcoming and sometimes louder people, our thirst to always aim higher is witnessed by all the ESTIEMers, making us dream and grow, while never forgetting our origins and purposes. So that’s why you are reading our application today, to complete what wasn’t possible in 2021 and continuing always aiming higher. We had our first CM in Porto in 2006, then in 2010 and again in 2016… Normally people say that the third time is the one, so we believe that the fourth (or maybe four and a half, counting with 2021) will be completely out of mind!

Today, LG Porto and AGE-i-FEUP are the same entity, working to fulfill the same purpose and we are composed of five departments, one social environmental entity, three task-forces and a junior initiative, making a total of 80 lovely members ready to show what they are made of. After 2 years of Covid, a new generation has been created, one that lived their first 2 years of college at home… with not that much experience and lots of traditions lost in time, you must be asking “why now?”.

So, this year, LG Porto had organized more than 30 local events, a LSS Local Course, a TIMES LQ, an amazing Exchange, a lovely PDC CoM, a Be X for X days and if we had more time in our calendar, more things would’ve happened. This year, returning to normal life, we gained experience, we reconnected with alumni and we have grown. In addition, we have a strong and very well organized structure, financial stability and a great
relationship with our partners and our university, that makes us certain this is a safe step to take.

So we hope you are ready to finally feel what the “No Porto No Party” really means, because we are incredibly excited to have you here with us for the week you will never forget!


Local Group Porto

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…


Academic Development

Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Doğa Erdal from Local Group Ankara-Bilkent. I am excited and honored to present to you my application for Academic Days Leadership for the next 12 months.

The first time I met ESTIEM was when I started university and since then, it had a very important place in my life. When I look back, I can clearly see that besides the various opportunities it offered me, it became the place where I made lifelong friendships and remarkable memories. 

After my first encounter with ESTIEM, my passion to improve this network by adding something of myself to it led to my 2-year-long journey in Central ESTIEM. For the past years, I worked as a Project Responsible in the Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee. After coordinating a team, organizing workshops, and making collaborations with other projects and IEM Caring Foundation, I got a chance to improve myself in various ways while identifying the needs of this community and Central ESTIEM. Following these experiences, I was elected as the Local Responsible of my local group and a board member of my mother organization in June 2021. Being a Local Responsible taught me how to understand people, and be a great team member and a leader. By having the opportunity to organize online and offline events as an LR, I saw both sides of ESTIEM, learned about the insights of services, get to know the systems and strategies of the other local groups, and therefore slightly improved myself in creating new strategies, process management and directing a team.

I met Academic Days when we organized Academic Days Masterclass with my local board and had many insights about how this team works and what should be improved. During my mandate as a board member in my mother association, I organized many events collaborating with professors. By being successful in coming up with different concepts, I directed lectures and events in which theories are made more understandable by being turned into practice. Besides that, taking part in the organization phase of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course taught me how the events in such concepts must be organized and contributed some ideas to me in finding effective ways to transfer the obtained knowledge to the future.

After getting to know the Academic Days team and spending a year being involved in various academic events, I decided to write this letter and put my work and effort into moving Academic Days further by being the Academic Days leader. For this reason, I have set some goals for Academic Days for the upcoming year.

  • Organizing events in which theory is consolidated with practice by making internal collaborations.
  • Adding new practices to increase participation and ensure continuity in online events as well as face-to-face ones.
  • Taking steps towards developing Academic Days’ current work and reviewing, improving its main pillars by adding new perspectives.
  • Developing the event topics by establishing new ones and improving the relationships with universities while increasing the promotion of Academic Days events.
  • Ensuring continuity by forming a strong team and providing a sustainable service.

I would love to discuss my goals for the Academic Days both in and before CM with you so if you want to share your thoughts or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through

In high ESTIEM, 

Doğa Erdal

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…

Dear Fellow ESTIEMers, 

During the last four months I had the tremendous pleasure to be part of a wonderful team full of talented people who worked and keep working together in order to contribute to this amazing network of dreamers.

The Lean Six Sigma service has for me two main magical components: first, the price when compared to the outside market is very small for the same quality of content and there’s no need at all to have a completed major to access it; second, it is taught from students to students, which means every instructor has the chance to put their heart and soul into their sessions and make a significant difference in education.

Now, you might be wondering who the hell I am :D. Well, my name is Vasco Bento Rodrigues and I’m 22 years old. I joined ESTIEM last year after attending my LSS Green Belt course in my LG, Aveiro. After that, I went as an LSS instructor to the LSS GB Central Course in Gdansk, Poland, and I instantly fell in love with ESTIEM. Having the opportunity to share knowledge with people from different cultures while working in these international environments is very special in my opinion and gives us students a whole different perspective on how to become a great engineer. 

After this first experience abroad, I already taught two more LSS Courses, in Coimbra and Eindhoven. At the moment I’m the Instructor Responsible of the team and I manage a network of over 200 instructors from all over Europe.

Besides the LSS experiences I had the opportunity to attend this year’s TIMES’ Final in Vienna, Austria, in which me and my team qualified 2nd.

We in the LSS GB Service have a very specific vision, where we inspire ourselves to define our mandate goals: 

Through developing our students during and after the course, we cause European-wide, measurable and accumulating impact in the organizations they work.

Considering the 3 main pillars of our service, we have: Quality, Sustainability and Expansion – they all must be aligned and equally developed or else we have instability. 

With this in mind, my application will consist in:

  1. Quality: 
    1. Keep developing the course content and modify it if needed.
    2. Keep improving the team’s internal operations to make them as lean as possible.
    3. Focus on the capacitation of our instructors to deliver great courses.
    4. Keep developing the standards of the course.
  2. Sustainability:
    1. Develop ways to make sure the current courses have continuity.
    2. Keep increasing participants knowledge after the course ends.
    3. Keep engaging great participants to become instructors.
    4. Engage experienced instructors to keep instructing.
  3. Expansion:
    1. Expand the course to as more LGs/Universities as Possible.
    2. Keep increasing the corporate relations with companies from different countries.
    3. Create a platform for instructors interested in deliver courses in LGs without any instructor for Local Courses.
    4. Create corporate relations with NGOs to receive students to volunteer/intern and apply lean concepts to their processes.

