LXVI council meeting PORTO

25TH APRIL - 1ST MAY 2023

About Council Meetings

The Council Meeting is the statutory meeting of ESTIEM and takes place twice a year. It is composed of two parts: The General Assembly, where everyone is updated on what is going on in ESTIEM and decisions are made through voting, The Working Groups, Training Sessions and Company Workshops, where smaller groups either work to develop ESTIEM, or improve their soft skills. It is the place where we gather to invest time in our organisation, to meet new and old friends and where we celebrate the ESTIEM spirit.

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Full Event Agenda

Curious about the entire agenda of the event? Here it is!

GA Agenda Points

See what will be covered throughout the General Assembly below!



1 - Official Opening of the Council Meeting
2 - The ESTIEM Song
3 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
4 - Election of the Chairperson of the General Assembly
5 - Election of the Secretaries of the General Assembly
6 - Election of the Voting Committee of the General Assembly
7 - Words of Welcome
8 - The ESTIEM Framework
9 - Introduction of the Council Meeting
10 - Proposals
11 - Miscellaneous
12 - The ESTIEM Board
13 - Strategic Development of ESTIEM
14 - Corporate and University Partners
15 - ESTIEM fair
16 - Publications
17 - Miscellaneous



18 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
19 - Current state of Local Groups
20 - Applications for Guest and Observership
14 - Corporate and University Partners
21 - Local Group Requirements
10 - Proposals
22 - Local Group Support
10 - Proposals
23 - Partner student NGOs
24 - LXV Council Meeting Report
25 - Approval of Minutes from LXV Council Meeting
26 - TIMES Report
27 - Opportunities with ESTIEM
14 - Corporate and University Partners
28 - Club of 100
29 - AdFundum Awards 2023
30 - IEM Caring Movement
31 - Miscellaneous



32 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
33 - Introduction to Finances in ESTIEM
34 - Financial Report of the current year
35 - Grants
10 - Proposals
36 - Social & Environmental Responsibility in ESTIEM
10 - Proposals
37 - Education in ESTIEM
38 - Voting Session I
39 - Applications for the Academic Development Department
40 - Applications for the Career Development Department
41 - Applications for the Intercultural Development Department
42 - Applications for the Personal Development Department
43 - Career Analysis
44 - Voting Results I
45 - Miscellaneous



46 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
47 - Project Applications
48 - Applications for the Financial Controllers of the financial year 2023-2024
14 - Corporate and University Partners
49 - Applications for the 34th Board of ESTIEM
14 - Corporate and University Partner
50 - ESTIEM Alumni
51 - Miscellaneous



52 - Quorum of the Council and enlistment of the votes by proxy
53 - Questions to board applicants
10 - Proposals
47 - Project Applications
10 - Proposals
54 - Progress in ESTIEM
55 - Activity Report
56 - Upcoming events
57 - LXVII Council Meeting Budapest Report
58 - LXVI Council Meeting Porto Report
59 - CM's social and environmental responsibility & impact
60 - Voting Session 2
61 - CM Photo
62 - Accreditations
63 - Awards
64 - Appreciations
65 - Miscellaneous
66 - Voting Results 2
67 - Signing the letter of understanding
68 - One more ESTIEM Song
69 - Official Closing of the Council Meeting

– Host LXVIII Council Meeting Spring 2024
– Become Observers (Guest Groups)
– Become Members (Observers)

(To be Determined)

Ongoing Applications

Who is applying for what? Check it out!


Hey there! Erik here, happy that you take your time to read this.

I never thought I would end up in a student organisation, yet alone ESTIEM. In high school, my friends and I were the first to mock the “weird” kids that joined different associations. Little changed starting university as, believe it or not I was a highly ambitious student focused on my studies.

Till this day I am not sure why I in the end decided to hang out with the “interesting” individuals belonging to ESTIEM LG Göteborg, with their weird songs and silly purple overalls.

In the years since I first put on my once so purple and colourful overall, it has almost lost all its colour. It seems like a lifetime ago that I became the Local Responsible of my LG. Going from a nervous LR applicant to standing confidently and making 300 people listen to your every word. Going from being unsure about how to register LG members on the portal to being asked on advice on how to improve an international network. Finally, experiencing the people around you grow because of your friendship and time spent together might honestly be the best thing happening in my life so far.

Through my years as LR, RC, and Ambassador, through countless hours spent various projects for the network I have made friends, I have gone through deep personal hardships and I ( I like to believe) contributed in making the network a little bit better. Most importantly, I have become the man I am today. And boy am I glad I decided in the end to hang around and join ESTIEM!

Now, to finalize my journey in ESTIEM, to face my biggest challenge yet and to make this network a better place for all my dear ESTIEMers, I am applying for the position of President of the 34th Board of ESTIEM. Following this, I have written down some thoughts of the most important aspects for developing the network, in the position that I am applying for.


As president, I want to bring my experience of working with LGs to look at how we as central ESTIEM take care of our Local Groups. I intend to reshape the Membership Regulations to be more tailored to the actual needs of the LGs. I aim to reshape the entities working with LGs to tackle the problems of the LGs more effectively.

Safety of ESTIEMers

During the recent year, our network started realizing that ESTIEM is not as safe of an environment as we thought, with several accounts of harassment coming to light. In a years’ time, I want to leave a network with members truly free from fear of being mistreated. That means introducing processes preventing misconduct but, most importantly, creating a system with a regulatory organ to judge reported misconduct and meeting the misconduct with consequences.

Central ESTIEM

For the last two years I have been an ESTIEM leader. While the experience has been rewarding for myself and for many others, there is more potential to it. I want to create engagement in our network, with the greatest focus on precisely our leaders. I want more opportunities for our leaders to share their ideas, to work together and to grow with the network. Be it creating more offline events to work and develop ourselves and our network or making time to work together and have bond online. Engaged leaders shape a developing network.

The Board

Asking old board members how they remember their board year we are met with happy memories and the occasional hardship mentioned. Reality is that the board year poses many challenges. Simply put, I do not want to see anymore board members ending up suffering from their year in the board. The need of running the network does not weigh more than the health of the individual ESTIEMer and I want to make sure that the future board members maintain healthy work/life balances. My idea is that if the activities of the network are too much for the board to handle, then the capacity of the board must be increased, or the activities held by the network need to be prioritized and put on hold.

These four thoughts are at the core of how I wish to develop the network.
With that said, my future work as a board member does not end on these ideas. If you want to hear more of my ideas, if you have any questions regarding my application, or if you wish to discuss your own ideas for the network don’t hesitate to contact me through e-mail at:, or on WhatApp +46790737092.

Eryk Viktor Pymay Jasinski

“What is ESTIEM?”

We have all faced this question multiple times during our ESTIEM journey, either by our friends, family or random people. Although it seems like the easiest question ever, If you are like me, then you probably struggle to give an answer. Not sure if I should explain the concept of ESTIEM, how it works, the people I have met or simply how it makes me feel (or I could also just sing the ESTIEM song).

Before you continue, take a moment and think, “What is ESTIEM to me?”.

For me, I always think of our offerings and the opportunities that it provides. I think of all I have learned and all activities I have experienced.

When looking back I can recall how wrongly I perceived ESTIEM the first time I heard of it in 2019, or how naive I was when I joined my Local Group in 2020. I think of how amazed I was when I learned about the countless opportunities ESTIEM offered. I remember how nervous I was in my first ESTIEM events and how excited I was in my first team chat as a central team member. Since then, a lot has happened and João has changed (at least) a little. I have worked in a couple of different entities and different projects. I have had a few leadership positions both in the local group as in central ESTIEM and I have spent countless hours dedicated to the network.It has been an amazing journey of which I am proud, but there is still more to do, more to learn and more sunshine mountain to climb.

It is with a big smile that I present my application for Vice-President of Activities of the 34th Board of ESTIEM.

Our Activities represent to me the actual playground, our main offerings, the place where our students most develop and where we mostly connect IEM students with IEM Europe. It is crucial that our events provide value, have quality and really represent what ESTIEM is. This requires a lot of work and cooperation, so it’s important that this process is done efficiently and effectively.

If I get elected, together with co-boardies I would like to work on further developing the playground and make it a place where all students are welcomed and are motivated to join event after event.

I will achieve this through the following goals:

1.  Increase the Quality of our Activities so that we can better develop ESTIEMers personally and professionally as well as increase the retention in our activities:

  • Bring Event Quality Committee closer to organizing LGs and service leaders (the main players responsible for event quality) to make knowledge sharing more direct and constant, so that the needs are better known and solutions can be provided.
  • Increase the support that central ESTIEM provides to the organizing Local Groups, by improving the accessibility of existing resources and provide new resources to tackle the needs of the Local Groups.
  • Increase the number of applicants across all events so that the quality of participants increases and consequently the overall event (more of that later). 

2.  Make ESTIEM activities more inclusive, so that ESTIEM can be a playground for everyone:

  • Evaluate the current event portfolio and guarantee that ESTIEM offers sufficient value adding opportunities to all types of ESTIEMers, despite their preferences or experience.
  • Make sure that the ESTIEM’s offers are communicated properly at the local level by improving our Public Relations and communication channels with Local Responsibles. This way, Local Groups (and ESTIEM) have the ability to gain the interest of a wider range of IEMers with all types of preferences and passions.

3.  Have a smoother event organizational process from a central and local perspective and make sure that everything is working effectively and efficiently.

As a Boardie, I would like to work on:

  1. Rethinking the support given to the Local Groups, and rethink the role of the entities involved in this process.
  2. Working closely with the departments and increasing cooperation inside them in order to stimulate innovation and added value.
  3. Providing the needed support to our leaders and actives and ensuring their continuous development and constant motivation. 

So…”What is ESTIEM?”

ESTIEM can be a lot of different things, it is up to us to shape it, learn from it and use it as we wish. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get climbing the mountain. 

A big hug,
João Piçarra
+351 927817424

In August 2019 a freshman heard an introductory presentation of some cool sounding European student network and decided to apply for an LG Exchange to Gdansk. Little did he know one trip to Poland wouldn’t be quite enough for him of the said network. 

Hello there, ESTIEMers,

This is Ari Hietanen speaking from LG Tampere and it brings me great pleasure to announce my application for the Vice President of Administration of the 34th Board of ESTIEM!

Indeed, all of us were freshmen at some point. My ESTIEM journey began with the said LGX to Gdansk in November 2019, during which I got to experience the fact that the whole of Europe was at our fingertips – not just our campus. I was immediately hooked, and while it took me till my 2nd year to gather my courage and apply, I soon became a member of our local board. During that year, I focused especially on the local activities, and for instance was assigned the responsibility to organize TIMES Local Qualifications in Tampere but also got to experience the Central side of ESTIEM via LXII CM online. The CM, while it was an info dump to somebody joining their third event, greatly broadened my horizons regarding the offerings of the network!

“Ah, so this is what the board does. Strategy, huh? Oh right, I think some people from our LG were in the Corporate Relations Committee and the Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee. Interesting!”

As my time in the local board of Tampere was drawing to an end, I realized Central ESTIEM provides great development opportunities also on the hard skills. As somebody majoring in information and knowledge management, who had heard many lectures about business intelligence, databases, analytics gap, and whatnot, I wanted to put some of that into practice while exploring the offerings of Central ESTIEM a bit further, and applied to the Analysis Committee via an Open Call. And oh boy was I not let down! The Liègendary AC Coordination Meeting in March 2022 was yet another turning point in my ESTIEM life and I left the AC CoM Liège with two thoughts: 

  • “Oh wow! These people are super friendly. I wonder what the next generation of Central ESTIEMers is gonna be like?“
  • “Dauymn, our data architecture is this advanced already? There are so many opportunities!”

To little surprise, I applied to be the leader of the Analysis Committee in July 2022. To a little bit more of a surprise, I also got selected. And that’s when the grind truly began. During my year as a leader I’ve worked in a tight cooperation with Knowledge Management and Event Quality Committees, as well as the IT Committee during the joint com with KMC & ITC in Ilmenau. Recently AC has also been working with the Human Resource Committee to improve the way the data about people working in Central ESTIEM is handled. For greater details on what we’ve done the past mandate, check Elium and stay tuned for more! During the mandate I’ve grown quite familiar with the processes of the administrative committees of the Central ESTIEM, and my background as a student of analytics, knowledge management and information systems adds a nice twist to my profile.

But what are my goals for the next mandate?

  • Continue the development of Council Meetings and focus on ensuring safety and inclusivity of all participants, while also looking into streamlining the CM sign-up process.
  • Support the Knowledge Management practices by
    • Increasing the accessibility of relevant information across the network via our WordPress website – Internal ESTIEM, once fully launched.
    • Assessing & supporting the handover process between leaders to ensure complete knowledge transfer.
    • Facilitating and encouraging communication & cooperation between leaders to increase knowledge sharing & informed decisions.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the network’s IT Infrastructure
  • Increase the Data Literacy of the network, starting with leaders, to get the true value out of our data analytics.
  • Increase the cohesiveness of our Data Architecture to enable better metrics to monitor the state of the network and provide more interesting & useful information to the network!
  • Work on improving the GDPR compliance of ESTIEM by assessing our current storing and use practices.

I’d like to underline that no boardie implements these changes alone. It’s the related committees that either make it or break it, so regardless of whoever gets selected as the VP of Admin, future committee members & leaders – I’m counting on you! In case you got any feedback or ideas you’d like to discuss with me further, please, approach me via WhatsApp, or when I see ya somewhere in Porto!

In High ESTIEM, 
Ari Hietanen

It was my first year of university, and since we were in online time, I knew no one. Sitting in front of my computer, I was looking for a community where I could socialize and spend time. I heard about ESTIEM for the first time when I went to our Mother Organization’s introductory meeting. That evening, I took a seat and searched “ESTIEM” on the internet. I had no clue at the time that it would have such a significant impact on my life.

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Sude Çetinkaya, from Local Group Ankara-METU, and it is my greatest honour to present my application for Vice-President of Administration of the 34th Board of ESTIEM.

My ESTIEM journey started in November 2020 when I joined the TIMES local qualification organization team. After organizing local events and participating in central events like ESTIEM360, which gave me a broad overview of the network, I decided to look for a position at the Central level and applied for my first role in the Internal Awareness Task Group. While we were working on raising awareness of the ESTIEMers, I also discovered the magnificence of ESTIEM one more time and have been chosen as a delegate for the LXII Council Meeting.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to work on the Event Quality Committee and Academic Development Department as a part of the Global Student Challenge team. Being Approaching Responsible for the Members Committee and developing strong bonds with Local Groups from my region while I was a regional team member made me realize how vital Local Groups are to our organization. As a result of this drive, I started my mandate as the Local Group Support System Leader and developed outstanding abilities to communicate the diverse needs of the Local Groups.

My interest in the knowledge management procedures at ESTIEM brought me to the Knowledge Management Committee, where I was given the opportunity to contribute as a Web Designer to the creation of the new Web Page. I could comprehend ESTIEM’s offers since I was a Sales Team Member on the Corporate Relations Committee and a member of the ESTIEM Hunt team. In addition, a new chapter in my journey as a trainer began after I attended the Training New Trainers event in Budapest, which taught me how to transfer my knowledge effectively.

Since my very first day at ESTIEM, I have made many lifelong friends, experienced new cultures around Europe, and developed various skills. All the people I’ve met and seen change inside of me day by day while also making an impact on the network have always inspired me. During my time here, the most important lesson I took away was to always aim high. On top of that, having worked in different entities and participated in more than 30 events, including 4 Council Meetings and several strategic events, I have decided to pursue one more year in the most strategic layer of ESTIEM.

Therefore, based on all my experiences and background, these are the goals I aim to achieve during the year:

● Raise understanding of the network on the topics covered during Council
Meetings by encouraging an open atmosphere and enhancing the engagement of Local Groups
● Encourage transparency and a sharing mindset while fostering a collaborative environment between Central entities and Local Groups by promoting the importance of communication channels to all members
● Establish a sustainable IT workforce while maintaining the IT Infrastructure and following the publication of the new Web Page, develop and implement a
comprehensive user experience
● Drive ESTIEM to GDPR compliance by reviewing and updating processes, as well as spreading information among the members and guiding Local Groups in adhering to GDPR
● Ensure that ESTIEM Knowledge is transmitted to all ESTIEMers by ensuring the visibility and accessibility of information.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to approach me via e-mail at or in person in Porto!

Sude Çetinkaya

Dearest ESTIEMers,

My name is Marlene, I am a 22 year-old IEM student from Local Group Berlin and with great excitement I am applying for the position of Vice President of Education on the 34th Board of ESTIEM. I decided to not bore you with the story of how I ended up in ESTIEM, mainly because I don’t really have one. I just joined one day, stuck around and didn’t leave ever since, simply because I had so much fun doing the things that I did.

My time in ESTIEM started in April 2021 on the first day of my studies, where I became a very active member of my Local Group. A couple of months later I got elected as Head of Human Resources in our Local Board. This Local Board year especially helped me in my personal and professional development, since I had to juggle many different responsibilities at once and I learned a lot about teamwork, time management and how to motivate people for their tasks. 

After participating in several ESTIEM events, I started to understand the full potential and reach of our organisation. I was especially fond of the professional opportunities ESTIEM provides, which is why I happily took over the position as “Be X for X Days” Service Leader in the Career Development Department. Here, I improved my leadership skills and learned how central ESTIEM works, next to organising career events together with Local Groups. During this time I also worked on other tasks like the Career Website or Public Relations related content for the department and started to notice how interested I am in the educational side of ESTIEM. This is why I joined the Professional Development Committee as a team member, where I learned to understand the field of Industrial Engineering and Management even better and also had the privilege to observe the many different offers that ESTIEM provides to its members on the professional level.