Two years ago, if someone had told me that I would have so many friends from all over Europe, I would probably have called them crazy without any hesitation. I wasn’t aware of what kind of journey had begun for me when I first joined ESTIEM. Even in my second year in this beautiful community, I still don’t know the right words to explain the feeling of truly belonging here. But I know what I want to do now: take a step further in this great journey!

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Nisan Erdoğan, I am a 21 years old student from Local Group Istanbul-Bogazici. I couldn’t be more happy and excited to announce my application for the leadership position of the Vision entity for next year! 

My story of diving into ESTIEM started in the online period of events. Meeting with new people from somewhere in Europe, a lot of ‘Cheers!’ just before the computer screen, and sharing memories to make quarantine days happier, was totally worth all the back pain and sore eyes. Every minute that I spent with ESTIEMers on Zoom made me feel less lonely and part of something bigger.

I participated in my first event just five days after my portal account was opened. That event became the root of the enthusiasm that I feel about the Academic Development Department. It was one of the qualification rounds of the Global Student Challenge and it taught me that ESTIEM is not just a great opportunity to improve myself, but also a place to build connections. That experience paved the way for me to be a part of the Global Student Challenge team as a Communication Responsible. 

I find lots of chances to attend events and feel that charming spirit around me from the participant’s side. But also, as one of the local board members of our LG, I was able to observe the organizational part of an event. This year we organized five events, each of them was different steps to learn about creating the perfect experience for a fellow ESTIEMer. At the end of every event that I attended, online or offline, I found myself thankful for leveling up with a new perspective in life and excited to experience it again. Thus, making every participant feel in this way was my main mission in the organizational part of the process. 

As a member of the Academic Development Department, I found the chance of getting Vision very well in the ADD Coordination Meeting. Vision caught my admiration and interest as an entity about all of the great things that had been done and what can be done in the future. I believe the potential of this entity which in its rearing up period after a time of not having events. With the power of feeling, it is the right thing to go after, I am ready to take the next step! 

So, I am very honored to share my application for the Vision Leadership position with the following goals to meet up to in my mandate: 

  • Creating a specialized and well-known name for Vision by using branding strategies in corporate relations to verify the solid stance and prestige of the entity to the companies to collaborate with.
  • Going further in the activity level of the entity to maintain the amount of progress it had last period and moving forward with the events as the amount and the quality to build and develop upon it.
  • Improving team structure by inserting new positions in the team such as internal PR responsible for meeting new ESTIEMers with the entity and knowledge facilitator to research possible new subjects for the event, but besides this, conserving the current respectful environment in the team.
  • Preparing an internal PR strategy to make sure that all ESTIEMers get to know the entity and the benefits of this service which offers a lot, by working with an internal PR member in the team via the efficient platforms of social media.
  • Concentrating on the development of my team to make sure that the members of the team are not just happy but also develop life-long soft skills during the process like creative thinking and time management, by working in a multicultural, supportive team that they can use in their future business careers.

Thank you for keeping your attention on me! I hope I was able to make you a part of the excitement that I feel about this opportunity! If you have any questions or any comments, please don’t hesitate to approach me via email. ( 

Career Development

Dear ESTIEMers,

There is no such thing as a right time, there is just the right person. It is always the right time.

I am Strahinja from LG Belgrade and I am so happy to present you my application for the Be X for X days leadership position for the next 12 months!

I became a member of ESTIEM in November 2020 and I worked on both local and international events, but I fell in love with the Central after a few online events that I was attending. Currently, I am the Finance Coordinator at the LXIV Council Meeting, which is a very responsible position and it helped me a lot to improve myself and became aware that I can be a leader! From the start of my ESTIEM path I wanted to lead a team, but I did not had chance until now and for me Be X for X Days would be a great leadership start.

Also, I am participating in Training Next Leaders in Aveiro soon, where I hope that I will learn many important things and get leadership skills. I definitely decided to apply, after getting back from the Career Development Department Coordination Meeting, where I had an amazing 4 days and felt ESTIEM Spirit on a high level.

I joined Be X for X days in August 2021 as an Event Quality Responsible, after I heard so many positive things about the entity and I did not regret it. I have always been fascinated by the diversity of topics in the entity and the wide range they cover. I felt free to learn about every possible topic and that is unique about BXD. I want to push the boundaries and make this entity even more special, to find hot topics and present them at the event in the popular ways (a lot of case studies for ex.). We tried that this year at our first Be X for X Hours event and it ended up pretty well, but I want to take it a step further, to develop more practical experience.

Our recent Coordination Meeting was really inspiring and it helped me figure out how I can contribute as a leader and it gave me a whole new perspective.

For a following 12 month period I will mainly focus on:

  • Collaboration – Finding the best entity options in central ESTIEM for collaboration in the wish to make an event with equally coordinated entertainment and work, theoretical and practical knowledge with very popular topics.
  • Connecting online and offline events – Trying to make a connection between the Be X for X Hours concept which will be further developed and the offline event.
  • Constant improvement – Building a team where all the members will adopt the philosophy of constant improvement of events and entity even when everything is going as it should be. For me that is one of the good ways to also build them as persons and make them future leaders.
  • Cooperation with CDD entities – Brainstorming about every collaboration option, bringing new concepts or new events, creating higher value.
  • Entity – Working on BPD, creating detailed feedback about every event, better promotion of the entity, raising awareness about the entity in ESTIEM and showing benefits of joining our events.

Thank you for reading my presentation! If you have any questions or suggestions feel fre to aproach me via

In high ESTIEM,

Strahinja Aničić

“A place where dreams come true”

Not so long ago, I came across this quote from an old team member, and I couldn’t describe businessbooster better myself.

For me, it represents a place where ESTIEMers can learn valuable skills for their life and career, as well as the way to make an impact in society by aiming high and innovating. 

I want to see a businessbooster that can bring change to  ESTIEMers lives.Dear ESTIEMers, my name is João Piçarra, I am a 20-years-old IEM student from Local Group Aveiro and with your help I want to take a step forward into my ESTIEM journey. So, I hereby announce my application for the Leadership of businessbooster for the next 12 months.

I joined ESTIEM in November 2020, as a team member helping with the organization of multiple local events. During this time, I better learned how to work in a team and the importance a good leadership can have. I soon became amazed by the unique nature of this network, so I quickly started participating in Central events, and my curiosity for Central ESTIEM constantly grew. I started to realize how many amazing learning opportunities existed in front of me, especially for boosting my career. This motivated me to become Vice-Local Responsible of LG Aveiro, a position I occupy up to this day. Together with my board, we built a cohesive team that has developed meaningful projects and organized a good number of quality events.