I want to become the next Vice President of Education because I see so much potential in the studies of Industrial Engineering and Management. Due to my passion for ESTIEM, our studies and all the people that contribute to our amazing organisation, I would like to achieve the following goals next year:

  • Use the full potential of IEM in our educational offerings by having a more diverse selection of event-topics through the usage of our collected data, to make sure that ESTIEM covers more fields of Industrial Engineering and Management in its offerings.
  • Evaluate how our educational partners can help us complement the field of Industrial Engineering and Management and bring value to our members by having close contact and building meaningful partnerships. 
  • Work on the visibility and recognition of the educational side of ESTIEM within our network by having an increased personal approach to our members and promoting more opportunities to be involved in this side of our organisation.
  • As a member of the board I would like to dedicate time in the upcoming leaders generation and provide opportunities to work closely with one another by encouraging the communication between entities.

Please reach out to me, if you have any questions, concerns or doubts about my goals. I would love to hear different opinions from different people and it would contribute a lot to the ideas I have about the educational side and the general development of ESTIEM. 

See you all soon in Porto,

Marlene <3


Life-changing experiences. Wonderful people. Always aiming high.

These are the three main phrases that come to my mind when I look back on my ESTIEM journey. After almost 4 years of being a part of this amazing network, the life-changing experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today, the challenges that I have embraced and all of the wonderful people that I have met, all led me to this very moment. Taking the next step to pursue my biggest adventure yet, another milestone in my journey that I wouldn’t want to experience with anyone else than with you – my ESTIEM family. 

Dear ESTIEMers, 

My name is Alex Marita, I am from Local Group Xanthi, and it is my greatest honour to present to you my application for Vice President of Public Relations of the 34th Board of ESTIEM. 

My ESTIEM journey began in late 2019 when I attended my very first event, during which I had the chance to experience the ESTIEM spirit to such an extent that it only made me want to become even more involved in this organisation. Therefore, I became a part of the local Design Team and I started working actively on a local level. That was the reason why I decided to represent my Local Group as a delegate in the next Council Meeting and that was when the idea of joining Central ESTIEM came to mind. And so, I joined the Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee as a team member in three projects. 

In the meantime, my passion for Public Relations was constantly growing and so in late 2020 I was elected as the Vice President of Public Relations of Local Group Xanthi and held the position for one and a half years. Through that, I learned how to manage different teams and projects, as well as how to embrace challenges. Even though I have organised multiple events in my ESTIEM journey, the one that stands out is the first offline event after the pandemic, which was awarded as the best “Service Event of the year”.

My first experience with managing an international team started when I became the SER Tips Project Responsible in the Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee, where I also became familiar with Public Relations on the central level. A bit later I decided that it was time for me to pursue my love for Public Relations on a bigger scale, by becoming a member of the Public Relations Committee and holding multiple positions such as Central ESTIEM Manager and Branding Responsible. It was not long before I became the leader of the Public Relations Committee, a position that allowed me to obtain valuable skills, from crisis, project and team management, to adaptability and communication skills as well as discipline, and of course a strong sense of responsibility. 

While having worked in the area of Public Relations in different positions throughout my ESTIEM journey and having worked closely with the current Vice President of Public Relations in the past months, I feel qualified and eager enough to work on the following goals:

Ensure the integrity of the brand image of ESTIEM by:

  • Maintaining and increasing the ESTIEM brand awareness: Developing and implementing PR strategies that target our stakeholders;
  • Actively developing engaging content on all of our platforms that communicate the organization’s key messages and initiatives to a wider audience in Europe; 

Foster collaboration and benchmarking opportunities by:

  • Maintaining and fostering a collaborative culture: Ensuring the continuity of and building stronger relationships with other student Non-Governmental Organisations; 
  • Enhancing the benchmarking culture between Local Groups; 

Assist the network’s PR needs by: 

  • Creating a stronger PR community by fostering relations among people who work in the PR field in all layers of ESTIEM;
  • Organising more training opportunities in the area of Public Relations;

Expand the organization’s reach across Europe by:

  • Increasing the reach and engagement of ESTIEM’s social media and digital platforms through the implementation of various PR strategies with the ultimate purpose to build a stronger online presence;
  • Regularly evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of PR activities, by using data and analytics to support decision-making and optimize future PR strategies;

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my application, please feel free to approach me via email at or in person during Council Meeting Porto.

In High ESTIEM, 
Alex Marita

Dear ESTIEMers,

Everything started in a student council office in 2021 in Rijeka on a dull afternoon. On looking at how to bring new opportunities to students of my faculty and myself, I found myself on the ESTIEM portal. I was drawn in right away, and in a few weeks, I gathered a group of enthusiastic students and we applied to become a Guest Group in ESTIEM. After we were accepted into the network, I received an invitation to CM Seville for my first event to present Local Group Rijeka. Before attending this event, I was confident that my journey with student organisations was at an end, but, boy, was I wrong – it was just getting to its peak. 

In my first year in ESTIEM I was president of LG Rijeka, but due to my studies, moved to Local Group Zagreb. Additionally, I explored my interests in Central ESTIEM, working as a LinkedIn Manager in PRC before ending up as a Member of the Sales team in CRC. Working in previous organizations as a Sponsorship Marketing Leader, my heart found a home in CRC and Grants Committee – and later I became Leader of both!

I discovered that I genuinely enjoy leadership through my work in ESTIEM as the Grants Committee Leader, Corporate Relations Co-Leader and President of two Local Groups. I enjoy inspiring, educating, and assisting the members of my team(s), so I wish to assume a larger responsibility within this unique network as Vice President of Finance of the 34th Board. 

Why did I make this crazy decision? The true question for me is, “Why not?” If I have the chance to aim high, try something completely new, and challenge myself, why not? I see this as a chance to put the abilities that I’ve developed over the years in various student organizations and via my roles in ESTIEM to the test while contributing to the development of the network. Of course, the objective serves as motivation, but in this instance, the journey itself of achieving the goals in my mandate, if elected, will be the greatest part – and that’s why I find myself eager to make this step and why I am so excited about it. 

How do I plan to proceed with this crazy idea? 

  • Centralizing corporate relations in ESTIEM for better promotion of all offers that ESTIEM can provide;
  • Increasing knowledge of finances in ESTIEM that will provide transparency and accessibility to all ESTIEMers;
  • Focusing on increasing income from grants and applying given feedback on ESTIEM’s contribution to the development goals of the European Youth Goals; 
  • Making investments that would focus on participation of ESTIEMers in external events (such as conferences) to give more members the chance to represent our organisation;
  • Supporting struggling Local Groups by investing in travels of Actives which will contribute to the internal growth of the network.

Not to bother you too much with written words, I am eagerly awaiting to present everything mentioned in more detail at Council Meeting Porto. Until then, feel free to email me at with any questions, concerns, opinions, or suggestions.

Tina Mlinarić


Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Talha Gür from Local Group Istanbul-Yildiz. I am thrilled and honored to present to you my application for Academic Days Leadership for the next 12 months.

My journey in ESTIEM began as I started university and participated in my first event shortly after where I met the spirit of ESTIEM and enjoyed to WORK HARD and PLAY HARD! That was the moment I understood that ESTIEM is a network where I can improve myself, take part in improving the network further and also where I can make lifelong friendships.

I worked actively in most of the teams that were formed in my local group, such as the public relations and corporate relations teams and as well as I took part in the organization of the CM Istanbul-Yildiz and these paved the way for me to be more active in ESTIEM. I started my Central ESTIEM journey with the role of Knowledge Management Responsible in the Academic Days team. However, I was also the KVK Academy Coordinator in my mother organization (Quality and Productivity Club) throughout the year. Where the main goal is to improve the skills, our members are going to use throughout their professional and social lives with different trainings by professors and professionals, workshops, tea talks and opportunities to meet with companies. I believe that this helped me to correlate this task with Academic Days where the goal is also to support the personal and professional developments of ESTIEMers through sharing ESTIEM universities knowledge within the network and be beneficial.

Being a leader in my mother organization taught me how to manage large numbers of people, set goals, organize big-scale events and work with companies. I have also gained the ability of leadership, team management and project management. Besides I have developed corporate relations with companies that I can use to improve Academic Days.

Throughout my year in the Academic Days team, I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team and an amazing leader where I have learned much. I would like to challenge myself and with this I am honored to apply for the position of Academic Days leader.

Therefore, I would like to share some of the goals I have set for the Academic Days for the next year.

  •     Improving corporate relations and collaborations with companies to present real-life problems related to the ESTIEMers to solve in events.
  •     Ensuring the sustainability of the Academic Days team with more team members.
  •     Organizing face to face events which are strong academically but also cultural and entertaining by organizing in two different cities close by.
  •     Taking more and regular chats with the team for the continuity and to obtain new ideas and perspectives. 

Thank you for taking your time. If you have any questions or want to share suggestions, feel free to contact me through .

In high ESTIEM, 
Talha Gür

Dear fellow ESTIEMers,

I am writing this to express my interest, will and commitment to apply for the Leadership of the Lean Six Sigma Service.

Firstly, let me introduce myself, and my story in ESTIEM so far. My name is Rodrigo Sousa, and I’m from Local Group Porto. I started my ESTIEM journey about a year and a half ago, in a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course in Porto, where I became interested in LSS and started to understand what ESTIEM was about. Since then, I have had the chance to instruct two Lean Six Sigma Courses, one Central in Eindhoven, and the last one as Head Instructor in Porto, which has allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the practicalities of a Lean Six Sigma Course. In June last year, I became a member of the Central Team, in the position of Instructor Responsible, where I’ve had to manage a network of over 200 instructors, fostering the growth of this network and contributing to the sustainable expansion of the Course. I’ve also had the chance to meet some of the people who created this service and helped it grow, in the ESTIEM LSS Summit: 5 Year Anniversary, where we celebrated what has been accomplished so far and discussed future perspectives. Adding to that, I also went to the LXV Council Meeting in Istanbul-Yildiz as a delegate, where I learned more about ESTIEM, and to the Academic Development Department Coordination Meeting, together with the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC), where we got to discuss some strategic topics and I strengthen the relationship with other members of the Department. I’ve also taken the challenge to become Project Leader in Council Meeting Porto, where we will hopefully meet, a challenging role in which I have learnt a lot so far, especially when it comes to leadership skills, contact with different stakeholders and planning.

These experiences allowed me to get to know some amazing and inspiring people throughout Europe, and I’m sure I’ll continue to grow with ESTIEM.

It is also important to set our focus and goals for the future and do so while aligned with our Mission, following the 3 main pillars of our service: Quality, Sustainability and Expansion.

“The ESTIEM LSS Service is a platform to shape the way Lean Six Sigma impacts IEM Europe, with at its core a sustainably expanding, high-quality Green Belt Course taught by students for students.”

  • Develop and standardize support material for instructors and participants.

  • Standardize and improve the team’s internal operations.

  • Expand the course to new LGs and foster continuity with others.

  • Keep developing the network of instructors.

  • Increase the number of participants getting LSS GB Internships.

  • Further develop Corporate Relations in the service.

  • Continue to build a strong and connected Central Team.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to approach me via email at or in person during Council Meeting in Porto.

In high ESTIEM,
Rodrigo Bessa de Sousa

Dear ESTIEMers,

The time has just come for my ESTIEM journey to move on to the next page! I met a lot of great people from all around Europe, got to know different cultures and played hard while working hard so far. My name is Mert Timur, I am a 20 years old industrial engineering student from Local Group Ankara-Bilkent. I am so excited and happy to announce my application for the leadership position of the Vision entity for the next 12 months!

I met ESTIEM as soon as I started university in 2020. Events were online at that time. It was actually strange for me since I had no idea what ESTIEM is all about and some experienced people were teaching us ESTIEM songs, Buffalo and much… Then, I attended my first face-to-face event, Local Responsible Forum organized by Kyiv and it was the milestone of my ESTIEM journey because I got to know many local responsible, experienced ESTIEMers and I learned a lot about the structure of ESTIEM, its opportunities and how fun is it to travel Europe with other ESTIEMers.

Right after that, I started to work at Summer Academy as the External Relations Responsible and this is where my journey at central ESTIEM began. I noticed there is a way too different environment on working at a central ESTIEM team. It was the first time I had a chance to work with a diverse and inclusive team.

When my mandate was over, I wanted to continue to work at central ESTIEM, yet, my passion was to get involved in organizing academic events, developing IEM students’ hard, technical skills. Then, I started to work at Vision as the Corporate Relations Responsible. I also became the Vice President of Central ESTIEM and Events in my local group at the same time. I developed my CR skills by working on my position and understood how the entity Vision actually works. When I attended to ESTIEM Fair at CM Istanbul-Yildiz, I talked to people from Academic Development Department and started to realize that I want to be the leader of Vision and contribute to ADD. Therefore, I attended ADD CoM and made sure I had to be the leader of Vision and develop it during my mandate.

So, I am very honored to share my application for the Leadership Position of Vision with the following goals to meet up in my mandate:

       Building a sustainable team to make sure one of the oldest entity, Vision would not suffer from recruitment problems, and some team positions will remain fixed if seen as vital.

       Making Sure that Local groups organize events on future topics so that IEM students in the network will benefit from the innovative topics and have a better understanding of those topics.

       Organizing online short Vision sessions events so that Vision events could be held more frequently and its visibility among ESTIEMers would be high and more students can attend Vision events just by their computer when they do not have time to participate in face-to-face events.

       Creating a technical survival guide for participants who will attend Vision events so that they will know what to expect from the event and be informed if they need any former experience or knowledge which they will need during the sessions. If research about the topic is needed, participants will be provided with some sources.

       Creating a sheet containing a company contact list so that when a Local Group wants to organize a Vision event, it would be easier for them to find the contact of relevant companies and the CR communication process will be more straightforward.

Thank you for following my application! If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to contact me any time (

Mert Timur



Dear ESTIEMers!

I am a part of ESTIEM as a fun lover, as a hard worker, as a social butterfly, as a study maniac and as a self-improvement lover. When I look at all of these together, I found myself the happiest in Be X For X Days and that’s why I’m here today!

I am Işıl Yaşar from LG Istanbul-Bogazici and I am so happy, excited and proud at the same time  to present to you my application for Be X for X Days Leadership for the next 12 months!

I became a member of ESTIEM in 2021 and went to many international events while organising  a lot of local events. As a newbie, I became the Project leader of SERCCoM where I learned different skills needed to lead a team such as time-management, planning, communication and searching. After that, I became a local boardie, and I was either project leader or part of the organisation team of more than 5 events.

During my mandate as a boardie, I learned more about central ESTIEM and wanted to be a part of it very eagerly.Next to having a lot of fun, I wanted to find out more about myself, my career and also try new things. That’s when I was introduced to the Be X For X Days concept. I became a team member and was part of the team for 12 months.

During this time, I fell in love with Be X for X Days (BXD) and Be X For X Hours (BXH) concepts because in every task I needed to do, I learned more about my career opportunities, what work life is like andt what makes me the happiest. I learned how to communicate with companies, how to reach out to companies, how to organise an event from scratch by being part of  an international team with “Be an IT Consultant for 6 hours” and “Be a Marketer for 5 Hours” events. When it comes to a year, I realised that I want to be one of those people who improves this entity because with this entity I gained so much and I want to give much more.

Due to my experience in this entity throughout the last year and my excitement for the service I would like to achieve the following goals within the next 12 months:

–   Keeping BXH events a regular occurrence: It is a regular format now and I plan to keep it that way.

–   Having a more diverse field of topics: To have more participants and to reach a broader audience within ESTIEM, the topics we cover can be diversified.

–   Having closer relationships with the LGs as a whole team: It is important to create a frank environment for helping the LGs as BXD entity.  

Thank you for reading my application! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions via 

In high ESTIEM,
Işıl Yaşar

About a year ago, as I was organizing Council Meeting in Belgrade, I got introduced to all the opportunities our network provides and I couldn’t even imagine how much it would impact me. ESTIEM changed my life for the better and became a huge part of my happiness and growth. The knowledge, experience and friendships that I gained became my treasure that I want to keep forever and add more gold to the collection.

Dear fellow ESTIEMers, my name is Maria Bugarčić, I am a 21-year-old student from Local Group Belgrade and through this application and with great honour, I am applying for the Leadership position of businessbooster.

My ESTIEM journey began in November 2021 when I joined a Corporate Relations Team for CM Belgrade. That was my first encounter with our network and ESTIEMers apart from the ones in my Local Group. Council Meeting was an ice breaker for me and it made me realize how passionate and dedicated people within ESTIEM are. That made me think “What is it about this network that makes all those people gather in another country to work together?” My curiosity led me to join the Central ESTIEM in order to better understand the work of the people I met in May 2022.

I remember hearing about this entity called businessbooster at the Council Meeting and at first I thought “What a cool name!” and I am not sure if it was the “business” or the “booster” part that made me go for this dark blue entity but I wanted to hear more about it. That same year in June, I joined businessbooster as Event Responsible. It was a wonderful way to connect with ESTIEMers who had similar interests as me. I learned that I don’t need to know all about business or what my path after my studies would look like in order to part of the entity called “businessbooster”. Moreover, businessbooster made me learn more about business world, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. As Event Responsible, I got to discover topics for the events we would organize and while doing that, I got introduced to many interesting topics that would help me and other ESTIEMers in boosting their careers.

In order to come up with creative and interesting topics for our events, I knew I had to get to know ESTIEMers better. I participated in eight events so far and organized four of them. During my trips I not only got to meet a lot of wonderful people who inspire me every day but I also got to know myself better. I learned how to be more independent, more patient and brave. I learned that ESTIEMers have a special connection that makes us unite and grow together. I am talking about people from all over Europe who don’t know each other but find a special connection through the same values and goals.