This experience allowed me to cultivate my leadership, problem solving and  organizational skills, but also opened the door to all the things that ESTIEM could offer.

Being active in the local level was not enough for me, therefore I started to search for Central opportunities. In  August 2021, I joined businessbooster as Event Responsible. Since day one, I saw the entities huge potential, being able to build a generation of young entrepreneurs and form an enthusiastic community of innovation and the way it can impact a student’s life and their future career. It fostered skills that I value and cherish, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Through my position as event responsible, I got to know the long history of the service, was in constant contact with LGs and understood their struggles, evaluated previous events and helped shape new ones. 

As time passed, I understood that I don’t only want to be a member, but I also want to leave my mark in bussinessbooster by being a Leader.

During my mandate, I would like to focus on the following areas:

  • Offerings

Evaluate prior event offerings and develop new ones, by conducting research on the current needs of ESTIEMers and LGs, adapting the entity based on that, and at the same time,  integrating the new intrapreneurship concept as a main pillar of the entity. Plus, I would like to evaluate ways to include Alumni and ESTIEM Incubator in the service in a more active way.

  • Team

Reformulate the current positions and increase the involvement of the team on the projects. I also want to aim to ensure sustainability inside the team.

  • External Image

Increase businessbooster visibility inside the network, by defining a clear image for the entity and making use of ESTIEM’s communication channels, as well as create all needed PR materials. I also want to focus on the branding towards external stakeholders.

  • Knowledge Management

Develop the current knowledge infrastructures by developing the support documents and guidelines for the organizing Local Groups and for the team and expanding the current stakeholder’s database: start-ups, entrepreneurs, alumni, and university incubators.

This network is shaped for us and by all of us, so please feel free to contact me through or via WhatsApp. I would be glad to hear your feedback and further discuss my goals.

So…Ready to accelerate to success and make this dream come true?

In high ESTIEM,

João Piçarra.

Since the beginning of my ESTIEM journey, the feeling I love the most is the excitement for the future ahead of me. After every event, every meeting there are these butterflies in my stomach making me more thrilled for what’s next. Now, while I write this application, the feeling is stronger than I could ever imagine.

Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Cemre Demirtaş, from LG Ankara-METU. I am honored to present you with my TIMES Leadership Application for the upcoming year.

The beginning of my journey was just a trailer for the rest. While I was struggling to find motivation as an online newbie, I had the chance to be in the organization team of my LG’s TIMES Local Qualification, and that was the turning point for me on ESTIEM. I was really excited about the concept of TIMES, and I knew from that moment that I wanted to be a part of this tournament. So, when I saw the open call for TIMES Team, you can imagine my excitement about it. I knew it was the perfect shot for me to be more active and start my Central ESTIEM journey. When I became a part of the team, I realized that ESTIEM had so much more to offer than I saw before. This realization boosted my motivation to do my best and have as much impact as I can for TIMES and ESTIEM in general. After working more and more in Central ESTIEM and my Local Group, I had a sense of belonging; I felt and knew that ESTIEM is the right place for me, and I wanted to be a part of it for good.

After a while in the team, I got into the “Semi-Final/Final Coordinator” position. Thanks to this position, I had interacted with many LGs and worked with them to build the perfect Semi-Finals and Final. This gave me the chance to get to know so many lovely people and understand how TIMES work at Central from many different aspects. Moreover, working as a Semi-Final/Final Coordinator is like organizing five events at once, which improved me so much in terms of organization skills and crisis management.

Having the opportunity to work with the Career Development Department in our recent Coordination Meeting was another eye-opening experience in my story. Apart from being thrilled to work with the ESTIEMers from our department, getting closer and feeling the department spirit to the fullest developed me more than I could think of. Learning about other entities’ works, improvements, and problems; observing our department leaders’ work in their field gave me a whole new perspective on how I can make TIMES better. As I am already feeling ready and excited for my next step, participating in ”Training Next Leaders” will give me the tools to be a good leader and prepare me more for the position.

Some of my goals for the following mandate are:

  • Raising the Awareness for LQ’s: Organizing meetings for helping LGs promote and find participants for LQ
  • TIMES Training Event: Organizing an offline Times Training Event suitable for ESTIEMers with different
    experience levels
  • Work on the Inscription Fee: Working on ways to lift off the pressure of inscription fee on LG’s
  • Increasing Visibility: Creating more PR materials and updating the web page to ensure that TIMES is more
    visible for companies. Making rules, regulations, and updates easier to access for LGs.
  • Sustainability on Semi Finals: Keeping up with the quantity and quality of Semi-Finals and organizing them

Thank you for your attention and TIMEs! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my application,
please don’t hesitate to contact me via


Cemre Demirtaş

I am Meri Ruuska from local group Helsinki, and I am applying to be the next TIMES. leader for 12 months. My ESTIEM journey so far includes 9 events (7 offline and 2 online) and a year as the local responsible for local group Helsinki (2021).

Being from the Nordics and the local group with the most victories I believe I can bring back TIMES reputation and improve it. I was at the CDD CoM and learnt a lot there. I have also talked with Joonas Kaijala (TIMES winner 2019 and VP of activities in the 28th ESTIEM board) and a few regional coordinators on their opinions about what could be done better.

I want to improve the entity and make it highly appreciated again. I want to do this by making sure that the final and semi-finals are well organized, and that they are high-class. I will put special efforts into finding versatile jury’s including top professors and professionals. 

This year not all the rules were followed during local qualifications, and this is not acceptable. The future team and I will look into how we can clarify the rules so that they are followed or if there is something crucial we should change.

Intercultural Development

Dear fellow ESTIEMers,

My name is Betül Balım, I’m a 19-year-old Industrial Engineering student from LG Istanbul-ITU. I am thrilled to present you my application for the position of Activity Week Leadership for the next 12 months.

My ESTIEM journey started pretty much around the same time I started university; as you can guess, being a 2020 graduate, my beginning of college was not as spectacular of a change as I’d seen in the movies. However, even when the whole world was looking at each other through computer screens, ESTIEM has created itself a part in my life that kept growing out and spreading all over, fascinating me with its offerings. One of them being traveling, which I thought was going to keep me in ESTIEM, was the last option I had back then, but I still couldn’t get enough of this organization. I attended my local group’s events first, took part in teams there. My first event was an online exchange, which made me meet the intercultural side of ESTIEM. After that, in every event I participated, as cliche as it sounds, I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty in diversity.

As I sank more and more into the organization, I heard a lot of “Don’t be afraid to aim high.”s and “ESTIEM is a playground.”s; each time they gained more meaning, making me realize that I had not really gotten out of my comfort zone in my entire life. With these motives in mind, I applied for my local group’s Local Responsible position in June 2021 and I got elected. I can proudly say that in the last 9 months I have never been in my comfort zone, as an LR, I faced many challenges daily trying to lead my local board as a team, learn how to deal with problems, and come up with possible solutions. It may all seem chaotic but I want to keep doing this: to challenge myself to grow every day and to find new ways to improve our network while celebrating its divergent yet united form. 

I met Activity Week in July last year, what made me apply for a team membership in Activity Week was its endless offerings to ESTIEMers and its space for creativity, it was pretty easy to see what a unique experience it held for both organizers and participants. My main responsibility in the team was to approach LGs to organize Activity Week events and support them during the process. With this position, I learnt so much about other cultures and increased my communication skills. Also seeing the LGs I approached organize Activity Week events was an incredible joy for me. After participating in Intercultural Development Department Coordination Meeting in February, I discovered that I can readily improve my entity and develop myself at the same time.

Considering everything I’ve heard and observed, here are my goals for the mandate:

  • Creating unique sessions/activities for LGs to include in events to complement the cultural aspect of Activity Week. 
  • Online Activity Week sessions to raise the awareness of Activity Week entity among the people who have not attended an offline AW event.
  • Developing a new PR strategy to increase the visibility of AW events.
  • Training sessions for team members on various topics regarding their positions in order to improve the team’s efficiency.
  • Optimizing the event organization process by providing organizers resources and regular chats to help the LGs better and increasing the quality of the events. 

Thank you for your attention, please approach me via if you have any questions, suggestions or comments in mind.

In high ESTIEM,

Betül Balım

Dear ESTIEMers,

I’m Robert from LG Berlin and I’m thrilled to apply for the position of Europe 3D Leader.

As a little background about myself: I was born in France by two German parents, therefore I got raised between two cultures and since then, intercultural discovery and understanding were always very fascinating themes to me. This is one of the reasons why I joined my local ESTIEM group right after moving to Berlin for university.

Like with everyone from my age group, my first experiences in the network were mainly online and although I still look at those zoom calls with a big smile on my face, I was very much looking forward to finally being able to meet the people in real life. That chance was presented to me in December with Europe3D Russia, which took place in Moscow. I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y loved that event! The sights, the people, the discussions and a lot of ESTIEM spirit made this event an unforgettable experience for me. After coming back home I knew I had to join the central Europe3D team, to help make those experiences happen for other ESTIEMers as well. In this spirit I also registered for the IDD CoM in Ankara, but got Covid a day before my flight started, so that sadly wasn’t possible. Anyhow, 2 months later I was allowed to join the team, where I participated in organiser calls.

Thanks to this experience I learned a lot about how the team worked, which helped forming my goals:

  • Making information more accessible for externals trough flyers and a dedicated website, finalisation of a “trailer video” (continuing the work of the current leader, Fabian)
  • Making the work easier for the organisers: one pager presenting every dimension and an associated activity pool, creating a training plan for the Intercultural Awareness Workshop
  • Trying out E3D-Shortevents, possibly together with other ESTIEM-formats
  • Establishing an E3D-Booklet with every country represented in ESTIEM

Thank you for taking your time to read, feel free to contact me with anything that comes to you mind at

In high ESTIEM,

Robert Zastrow

“A different language is a different vision of life.”  Witnessing the beauty of all the languages in ESTIEM has given me an incredible vision in the last two years. 

When I was a little kid, there was a talent program where I was selected as a foreign languages student and there, my magnificent journey began. I tried to learn so many languages, not having a clue that years after it I would find a place where all of them would be spoken, somewhere I feel like home. I’ll be forever grateful that ESTIEM has allowed me to meet those people and grow with them.

Dear ESTIEMers,

I’m Aysenur (or Ays) from Local Group Istanbul-Yildiz, and I am proudly presenting my application for the position of Language Programme Leader.

My journey in ESTIEM started three years ago, I immediately fell in love with the spirit and made up my mind about staying here for a long time. ESTIEM has opened countless doors for me, starting with being in the Local Board as the Activities Leader. I organized numerous sessions and events, and I had the honour to see our LG becoming the most active Local Group in the LXII Council Meeting. That moment is still the best thing that has happened to me, and it’s the spark that made me continue this year as the Local Group President and continue working in central to take more part in ESTIEM.

Around my newbie months, I had a crazy passion about joining Central ESTIEM and I knew it had to be the Language Programme, it felt like the missing piece in my life. I started working as the Online Offerings Responsible, mainly coordinating Online Language Courses and Language Buddy System with three team members. Trying to develop a newly started project was a tough challenge, but it was all worth it when I heard the amazing stories about the matches’ experiences. I wanted to continue another year and became the Language Community Coordinator, helping the leader with making a dream come true. I built a brand new community and organized online events to gather language learners. It was an amazing feeling to see those smiling faces trying to learn some things so passionately. These two years showed me what we are capable of and how much we can touch people’s lives. Therefore, I do not doubt taking this new step.

Providing education is the most sacred thing one can do, so I can confidently say I am ready for “Chapter 8: Striving for Excellence”. It means to push ourselves to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do, and here are my goals to ensure that quality:

  • Supporting the tutors and facilitators by redesigning proposed activity pools for each offering and helping organizers by creating a template for the survival guides, thus increasing Language Programme’s visibility
  • Collaborating with CRC for contact with language learning apps (such as Duolingo, Busuu, Babbel etc.) to provide ESTIEMers with discounts or free memberships in the purpose of supporting a better language learning journey
  • Recruiting new team members to work on boosting the Language Community’s activeness and keeping the team spirit alive by following up each person’s work and having regular meetings
  • Providing Local Groups with the opportunity of organizing Language Nights to support their activeness and help our promotion
  • Improving event quality and gathering data from our offerings to analyze them for providing better information to the organizers
  • Setting a new PR strategy and promoting the cultural wealth of European languages by creating more content following the event promotions 
  • Creating a timeline for the service and following long term objectives to ensure effectiveness and maintain sustainability 

I have seen how much LP improved in these two years I was involved, many ideas and dreams came true and yet there are more to accomplish. I see a great future ahead of us, just waiting for us to shape it and I hope we can do it together.