Ever since I joined businessbooster, I have felt a great responsibility for its progress and success. That kind of approach made my love for the entity grow and made me work harder in order to make it more recognizable among the ESTIEMers. As time passed, I began to think about upgrading my position in businessbooster, therefore to apply to lead this team and continue to improve the entity like my predecessors did.

In order to make this decision, I needed support and greater knowledge. With that, in March 2023 I participated in an event called Training Next Leaders which made me learn from the experiences of previous leaders, get their advices from lessons learnt and therefore understand this position even better. It was an event that I realized this position was for me. I remember telling myself every night before going to bed a quote that I read some time ago “Ako kreneš u preticanje, dodaj gas”, which translated from Serbian means “If you overtake others, step on the accelerator” and eventually I gained the courage and started working more on my new goal – to become a Leader of businessbooster.

Here are some of the goals I would mainly like to focus on as a businessbooster Leader:

  • Events: Organize at least four events both online and offline and have collaborations with other entities that share the same values. Make sure those events are supported by partners (Alumni, start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies). Start working on a first event of my mandate, as soon as the team is formed.
  • External image: Raise awareness about the entity in ESTIEM and make it more recognizable for Local Groups. ESTIEM vision is to connect IEM students with IEM Europe and I think businessbooster is a big part of that vision.
  • Team: Make the team feel and work as a team. It is important for the team to be updated and familiar with the work of the people inside of it. In that sense I find Knowledge Management very important in order to keep the valuable documents and have the team understand the importance of follow-ups. In my opinion, having an event in the first few months with the new team will keep the team motivated.

Thank you for taking your time to read my application. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss any point of my application I would be more than happy to hear from you. You can contact me through e-mail or via WhatsApp +381 66434366.

In high ESTIEM,
Maria Bugarčić

ESTIEMers, on the count of three, 1,2,3…

I am Kutay Hayta from LG- Ankara Bilkent. I am 20 years old, a Sophomore Business Administration Student. My ESTIEM adventure started with an online exchange with Lg-Vienna and LG-Liege. It was at this event that I realized what a lovely international network ESTIEM is. I want to step forward and be part of Central. I applied for the HUNT 2022 CR team member position.  I had a chance to work and have fun with an international team. I had the opportunity to work as a Sales & AfterSales Responsible for HUNT 2022, where I gained valuable experience in corporate relations processes. I was responsible for partnering with Pwc Germany, Total Energies and PicNic, and successfully secured these partnerships for HUNT. As a result, we were able to provide a high-quality event to participants and local groups.

My ESTIEM journey started with an online exchange back in 2020(?) Just that online event was enough for me to realize the amazing international network ESTIEM was. After that, I knew I wanted to do more in this network, and I just found the right place in Central for me to achieve that. I applied for the HUNT 2022 CR Team Member position, and after I while, I became the Sales & After Sales Responsible. I had the chance to work and have fun with such an international team and gained valuable experience in corporate relations processes.I was responsible for partnering with Pwc Germany, Total Energies and PicNic, and successfully secured these partnerships for HUNT. As a result, we were able to provide a high-quality event to participants and local groups.

My interest in the consulting business and case-solving competitions led me to apply for the TIMES CR Responsible position in June 2022. Although there was no roadmap or material for TIMES,

As the TIMES CR Responsible, I created a corporate relations database, developed cold email templates, planned different TIMES CR packages, created a CR brochure, and established partnership strategies. I was fortunate to have the support of my TIMES Leader, Cemre, who encouraged me to achieve more and more. To build a sustainable CR for TIMES.Moreover, I helped the Semi Finals and Final in their CR process

Today, I want to leverage my experience and skills to enhance the biggest case-solving competition of Europe, the flagship project of ESTIEM. I am applying for a TIMES 2023 leadership position. I would like to achieve the following goals within the next 12 months:

a) Building Sustainable Corporate Relations. Building sustainable corporate relations is a crucial aspect of any successful organization. To achieve this, TIMES can take the following steps:

  1. Identify potential corporate partners that share the same values and objectives as TIMES and can provide support for the competition.

  2. Develop a communication plan that fosters regular communication between TIMES and its corporate partners to ensure the partnership succeeds.

  3. Implement a performance evaluation system that assesses the partnership’s success, identifies areas for improvement, and ensures that both parties are satisfied with the collaboration.

b) Fund and encourage local groups to be part of TIMES. To encourage local groups to participate in TIMES, the organization can take the following steps:

  1. Offering mentorship and support to local groups by organizing corporate relations sessions from TIMES CR team.

  2. Create a grant program that provides financial assistance to local groups that want to participate in TIMES by using CR mentorship program and TIMES LQ participation fees.

  3. Promote the benefits of participating in TIMES to local groups and encourage them to join the competition

c) Variegate TIMES competition format with workshops, Alumni Roundtable, and networking sessions. To create a more diverse and engaging experience for TIMES participants, the organization can vary the competition format with the following:

  1. Offer workshops on engineering, management, and innovation topics, such as project management, lean startup methodologies, and design thinking.

  2. Host an alumni roundtable that brings together ESTIEM Alumni to share their experiences and insights.

  3. Organize networking sessions that allow participants to connect with each other and build relationships.

In high ESTIEM,
Kutay Hayta

Dear Esteemed ESTIEMers,

I am thrilled to introduce myself as Duarte Monteiro, a 20-year-old IEM student from the University of Aveiro, Portugal. As I near the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I am more determined than ever to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons.

As an individual, I am highly ambitious and possess an insatiable thirst for learning, while maintaining a grounded approach towards work. I am not one to shy away from challenges and am always willing to take calculated risks to achieve my goals.

My ESTIEM journey began in 2021 when I joined the CR team in my local group in Aveiro. In May 2022, I took on the role of VP of CR within my local board and have been actively involved ever since. During the summer, I became a part of the BXD team and joined the Career Development Department.

With my local group, I have been part of organising several highly successful events, including Europe 3D, two LSS Local Green Belt Courses, one Central Course, one TNL, and two TIMES LQ Qualifications, culminating in one Semi-Final. Through these events, I have gained invaluable experience in liaising with companies, organising events, and overcoming the challenges that come with it.

As a participant, my most significant experience was at CM LXV Istanbul Yildiz. It was during this event that I developed my passion for leadership and recognized my desire to be a Central Leader.

I am honoured and excited to apply for the TIMES Leadership position for the upcoming year. My vision for the mandate is “Lead towards a sustainable, efficient future with improved communication and collaboration” and my main goals for the mandate are: 

  • Increase Sustainability in Semifinals – having Central Sponsors whose sponsorship’s money would be distributed by the Lg’s that want to organise a SF as well as making SF’s regional and updating the CR and PR packs
  • Improve Communication with LG’s – revise the whatsapp groups normally created to create a better communication both with Central and between LG’s
  • Improve TIMES Visibility – having a dedicated TIMES page as well as a better PR plan for the Semifinals and Final
  • Standardise – This is a Lean pillar but it is really important for this service as well. Standardise both SF’s and Final size as well as making a timeline for each step of the competition. This will make the Central Team’s work assigning teams to each SF, as well as the LG’s work easier because from the get-go every LQ will know where they are going as well as the SF/F host LG’s will know how many teams will be attending

Lastly, I aim to re-establish TIMES as an ESTIEM Staple by bringing back the golden era of the service that was adversely affected by the pandemic.

I am open to suggestions and questions, and I encourage you to reach out to me via email at or in person during the Council Meeting in Porto.

In high ESTIEM spirit,

Duarte Monteiro


Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Paula Ferenczi, I am 23 years old and I’m a 4th year student at the engineering faculty in Târgu-Mureș, Romania. I am full of hope, vision and always full of emotions that help me do my best. I see sensitivity as a superpower.

I started my journey in ESTIEM in 2020, as a member of the Local Group Targu Mures. In the following year, I was vice president of PR within the local group and I started the mandate of Content Responsible in the Activity Week team. And I have been the president of LG Targu Mures for 5 months now. 

How do I see ESTIEM now? Well, is the safe space where the energy of each ESTIEMer is accumulated in a single nucleus that becomes more and more concentrated; a core  that we have access to invigorate our spirits. Each of us contributes to a fire of youth by being different, but united under the same vision. Even though we have different backgrounds, all we have is ours and it is very important to embrace who we are. And this leads me to the motivation to become the Activity Week Leader. Because beyond everything, we are humans and we have a certain culture, the culture that gives us the necessary support to try to find our authentic being and that will support us when we fall. The months spent in this team made me understand how important it is to appreciate your culture and share it with others. 

For all these reasons I  am very honored and excited to share my application for the Activity Week Leadership position for the upcoming year.