Thank you so much for reading this far! If you have questions, suggestions or anything regarding my application, you can contact me via, WhatsApp or Instagram: @aysenurr.firat.


Ayşenur Fırat

As long as I’ve known myself, meeting new people, seeing new places, and adding new colors to my life has been my biggest motivation. When I first heard about ESTIEM, I thought that this community would be the right place for me, and I was ready to do my best to be a part of it. Now I can say that all my hard work was definitely worth it. Being a member of ESTIEM is even better than I could ever imagine!

Dear ESTIEMers!

I am Selin Güvenir from LG Ankara-METU. If I introduced myself most concisely, I would say that I am a person who is passionate about  development and change. That’s why I’ve decided to take a new step in my ESTIEM journey. I’m thrilled to present my application for the Local Group Exchange leadership position for 12 months.

My relatively short but full-on journey to ESTIEM began five months ago when I stumbled upon a community meeting of my LG. After learning more about Central ESTIEM in my LG, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Working with people from different countries and contributing to the ESTIEM network excited me. Therefore, I decided to apply for an open call in Central ESTIEM.

When I carefully examined all the entities and positions, there was one entity that I would love to be a team member of, Local Group Exchange. As someone who values cultural sharing and is sure to be more than happy to work for it, the LGX concept was a perfect fit for me.

In the LGX Technical Responsible position, I’ve been working for four months; my teammates and I worked hard to make LGX even better than it is. Accordingly, I worked on developing an identity for our entity. I renewed our Entity color and logo. Also, we had the first LGX flag in LGX history! These attempts have made great strides in having an entity culture and a strong image of Local Group Exchange. Another achievement was adapting the “Matching Platform” (the page developed for LGs which are having difficulties finding LGX Partners) to the offline period. Thanks to the sessions I attended at the IDDCoM event, I made the “Matching Platform” much more advanced than it was and brought it to the ESTIEM network as a helpful tool. If I get elected, I will work hard to take these achievements even one step further and provide benefits to the network. In this direction, I’d like to explain the goals I aim to achieve:

  1. Promoting the Matching Platform and making it an actively used tool by LGs.
  2. Improving event quality and ensuring that all the exchanges are happening in the best way
    with some innovations.
  3. Tracking and improving the impact of LGX on newbies to join the network.

Thank you for reading my application letter. If you have any further questions, you can always approach me via


Selin Güvenir

Personal Development

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” 

– Napoleon Hill

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Gülce Azmioğlu, from Local Group Ankara-Bilkent. My journey in ESTIEM began two years ago with an online exchange event, and many more events followed. However, none had the same impact on me as the BrainTrainer X Local Group Aveiro: Creative Problem-Solving did. I can say without a doubt; it is the event that has changed my life and made me who I am today. I can see the marks of it in every action I take. An event that pushes me to be the best version of myself. Being a proud member of the BrainTrainer team, I am now taking a step to commit myself further to the network. It is my honour to announce my application for the position of BrainTrainer Leader for the upcoming year, 2022-2023.

After starting my ESTIEM journey, the spirit drew me in so deeply! From my very first events, I got to get in touch with many people, and by listening to their experiences, I got motivated to become more active. Nevertheless, nothing impressed me more than the BrainTrainer events I attended. They were so challenging and instructive that they opened a new page in my life and built a new version of Gülce, who has the courage and strength to take action.  

Observing my self-development as I attended the events, I started to take part in Central ESTIEM and contribute to the organization while improving myself. Becoming a self-growth enthusiast, I took a step out of my comfort zone by joining the BrainTrainer team as an Event Responsible in July 2021 and the Human Resources Committee as an Onboarding Responsible in December 2021. This path has helped me to not only acquire important knowledge regarding our network but also gave me a broad perspective on lots of things, and the challenges I have faced have empowered me. Therefore, contributing and providing opportunities to other ESTIEMers on this path and watching them develop themselves alongside my personal development became one of my biggest sources of motivation.

Now, after all these experiences, I have a clear vision of what I can do to develop the BrainTrainer entity further, and it is time to ask people if they are willing to empower themselves by aiming high with me in this journey with these goals;

  • Providing more internal and external collaborations alongside continuing our cooperation with the Trainers Community to make BrainTrainer events more attractive and accessible. 
  • Encouraging Local Groups to set up and use external collaborations in order to reduce participation fees so that ESTIEMers do not hinder their personal development and provide equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Improving the team structure by redefining responsibilities and boosting the team dynamic with team-building activities, regular meetings, and ensuring strong communication within the team. 
  • Adapting from online to offline, providing more self-development opportunities for both ESTIEMers and trainers with short online BrainTrainer sessions alongside offline events.
  • Increasing the visibility of the entity with Public Relations strategies by integrating Regions and Local Groups on it to raise awareness on the opportunities BrainTrainer can offer besides promoting on social media.
  • Building appealing conceptualized events in addition to classic BrainTrainer events. Providing more cultural activities or career opportunities besides training sessions about self-development and soft skills in this direction by keeping the balance of “Work hard, play hard.
  • Making the events database, topic pool, and BPDs sustainable and accessible for the Local Groups through communication channels.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to approach me through the communication channels on my profile!


Gülce Azmioğlu

Application withdrawn

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Marija Rašković from Local Group Belgrade and it’s my honour to present my application for the position of BrainTrainer Leader for the next 12 months.

I became active in the organisation in October 2020, by getting involved in local activities. Shortly after, I was appointed as the leader of the Public Relations and Design Team in an international event, a BrainTrainer! Even though the event was held online, my involvement in it made me fall in love with the entity!

After that, I also organised an offline event – Europe3D Serbia 2021, my first one, and that was when I realised that I want to get more involved in the network and take advantage of all its opportunities . In the meantime, I applied for the local board and was elected as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. Holding this position has given me many valuable skills and great experience in leadership, a different perspective and view of ESTIEM, as well as a broader awareness of all it has to offer. Thus, I decided to apply for a delegate at the Council Meeting in Seville, which ended up being a turning point on my ESTIEM journey. I met a lot of people, cultures and entities and I wanted to join the central level of the organisation as soon as possible.