Through all my reflections and all feedbacks I gathered, here are some of the goals that I want to achieve during my mandate: 

  • Cultural integration –  to make sure that every Activity Week type has an integrated cultural component by deepening the way in which it is perceived
  • Developing the ideas launched by the previous leader
  • Improving the dynamics of the team by creating a workbook and joint work sessions. So that everything is known by everyone in the team. 
  • Collaborating with other services inside the network to create new opportunities for ESTIEMers and to increase the quality of activities within different events.

Thank you for your attention. Feel free to reach out to me for questions, suggestions or anything else in your mind via

Your flying squirrel,
Paula Ferenczi

“It’s not the Destination, It’s the journey.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear ESTIEMers,

My name is Tijana, but you can call me Tiki, and I’m from LG Belgrade. Here I’m going to present you, with a lot of joy, my application for the Leadership of Activity Week for the next 12 months.

My journey in ESTIEM started four years ago and completely changed my perspective of studies, helped me a lot with extending my sights, meeting new people, being open-minded about different and often crazy things and encourage me to get in touch with a side of me that I didn’t know I had. 

The first thing that I have done when I was a newbie was becoming a Facilitator of the Language Buddy System in Language Programme and that’s when I fell in love with Intercultural Development Department. 

Locally, the first event that I worked on was Be a Project Manager for 5 days, it helped me to learn what is Buffalo, which ESTIEM songs we have, what international night looks like and of course how nice is to have friends all around Europe. After that I worked on a few local projects and then I become an HR&Event team member for Europe3D 2021 Serbia. It was summer to remember, I was so motivated so I applied for the position of HR Coordinator for the LXIV Council Meeting. In that position I learned a lot of things about central ESTIEM, had a chance to meet our board, work with them and understand the needs of our organization better.

Besides that I was part of Summer Academy as a Knowledge Management Responsible and currently I’m part of the Event Quality Committee and of course Activity Week. 

Why I love Activity Week?

I enjoy meeting new cultures, languages and people. I think that you can learn the most by traveling. And that’s exactly what the Activity Week offers you. The sentence with which I started the application best describes my feeling when it comes to Activity Week. It represents an adventure from which you can learn a lot, whether you are an organizer or a participant. I want to encourage others to organize and to go to these events and to constantly find new ideas so that this event could be the best adventure of their lives.

I’m Event Quality Responsible of Activity Week for a year now and finally I found the perfect entity for me, one that completely fulfills me. In this position I had an opportunity to help organizers with event organization, to meet them, to find out something more about their cultures and I really enjoyed the whole process. When we had the first team chat this year we said what were our expectations and one of mine was to attend Activity Week and to see how our work actually looks like in the eyes of participants and that happened recently. Now, after having the best week of my life during Paellas Activity Week I’m motivated to dedicate a year to work in this service which has brought me so much and which I have grown to love. 

Regarding that, here I will present you my goals:

  • Creating document that will contain all important information about how to organize Activity Week and also some ideas that LGs can use in case of need
  • Continue working with LGs and having regular chats to help them so they can reach maximum quality out of events
  • Improve the way of collecting and working on the feedbacks after the event
  • Creating a strong and motivated team of diverse people
  • Re-defining team responsibilities so they have more tasks that they can do together 

Thank you for your attention and your time. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions  or suggestions via

In high ESTIEM,
Tijana Popovic

Dear ESTIEMers,

ESTIEM opened many doors for me, including those of buses and planes. I’ve travelled more in the past year than for most of my life. The inspiration and motivation that those travels, events and, most importantly, people gave me is hardly measurable. And I know I’m not the only one. Even before I joined ESTIEM LG Belgrade in 2020, I dreamt of organising a Europe3D in my hometown. I just fell in love in Europe3D. A magical way for students to experience a country in just a week. Opportunity to travel around Europe during their university years. I fulfilled my dream by being one of the organisers of Europe3D Serbia 2021. I quickly knew that I couldn’t stop there. There are other countries with great potential and wonders, unknown to many. Right after CM Belgrade, I joined central ESTIEM as Events Support Panda in Europe3D, becoming the current leader’s right hand and assisting him in supervising Europe3D events throughout the network. In the past year, I learned a lot about the service, but also about ESTIEM and ESTIEMers. I’ve seen ESTIEM spirit at work, I’ve seen ESTIEMers hungry for knowledge, experiences and travels. I’ve also seen non-ESTIEMers motivated and inspired. ESTIEM was there at my worst and at my best to give me help and support to move on. It has given me more than I could have ever imagined. 

Now I feel it’s time for me to give back to ESTIEM. It gives me great pleasure and happiness to apply for the next Europe3D leader! During that journey, there are three main points I would like to focus on:

  1. Externals – During the current leader’s mandate, a lot was done to increase the number of external applicants. I do still see room for growth, with a more strategic approach. I wish for others who didn’t have the opportunity of being ESTIEMers (yet) of getting a chance to feel the ESTIEM spirit, inspire them to join or to start a new LG. This could be done by finding new partner student organisations or by creating a newsletter for interested individuals.
  2. Online events – In these post-pandemic times, we are getting back to fully in-person events. Some services embraced online events as a way to enrich their portfolio and support and promote in-person events. I believe there is a potential for that in Europe3D as well. Not in the way Europe3Digital was formed, but rather as short online events. These one-day events could serve as promotion for upcoming in-person events, or in a bit more serious form for local groups who don’t have resources or capacity to organise full fledged events.
  3. Improving knowledge management – A goal of every leader ever. Thanks to the previous leaders, the knowledge management in the team is fairly well organised. However, there’s still room for growth. Feedback process needs simplifying and structuring. Current KM is organised, but lacks incentive to be gathered and analysed further. Redeveloping reports, the way they’re written and analysed could be improved. This goal especially could improve the quality of events even more and inspire more ESTIEMers to participate.

Sharing knowledge, helping others and inspiring them. That’s something I’ve done for most of my life and what I intend to continue doing. Seeing others achieving their goals and dreams and fulfilling their potential is something that makes me beyond happy. Pandemic got in our way a bit in reaching our potentials, but ESTIEM stayed strong and continued striving. Events are back on the map, yet it seems like ESTIEMers are still not fully back to the events. Europe3D has always been a highly popular event type. It brought me a lot of joy. I believe it can to others too. I will strive to use this position in the best way possible to motivate others to get more active and to bring ESTIEMers back to Europe!

Stay hungry, stay foolish, dear friends. And play on the highest level!

In high ESTIEM,
Milutin Miljanić

ESTIEM for me started in a University classroom back in 2019, when LG Piraeus was just an idea. Since then, I‘ve travelled across Europe, engaged with students from all around the world, worked hard and played even harder on the central level with the amazing team of the Language Programme. A team that made me experience the beauty of different languages in an international context and helped me develop on a personal and cultural level. So my journey is far from over – it’s just the beginning! 

Dear ESTIEMers, my name is Athina Nafpliotou and I proudly present to you my application for the Leadership of Language Programme. 

Let’s take a look at my ESTIEM voyage so far, and how that equipped me for the role. On a local level, I was a Founding Member of Local Group Piraeus back in 2019. Exceeding all expectations of a Local Group created within Covid-19, we managed to form a sustainable entity that recently celebrated its third birthday. Being the first contact I had with ESTIEM, it helped me develop many resilience, leadership and organisational skills that helped me for the challenges ahead.

One of my first events ever was Language Voyage. It was hard to feel the ESTIEM Spirit through a screen before, yet it managed to amazed me. I was introduced to the essence of the organisation, an international environment that had so much to offer, especially on a linguistic level.  Since then I participated in a plethora of online and offline events, Local Teams and even the Board of Local Group Piraeus. Apart from event organisation, I learned many things on team management, motivation and ESTIEM Knowledge. So many that I was actually intrigued to say “Why not join Central ESTIEM?”. 

And of course, my first choice was: Language Programme! So I happily took on the member role in the entity – not for one, but two years. Needless to say, the Language Programme was a love at first sight, so one mandate wouldn’t be enough. First, I became PR Responsible, and the next year I held the position of External Relations Responsible. Eventually, I got to know how the team worked on a really good level, saw events come to life, took on responsibilities and participated in various language projects.

The thought of being the Language Programme Leader was ignited last year. As External Relations Responsible, I got the chance to understand the needs of the Entity on a deeper level and engage more strategically into entity matters  I also had the honour to meet in person with Danijel Pavlica, the person that started the Language Programme, giving the final push towards my leadership decision. 

Therefore, I formed a set of initial goals that I would like to share with you, as I envision my mandate:

  • Have a bigger number of Language Course events taking place, with a diverse portfolio of languages that haven’t been explored in the past;
  • Raise awareness on the offerings, lowering the knowledge barrier throughout the entire organisation;
  • Develop an effective Public Relations Strategy in collaboration with PRC;
  • Create a set of knowledge management tools for the Local Groups such as templates, survival guides, BPDs for the Language Courses, Nights and Sessions;
  • Brainstorm on a pool of interactive activities, for online and offline events, aside from the language-oriented ones, aiming to support the organisation process but in alignment with the course content;
  • Start a speaking club in English for all ESTIEMers, online and coordinated by the Language Programme team, with guided discussions, games and other language activities.

That being said, I aim to make an impact with motivation, experience and willingness. So, dear ESTIEMers, I ask for the opportunity to help me take the Language Programme one step further. Hope to see you all in beautiful Porto!

Athina Nafpliotou

We are getting closer to the end of Chapter 8: Striving for Excellence so I’m presenting “Chapter 9: United by Language”.

Since my childhood, I was really into languages and tried to learn every language. At some point I started to create new languages with every detail of it and teach them to my friends with various types of events. And in university I found a place where lots of people are trying to learn new languages. And I said at that time “I found my new home and I’m not going anywhere.”

Dear ESTIEMers,

I’m Bahadir from LG Istanbul-Yildiz and I’m proudly writing my application for the position of Language Programme Leader.

I joined ESTIEM in 2021 and that time I knew that I found my home. I was alone but then ESTIEM hugged me, and I wasn’t alone anymore. I learnt ESTIEM spirit and felt it from the bottom of my heart. Then I decided I’m not gonna leave this playground. I started to help my LG to organise events and found more about Central ESTIEM. It was a love at first sight with the Language Programme. I decided no matter what I’m gonna work here and one day I’m gonna be the leader. That year there weren’t any open positions so I couldn’t join it but I participated in all of the events. Then in the new mandate I applied for the position Language Community – Language Nights Coordinator and got accepted. I organised nights for language learners like me. It was an amazing feeling to see those people and being able to help them in their journey. So, it’s time to take the next step and I’m ready for it.

For to unite by language, these are my goals for my chapter:

  • Organise as many events as possible.
  • To improve event quality, gather lots of feedback from all types of events.
  • Make sure that the team understands the usage of Language Programme drive and importance of knowledge management.
  • Contact with RCs and LRs about the new Language Community’s visibility.
  • Make surveys to gather information about the languages wanted.
  • Renew old documents to use them right and more properly.

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or anything regarding my application, you can contact me via

Bahadir Memis

A couple of years ago I could never imagine I would be where I am today. It feels like I was supposed to be a part of this entity and department from the moment I participated in my first Local Group Exchange event. Currently, I have so many friends from different cultures across Europe, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Dear ESTIEMers,

I am Konstantina Karaoli (or Connie) from Local Group Piraeus and I am honoured to present you my application for the Local Group Exchange Leadership for the next 12 months.

My ESTIEM journey began when I enrolled in university in October 2021. I wanted to make my everyday routine a little bit more interesting so I knew that ESTIEM is the right place for that. In the beginning, I became an organizing member for our Exchange event (Piraeus x Trondheim), being the Venues Responsible. I was responsible for booking venues required for various activities (presentations, lectures etc) providing the needed equipment and voluntarily helping with tasks during the event. This was my first experience in an organizing process which helped me a lot to get familiar with the procedure of organizing events and especially Exchanges. Being a newbie, I had also the opportunity to meet the ESTIEMers of my Local Group since we had to cooperate together.

After a couple of months, it was time for me to go to my first offline event, an exchange with Local Group Trondheim. During that event I realized what the ESTIEM Spirit feels like, I met so many cool ESTIEMers with whom I still keep in touch, and I became acquainted with the sessions, activities, and structure of Local Group Exchange. 

After that, I gained so much confidence that Ι became motivated – so I wanted to work on international level, interacting with people from all over Europe. Therefore, I was determined to take the next step and apply for an Open Call in Central ESTIEM. After going through all the open call positions, I thought that the ideal entity for me to apply to was Local Group Exchange. I had always been fascinated by different cultures and the intercultural activities that Exchanges provide, promoting cultural awareness and alternative lifestyles. 

I have been working as a Local Group Exchange Coordinator for about 10 months, mainly tracking and coordinating the whole exchange procedure from the beginning till the end. Facilitating communication between the organizers of both sides of the Local Groups and offering assistance with the agendas’ structure and content by providing them with documents associated with cultural sessions and activity ideas.  Moreover, assuring the organizers that if problems get appeared during the exchange, the whole team will be there to support them and offer solutions. In October I had the chance to attend IDD CoM and the opportunity to meet my leader & teammates offline and attend sessions related to the development of my service. This event made me realize that I would love to make the extra step to improve my entity.

Lastly, attending the
Training Next Leaders event helped me grow my leadership skills and shape my goals throughout the sessions.

Taking into consideration the above, I would like to present my goals for my mandate:

  • Ensuring event quality: Developing exchange documents and LGX Booklet by providing the organizers with survival guide examples, pr material templates, and activity ideas. Promoting ESTIEM traditions and songs since the majority of the participants are newbies
  • Implementing an effective feedback chat system: Creating a question structure, gathering and analyzing the data given so as to provide better service to the organizers. 
  • Collaborating with other entities (Language Programme, Europe3D, Activity Week): innovative event ideas by combining our cultural materials and creating unique agendas in order to promote intercultural awareness.
  • Establishing a well-built intercultural team: Conducting various trainings and chats about intercultural awareness so as to improve/increase team members’ soft skills and motivation.

Thank you for your time! If you have any further questions or suggestions feel free to approach me 

In high ESTIEM,
Konstantina Karaoli


“It was almost impossible because—it was—the dream was so big
That I didn’t see any chance because I was living in a little town….”

As most of you may already guess, I was listening to Giorgio by Moroder while waiting for inspiration to start the letter ☺ Just on these lines, I found myself in his story. I lived in a little town, used to speak only in the map language, and had pinned Portugal to visit. Many years later, having found myself in the university class, listening to the ESTIEM101 presentation, I thought: “Well, now I may have a little bit of a chance.” Because all I wanted to do was to reach my biggest childhood dream, but I couldn’t ever imagine it could be like this amazing! Now I am here not to visit Portugal but as the thrilled applicant for BrainTrainer leadership for the next 12 months!

Dear Fellow ESTIEMers,

My name is Erdem Ata Tosun (briefly Ata), and I’m a 21-year-old IE student at Bilkent University. My ESTIEM journey started with an exchange event, as most ESTIEMers had. It was a half-offline event as Bilkenters gathered together, which sparked my ESTIEM spirit. Shortly after, I had a chance to organize the ReCoM, where I stole METU’s flag (our biggest rivalry), and the BrainTrainer event, where I learned what Buffalo and Frog Jump are. Everything was moving step by step as it should, just like the story of two lovers in the novels. In August, at nighttime, there came a time that these lovers finally got together: I had decided to work as external relations responsible at BrainTrainer among many open calls.

Since then, I’ve experienced most of the extreme points possible as a team member. It was the first time that I’ve involved in an international team. It was the first time that I learned soft skills such as how to use Notion with a team, what is Pareto chart and many more. It was the first time I witnessed a canceled event which was devastating. It was the first time I saw 10/10 promoter feedback for our event. And it was the first time I got a lesson on kuduro dance from my Portuguese best friend! It was an unforgettable year in every aspect. Now it’s time to move forward and contribute more to the community that reminds me that I truly live this life!  

My passion for continuing in central ESTIEM is at its highest nowadays! I just returned from PDD CoM, where I found the opportunity to examine PDD and my entity in detail. Having met with the future leaders in the Training Next Leaders event, I want to be part of this fantastic team. It’s time to put the click I need.

I’m looking forward to implement my learnings from TNL during my mandate next year. After all these experiences, the time has come for these lovers to take a dimension-changer step. Being a proud member of the BrainTrainer team, I’m honored to announce my application for the BrainTrainer leadership and my goals for the upcoming year:

  • Make BrainTrainer great again! Solving the issue of the lack of participants during the post-pandemic period, my goal is to attract ESTIEMers’ attention, like when BrainTrainer was first established 14 years ago. Be ready for some collaborations with other entities!
  • Paying attention to online events: We live in a next-normal age. So, being aware of the excited audience for our entity, I want to organize online events about topics based on especially sought after in business life in the future. Also, some short online sessions full of intense await us.
  • Squad of the BrainTrainer: I want to create such a cohesive and involving environment that team members will race for leadership next year. I want them to feel more valuable by delegating more responsibilities that I support all the way. Long live baby blue!
  • Future of BrainTrainer: BT deserves a sustainable legacy. I want to edit current BT documents and create BT-specific master sheets and BPDs ready for the future.
  • New concepts: Last but not least is to develop our participants physically. As one of the leaders under PDD, I will also make an effort to establish our new concept of physical development activity type under the PDD.

My contact information is here for you! So, please reach out whenever you desire through via WhatsApp or even via Instagram. I would be more than glad to hear your feedback and questions. 