That’s how it was, I became a team member of the Personal Development Department at

the position of Development Responsible of BrainTrainer which I really liked because of the creativity it brings with it.

In the near future, I will be attending two events that I am really looking forward to, as they will contribute a lot to my personal development. The first one is Training Next Leaders, where I hope to develop my leadership skills further and get a better overview of what is leadership in ESTIEM.The other one is the Personal Development Department Coordination Meeting, where I will be able to actively contribute to the development of the department.

After working a few months in the entity, a desire awoke in me to become the leader of BrainTrainer and continue improving the entity. Below are some of the main goals that I would like to achieve during my mandate:

  • Maintaining and improving existing cooperation with the Trainers Community in order to constantly improve BrainTrainer events by exploring opportunities and innovations in field of training sessions;
  • Developing new collaborations with entities within the ESTIEM network in order to use the potential they offer;
  • Creating a strong team of diverse people by having frequent interactive meetings in a friendly atmosphere which will contribute to team cohesion;
  • Raising awareness about BrainTrainer and its offerings, by improving the promotion of the entity;
  • Enhancing the existing TopicPool document, by continuously working on its expansion, in order to support local groups;
  • Strengthening the external relations, by collaborating with companies and student associations that have similar activities and areas of work, to expand the entity’s offering.

Thanks for taking the time to read my application! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me via!

In high ESTIEM,

Marija Rašković

Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Cansu Gür from Local Group Istanbul-Bogazici. My ESTIEM journey began in January 2021, when I was 19 years old, and from that moment on I had the chance to experience different types of ESTIEM events while meeting amazing people from all over Europe.  

When I first heard of ESTIEM, the time when my local board was giving a presentation on what it is, between all those events that were mentioned, the first thing that caught my eye was Summer Academy. I was amazed by its concept, how it allows you to discover yourself while creating special bonds with other ESTIEMers. At that time, I made up my mind to go to a Summer Academy event. Time has passed and I started to participate in different events. I joined ESTIEM360 and joined a mini session from a Summer Academy event, which made me want to be active in Summer Academy at the central level. Then I applied to be a team member and got selected. Even though I’ve never participated in a Summer Academy before, (at least back then when I applied to join the team) I really loved working for the central team of Summer Academy or SAC as we call it and I valued my contribution to the team and the amount of personal growth I achieved thanks to it. I learned lots of things from my leader and my teammates. Right now I continue my SAC journey by being the Academic Leader Responsible. Before then, I was the Events Quality Responsible for 7 months and we managed to prepare a wonderful Winter Academy with the help of LG Budapest, which I had a chance to participate in as well. To be completely honest, I did hear that Summer Academy is ESTIEM’s treasure, but I’ve never imagined this event to be this valuable for me. It’s been 2 months since I’ve been to Budapest, and I can clearly see how it changed my life. I learned more about who I am as a person, accepted myself for being who I am, and discovered the leadership spirit within me. I have learned that I’m a Shaper, a Belbin team role that provides the necessary drive to ensure that the team keeps moving and does not lose focus or momentum, which I’m ready to discover more about it. To do so, I’m ready to take the next step, shape my own future and apply for the Summer Academy Leadership. 

Now, being a proud member of the SAC team, I want to be the successor to the leadership of the SAC team. With what I have learned from my leader, I want to continue working in this wonderful team to create life-changing events and help other ESTIEMers find their true selves. Therefore, I am thrilled to announce my application for the position of Summer Academy Leader for the next mandate, 2022-2023. 

I would love to contribute more to this community with the countless experiences I gained during my Summer Academy journey by passing on what I’ve learned from SAC to new team members and helping them find strength within themselves. With a team of my own, I will implement or maintain:

Increasing the visibility and recognition of the Summer Academy events (seasonal academies) within ESTIEM while being aware of the potential competitive environment created by popular cultural development events.

Organizing four academies in four different seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. There is a need amongst ESTIEMers to gain more self-awareness, which happens to be one of the main promises of Summer Academy. Thus by organizing the four Academies I intend to hopefully fill this need and give more ESTIEMers more opportunities to experience this life-changing event at least once during their ESTIEM journey.

Building a sustainable team by motivating my team members, just like my previous leader motivated me. With her help, I gained courage and the willingness to perform better and that’s the core element of sustaining effective teamwork. Also, with arranging working chats the team will catch a good work pace and provide a reliable environment for team members to express themselves by setting up one-on-one meetings to collaborate and work together. Being reachable and supportive as a leader is also a key feature. On the other hand, having team building activities from time to time to create a nice team spirit and a friendly working environment that goes by the work hard play hard motto.

Reaching out to new possible Academic Leaders to organize new events with new concepts to maintain the legacy and sustainability of Summer Academy as a service. An Academic Leader is a professional (a professor, a personal development coach, a social/organizational psychologist, an inspirational Alumni ESTIEMer) that leads the Summer Academy event and conducts productive sessions, and challenges the mindset of the participants. In this case, I want to evaluate the previous alumni participants of Summer Academy and legend ESTIEM trainers to see if they want to be the leader of positive change and wish to become the next generation of Academic Leaders to surpass their knowledge to the new generations of ESTIEM. 

Raising more awareness to the topic of the entity’s name and its legacy. Introducing new generations that ‘’Summer Academy’’ is the service’s name which holds a historical legacy and there are four seasonal events that this service offers, since the name ‘’Summer Academy’’ confuses lots of people, especially during the seasonal academies like Winter Academy, Autumn Academy, or Spring Academy. 

If you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to approach me via email at or via WhatsApp.


Cansu Gür


Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Tanja Gagić (also known as Taki) from Local Group Belgrade and I am very honoured to present my application for Project Leader of ESTIEM Magazine.

I would like to start by explaining who I am, and why this application might be a little unconventional. If you have been active for more than two or three years, this might feel like a déjà vu – and you are right to feel so. Let me explain why.

My ESTIEM journey started in 2017. Ever since I joined, I have been active in international projects in my local group, which made joining central ESTIEM a natural way to progress after a year. I joined the ESTIEM Blog after a bit of stumbling around the various committees, then the ESTIEM Magazine team came along and I found my place in it. The following year, something even more awesome happened – I became the (spoiler alert) project leader of ESTIEM Magazine for the 59th and 60th issue! Yes, you have read that correctly. I have already been in the position I’m applying for. Why again after a year, you might wonder? Good question. Well, if you know me in any capacity, you will know that I have been a walking and talking version of the Magazine for as long as I have been active in the entity. This text is more of a love letter than an application, really.

Being a project leader for a year, then having another year to see it from the perspective of a team member afterwards made me realise there is so much more I could do. I couldn’t be more excited to have the possibility of doing it once again! As I have been an active member of every team in the ESTIEM Magazine project, and leader of two of them, I have learned a lot about the process of Magazine creation. That is why, along with the ideas we, the Magazine team, came up with during our Coordination Meeting, I am reapplying with desire to implement them.

There are many areas that have high potential for development, and the ones which I would focus during my mandate are: 

  • Completion of digitalisation of the ESTIEM Magazine by developing the ESTIEM Blog on the ESTIEM portal;
  • Increasing the reach of ESTIEM Magazine within network (by establishing connection with Local Groups through Local Responsibles, and Alumni) and outside of network (by including more professionals from the field of focus topic that are not a member of ESTIEM);
  • Defining possibilities for future partnerships the Magazine could bring, to support Corporate Relations Committee;
  • Reworking the content plan to include more topics that active ESTIEMers are interested in based on Magazine assessment form results.

Thank you for your attention. I will be really happy to answer any questions or hear suggestions you might have. You can contact me through email (

In high ESTIEM,

Tanja Gagić

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned…


Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Sophie van Heuveln and I am currently the LR of LG Eindhoven. It is with great pleasure that through this letter, I am applying for the position of financial controller within ESTIEM.

When I started my bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering back in 2018, I quickly had my first encounter with ESTIEM. I heard of an amazing trip to St. Petersburg, and before I knew it, I was on my very first exchange. It was an experience never to forget. Therefore, I did not have to think long to decide to join as an organizer for the incoming exchange. I really enjoyed organizing the event, and once more had an amazing week. The year after I joined another exchange, to Istanbul ITU. Unfortunately, shortly after, Covid-19 grounded us from any traveling and I focused on my studies for a bit. But after I graduated from my bachelor’s last June, I decided I wanted to do more with ESTIEM and joined our local board as LR. Then, in November, I had the opportunity to experience my very first real ESTIEM event and visited the Council Meeting in Seville as a delegate. It was there, between all these ESTIEMers that I got motivated to pursue a position within Central ESTIEM. As a result, I wrote Tamara of the Knowledge Facilitation Committee to ask if I could join as a team member. I have really enjoyed being a member of the KFC team for the past months, and even attended my first CoM in Novi Sad. Now, I am ready for my next step within ESTIEM, which is why I am applying for the position of financial controller.

But first, a little more about me. I am 22 years old, and currently doing my master’s in Operations Management and Logistics in Eindhoven. I have always been quite active at our mother association and our LG, joining committees such as the yearbook committee, website committee, the organization of the incoming exchange of St. Petersburg, and the organization of the local Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course. All of these are projects that I have very much enjoyed and have undoubtedly provided me with valuable experience in teamwork, organization skills, and ESTIEM spirit. Furthermore, in terms of specific experience for the position of financial controller I have the following:

  • VP of Finance for the event of incoming exchange St. Petersburg. For this event, I was the main responsible for the budget and expenses during the event.
  • Several finance courses. The bachelor of Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven has obligatory courses on finance. I however enjoyed this subject very much, which is why I also chose some additional electives on finance. These have provided me with important knowledge and hard skills.
  • Attendance of the finance summit in March. In preparation for my application as financial controller, I decided to join the finance summit in March that was held in Eindhoven. Unfortunately, I caught Covid two days before the event. But nevertheless I was able to attend most sessions online. This week has given me an idea of the factors that currently play a large role in the finances of ESTIEM.

Besides these ‘hard skills’, I also believe the position of financial controller demands certain personal characteristics. I have always considered myself as a responsible and ethical person with a great sense of integrity. I feel these are important traits to have as a financial controller. 

Finally, something about my goals for a mandate as financial controller. As FC, it would be my duty to support the VP of Finance and ensure the health and integrity of the finances of

ESTIEM. Next to this, I also have a more specific goal for my mandate that has to do with the transparency of ESTIEM’s finances. I will strive to make the financial side of ESTIEM more understandable for ESTIEMers. Financial topics such as the budget are incredibly important as this is the base for the year’s spending policy and often also a reflection of the (board) policy for the year. Ideally, all leaders and ESTIEMers should study, and more importantly understand ESTIEM’s finances. However, this does not always happen. This is why I aim to make it even easier for ESTIEMers going forward to understand the finances and their consequences. This will allow every ESTIEMer to think critically and make sure that together, we utilize ESTIEM’s financial resources in the best way possible.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. Feel free to contact me at

Best wishes,

Sophie van Heuveln

Two years. More than 70 members, countless meetings, endless work and effort. And now we are finally here to let our future set sail.

Dear ESTIEMers we, Local Group Piraeus, are proud to present you our application for Membership status. 

It all began once our first President, Maria Valetta, traveled to Spain for her Erasmus semester. There she came across two enthusiastic ESTIEMers from Local Group Novi Sad that told her all about the organisation: the travels, the development, the spirit. Coming back to Greece with the idea in mind, she managed to gather 19 motivated students willing to help her make the dream come true. Some weeks later the papers were signed – Local Group Piraeus was officially founded on February 6, 2020. 

Our team has proven its intention to grow with, and through ESTIEM. Born during pandemic times, we managed to develop a sustainable entity and keep our motivation levels high, even in an online environment. Since the beginning, we’ve had more than 30 offline and 100 online travels, 30 travelers, 4 people in Central ESTIEM and 25 people active locally. In 2021, we were voted the 3rd most developing Local Group of the network and got approved by the Council to become Observers, having organised a successful international businessbooster event and several local ones. Overruling the Internal Regulations for the first time in 5 years, our member Maria Gezepoglou managed to apply and get elected as a Central Leader during LXII Council Meeting Online, even though she was from an Observer Local Group. In 2022 we organised our first offline event, the Career Development Department Coordination Meeting and afterwards we had a Local Group Exchange with Trondheim.