In high ESTIEM,
Erdem Ata Tosun

To the ESTIEM family,

I am Özgür İkidağ from LG Ankara-Bilkent. ESTIEM was first introduced to me as “a cheap way to travel across Europe” in my Local Group. After a few meetings I could understand what ESTIEM was a bit more. Then I started participating in events, I attended sessions about ESTIEM structure, history, and spirit. I realized ESTIEM is much more than just a cheap way to travel across Europe. Then I started learning more about departments and committees in ESTIEM. That was the first time I was introduced to Central ESTIEM. I tried applying for a few positions and got rejected a few times. But I was still hyped and did not give up.  Summer Academy had a special place for me after I was chosen a delegate for Cm Belgrade. I had already met Cansu in Belgrade and I was actually amazed by the leader and the whole idea of SAC. I had spent a year in ESTIEM and I applied for a boardie position in my LG. I can safely say that this was when my real journey began.

I was spending most of my time working on the local level. Then I decided to give Central another chance. And I actually applied for two positions this time, Summer Academy and LGSS. After taking our first chat with Cansu, I knew I wanted to work with her. The minions of the SAC team were going pretty well. I started taking responsibilities as the Event Quality Responsible.

It actually helped me a lot at the local level as well. Seeing how Cansu handles some cases was a great example for me and my boardie work.

We worked together for two summer academy events, Autumn Academy and Winter Academy, and it will be three with Spring Academy Targu Mures upcoming! During this time I sometimes felt away from the team, that is why Cansu would always gather us for random meet-ups even if not for something important. We would watch a movie or play games together. I feel like I learnt so much from her and I wish to have a team like that in the future. 

Meanwhile, we were organizing Medi CM Prep in our Local Group. 

I sometimes struggled to keep up on all the work but this situation helped me improve my time management skills. We faced a couple of crisis situations during this event. Eventually the event was satisfying but we were really tired at the end. A couple of tight situations also happened in the SAC team. We were really struggling to find an academy leader and an LG for Spring Academy. At the time we tried our best at contacting as many people as possible manually but we realized this was not very efficient nor sustainable. 

Recently, we were in Skopje for PDD x EQC CoM. This event was actually great for me because I was working as Event Quality Responsible in Summer Academy and this event was a joint CoM for Event Quality Committee and PDD. Our sessions were really straight to the point and we managed to discuss our problems within SAC and PDD. We came up with ideas to fix our problems about finding LGs and Academic Leaders. We had a joint session with EQC and Andrej helped us a lot about event feedback pages on tableau and new EQ materials that were about to be released. The materials seem super efficient and I am pleased to have this kind of extra information that I will definitely use on my mandate. Afterwards, I joined Training Next Leaders. It was such an amazing event with very nice people! Some of the sessions were very fruitful for me. I improved myself on Knowledge Management, learnt how to use Elium effectively. Decided what kind of a leader I want to be. 

My ESTIEM journey was full of learning new things and applying them. And I would like to keep learning and developing myself. Therefore I am proud to announce my application for Summer Academy Leadership! I want to be the successor of Cansu and become the new Summer Academy Leader for the next mandate 23-24. 

I would be happy to be a bigger part of this community and experience more as a Leader. Passing on what I learnt to my Team Members and motivating a new successor! 

These are my goals to achieve with my team as the new SAC Leader:

Increasing the visibility of Summer Academy,

Summer Academy is sometimes less eye-catching compared to its rivals. Many people still don’t know the concept of an academy before applying. By pointing out the differences of SAC from other events, we can interest many people with the amusement of Academy events. Especially in big events like CMs and ReCoMs, the impression of SAC can be done better. To achieve this goal, SAC needs good influencers that will represent it in these big events. Ideally, the “influencers” of SAC would be: the Central team, PDD members and participants. Therefore, this goal is attached to other goals in some ways. 

Organizing four academies,

Summer Academy must have four editions throughout the seasons, I plan on maintaining this idea. Since Summer Academy events have a lot of applications, not everyone gets a chance to have this life-changing experience. Therefore having a seasonal academy means four times more people can seek guidance from Academic Leaders. This is really important because only the participants can tell the story of Summer Academy better than me. If we have more participants this will also increase our recognition in their LGs.

Maintaining the Central Team motivation,

I think this is the most important responsibility because succession of Summer Academy is mostly the result of the team’s efforts. Humans can break easily and it is hard to keep their efforts sustainable. By starting with easy tasks and letting them take responsibility, letting them make mistakes and learn from them they will be satisfied with their result. I don’t plan on being a tough leader to them, perhaps at first a leader needs to be inspirational to the team members before being friends with them.

I will follow the path of my Leader and try my best to inspire my teammates. 

Ofcourse, the satisfaction part of their work aside, I think a good team needs to have fun. I will do just as my leader did, their motivation really depends on the people they spend time with, team members need to relate to each other to work properly. Therefore I plan on building a team that works hard and plays hard!

Promoting Summer Academy to Local Groups,

Since we had some trouble finding a local group to organize the Spring Academy, I thought of how we can promote SAC to local groups. Since I am a boardie myself,  I brought Spring Academy as a possible event on our table. The main problem I saw was that Academies do not bring much to the Local Group’s visibility. Because Summer Academy events are exclusive and closed, it is harder to find sponsors. If the Local Group wants an event to hype their LG Members (make them included with OTs), Summer Academy is a no go. It is understandable that most of the LGs do not want to organize a SAC event. But on the other side, Summer Academy is an event type that its service covers almost everything for the LGs. They only have to worry about accommodation and food. Therefore, putting this cons and pros table into consideration, I plan on following a different strategy to promote Summer Academy to LGs. Making it an easily organisable event in the LG’s eyes.

Approaching  Academic Leaders and Promoting SAC to them,

We have covered this topic in various ways and are still on the work but I plan on finding a sustainable solution to this problem since this problem seems to be repeating almost every year. The list of possible-or-past Academic Leaders had almost no success rate this year. Cansu actually thought of a resolution and she will be doing a presentation during the next CM. But the idea of finding ALs mainly depend on other people’s recommendations or past knowledge of ALs that were passed to us. I think none of these knowledge materials would work in the long run. By coming up with a team of at least three, we can create a sustainable way of earning new Academic Leaders into Summer Academy. Each team member would be responsible for one channel to contact the leaders. I am still trying to figure out the best way to get over this problem but I plan on combining what we already have with some extra effort to come over this problem.

Please approach me at any time if you have questions or comments, or via WhatsApp (+90 537 204 68 32)

See you somewhere in Europe!
Özgür İkidağ


To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned!

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned!


To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned!

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned!

Dear ESTIEM network,

“Come to ESTIEM, you will see it’s a nice place to meet friends and discover the whole of Europe !”

And this was definitely true, one beautiful year as the LR of Brussels and many travels after, I’ve decided to get more involved in the Central ! This choice seems to be the right next step after being active on the local level. You’re maybe asking yourselves why I want to work for the Central, and to this I will answer you that I want to contribute to this organisation that has brought many things to me – friends, memories, travel, experiences, blackout (ummh) – by dedicating my time to it.

Enough emotions ! Let’s talk briefly about me. I started my ESTIEM journey in 2020 (definitely the best year of my life) but I became really active in February 2022 when I randomly ended up in an exchange in the northern part of Sweden (Lulea). I fell in love with ESTIEM at this exact time. I will give you a little comparison, when I came back I wanted more ESTIEM than a Belgian guy wants a beer at a party (feel free to approach me to evaluate how much a Belgian guy needs his beer during a party) ! But let’s get back on track, I went to CM Belgrade and I was elected at the same time as the new LR of my LG. I also went to CM Yildiz and many other events but I want to highlight here some events that really changed my mind such as the TNT Bud &#39;23 (Training New Trainers) and the TNL (Training Next Leaders). They definitely helped me grow and get so many new skills !

Here are my key points that I will be particularly focused on this year if I get elected :

Understanding : Who has never been giving up when receiving a huge excel sheet because it was too hard to understand/ requiring too much effort ? I want to work on this by improving the communication of the account.
Transparency : Following the first point, transparency can be improved by easier to read accounts.

Supervising : As you may know, we may receive EU grants this year and I want to be sure that the money will be spent on what it should be spent according to EU grants’ regulation.

These are some few points, if you want to contact me, ask me questions about my application, here is my email : and WhatsApp : +32 467 15 72 76

In high ESTIEM,
Adrien Léonard

To aim high together, send your application to

Applications will be shared once they are sent, stay tuned!

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If you are watching the Live Streaming and have questions, you will be able to ask them on pigeonhole! It is a platform that will allow us to gather all the questions and answer them after the General Assemblies.


In Council Meetings, Local Groups cast votes upon important matters through their Delegates. For that process we use a digital voting sheet, ElectionBuddy, that gets send to each Delegate through email during the General Assembly.


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How many delegates will each Local Group be represented by?

Every Local Group can be represented by two delegates. The period to register delegates is from the 25th of February until the 10th of March.

What does the participation fee cover?

The Participation Fee for LXVI Council Meeting Porto is 110 euros, it covers food, accommodation, transportation during the event, and activities included in the agenda.

Which extra places can I apply for?

For the open call for extra places, an email was sent to the actives email list. You can join the actives email list by clicking here or by asking your Local Responsible.

Can I apply for a leadership position if I am not attending the Council Meeting?

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