We strongly believe that Local Group Piraeus has much to offer and gain by becoming a Member. It is a gateway to the biggest city, capital and cultural center in Greece – Athens! At the same time, it is based in University of Piraeus – an institution with strong maritime industry connections and a big pool of experts, that will bring a lot of academic and professional value to the network. Last but not least, our presence will increase the representation of Greek culture within the organisation and Mediterranean Region. 

And now the time has come for us to take the next step, aim high and become part of the ESTIEM family. See you Council Meeting Belgrade!

Internal regulations changes which will be proposed in the CM mainly include clarification on the time span of the motions, deadline and approval of realization, in addition to some minor changes to clarify articles and fix the grammar mistakes.

You can check the proposed changes here.

There will be changes proposed to clarify how warnings are given in the current membership regulations by making minor adjustments in the article 4.4.
In the article 3.2 of the current membership regulations we want to fix the phrasing for the requirements for Observer groups.
And to avoid misinterpretation of the article 4.2 of current Membership regulations we propose listing the requirements member groups shall fulfil with the correct timespan and phrasing.

You can check the proposed changes here.

With the current MRs, the meaning of event(s) is not clear for Local Groups to understand which types of events are counted for requirements whether online or offline events. Taking into account that the online events were created during the pandemic, and not every online event is the same, current counting procedure is done based on the offline events. To avoid interpretations and creating an opportunity for LGs to organize online events for requirements, there will be a proposal to change MRs to fix and clarify the articles.

You can check the proposed changes here.

The approval of the minutes of LXIII Council Meeting Seville will be voted upon during the LXIV Council Meeting Belgrade.

The minutes have been crafted by Aysenur Firat, Gabriela Gomes, Joao Picarra and Tomash Groen, the team of secretaries, who have dedicated their time and efforts before, during and after the Council Meeting to provide you with this document. We would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

You can check the minutes of the LXIII Council Meeting Seville here.

3rd of May Tuesday

1 - Official Opening of the Council Meeting
2 - The ESTIEM Song
3 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
4 - Election of the Chairman of the General Assembly
5 - Election of the Secretaries of the General Assembly
6 - Election of the voting committee
7 - Change of Agenda Points
8 - Words of Welcome
9 - Livestream & Questions
10 - Introduction of the Council Meeting
11 - Approval of Minutes from LXIII CM Seville
12 - ESTIEM Framework
13 - ESTIEM Structure
14 - ESTIEM Board
15 - Proposal for the overruling of the Local Group Requirements in LXIII Council
Meeting Seville
16 - Board Report
17 - Voting Procedure
18 - Voting Session 1
19 - Voting results 1
20 - Miscellaneous

4th OF MAY Wednesday

21 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
22 - University Presentations
23 - Local Group requirements
24 - Proposals for exclusion
25 - Membership applications
26 - Proposal for changes in the Membership Regulations
27 - Membership process
28 - Local Group KPIs
29 - Activity Report
30 - Covid Regulations
31 - Voting Procedure
32 - Voting session 2
33 - Local Groups
34 - Voting Results 2
35 - Open discussion 1
36 - Miscellaneous

5th of May Thursday

37 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy 1h
38 - Receivables
39 - Financial Report of the current year
40 - Proposal for changes in the Internal Regulations
41 - External Presentations
42 - Progress in ESTIEM
43 - Knowledge Management in ESTIEM
44 - Company presentations
45 - Open discussion 2
46 - ESTIEM Fair
47 - Miscellaneous

6th of May Friday

48 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy 1h
49 - IEM Conference Lisbon 2022 Report
50 - IEM Europe
51 - Education in ESTIEM
52 - Applications for Academic Development Department Leadership
53 - Applications for Personal Development Department Leadership
54 - Applications for Intercultural Development Department Leadership
55 - Application for ESTIEM Magazine
56 - Application for Financial Controllers
57 - Applications for Career Development Department Leadership
58 - Miscellaneous

7th of May Saturday

59 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy 40 mins
60 - Applications for the 33rd Board of ESTIEM
61 - ESTIEM Alumni
62 - Mentoring Programme Report
63 - Club of 100 Report
64 - Ad Fundum Award
65 - IEM Caring Foundation
66 - Solidarity in ESTIEM
67 - Miscellaneous

8th of May Sunday

68 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy 1h
69 - LXIV Council Meeting Report
70 - Project Applications
71 - Voting Procedure
72 - Voting Session 3
73 - Presentation of the financial accounts of the LXIII Council Meeting Seville
74 - Presentation of the budget of the LXIV Council Meeting Belgrade
75 - TIMES 2022 Vienna Report
76 - Accreditation
77 - Council Meeting Photo
78 - Get Active
79 - Upcoming Events
80 - Activity Ranking
81 - Yogi Awards
82 - Appreciations
83 - Voting results 3
84 - Signing the letter of commitment
85 - One more ESTIEM Song
86 - Official Closing of the Council Meeting

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many delegates will each Local Group be represented by?

Every Local Group can be represented by two delegates. This means that there will be 152 Delegates in total

When should I book my tickets?

As the current situation is pretty uncertain, try to wait until the dates closer to the Council Meeting. We would also suggest that you book refundable tickets and invest some money on travel insurance, in case that the pandemic situation doesn’t allow us to have a physical event.

Which extra places can I apply for?

The open calls for extra places will be sent via email to the actives email list. You can join the actives email list by clicking here or by asking your Local Responsible.

Can I apply for a board or leadership position if I am not attending the Council Meeting?

Yes, you can apply by sending us video recording of your presentation! For more information, send an email to

What does the participation fee cover?

The Participation Fee covers food, accommodation and transportation during the event as well as the activities included in the agenda.

Why is this Council Meeting longer than usual?

The Board of ESTIEM and Local Group Belgrade have decided that the LXIV Council Meeting will last 8 days, instead of 7, including the arrival and departure days. The idea behind it is to implement discussions during the General Assembly and try out new things. Stay tuned for more information!

What should be followed concerning the COVID-19 Restrictions?

The ESTIEM Board and Local Group Belgrade are currently evealuating all the COVID-related requirements and all the participants will be informed in the following days.

What should I do if I have more questions?

To ask more questions, you can send an email to